Friday, October 22, 2010

I am tired of running!

These days I've been busy running around government offices. As expected the laidback responses by people and multiple levels of hierarchy really sucked me. Today I was at the sub registrar office for getting EC (Encumbrance certificate) and was pleasantly surprised to see SLAs (Service level agreements) defined for each of the services.

Thanks to E-Goverance being implemented, now things happen in a jiffy.

A board showing different time standards(SLAs) for various services.

The catch here is that the SLA applies only after you submit your document, and to do that one there needs to be a person sitting at the receiving end, who on most of the ocasions will be enjoying extended breaks or will be indulging in some petty discussions with colleagues.

Well it was not me alone running around, there is someone else in my life who has also been running along with. Let me introduce you this specimen. Click on read more to see who it is..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greece shopping

The following are the stuff I bought in a shop in Athens as part of our Greece shopping, which we felt was big mistake then, but now when I look at those stuff it helps in refreshing my memories.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom. This stone carving is bigger than it appears in the pic. It was priced at 36 Euros but we got it for 18 Euros, as there was some sale going on

The great philosopher Socrates for 8 Euros

Please click on the Read More..>>

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 150! .. a long journey

I was once called the Rahul Dravid of blogging[click to see the comment]..considering the pace at which I post on my blog. The current post is my 150th post and it took me 6 years to achieve this feat. To commemorate the 150th post, I would like to introduce some of my blogger pals to my readers.[most of you would be knowing them]
Here we go...

Sh@s : A special blogging friend :). She speaks from heart, and that reflects on her blog. The number of comments and followers clearly shows that she is quite famous among other bloggers. Her blog caption says random thoughts and she puts those thoughts in the form of poems. I am generally not very fond of poems but this blog is different, and I keep peeping into this blog often to check for any updates.

Suraj : A very talented person he is. For all those people, who love hi-quality pictures and icons stuff, should definitely check out his blog. I've personally downloaded many wallpapers from his blog. I was honored by letting me write a guest post on his blog. You may check the post.

Gayathri aka G3 aka Guru: I should say that she is the most notorious person in the blogosphere,for more information do check her blogger profile and blog caption.After reading that you will also believe with my claim.These days she is seen spamming people with her fb statuses and google buzzes and has almost abandoned her blog. I sincerely hope FB bans her and soon she makes a comeback here.

Now comes my most favorite blogger. This person is very knowledgeable and I love every post of hers, not that I agree to every point she makes, but every point she makes apparently is very sensible and none cant fully refute with those also.

WiseDon: She calls herself as wise donkey[an oxymoron] but I call her WiseDon. Right now she is on a long leave hence no recent updates, but all my readers this blog is a must read. There have been a many wow moments when I read this blog. I am sure even you would feel the same.

There are many more blogs which I read and comment regularly, but owing to the space constraint[which has been a constant complaint by people about me] I have picked just four bloggers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The trip to Greece - Part IV

Part I - It all started like this  , Nice to Greece, which covered the journey from Nice to Ancona and the encounter with the Police there
Part II - Then once we were in Greece, Ferry to Patras and Athens,we had many interesting experiences one of them being the friendship with a thief.
Part III - This had a chain of upsets, which made the trip seem like one of the unluckiest ones.Athens to Athens, I ended this post saying that the next part would tell on how I  was molested by police and the transporter like car chase. For all that excitement, you may go ahead clicking the read more

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The real side of the real babu

What's wrong with Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu?.
I was shocked when I saw this video. Do check the video after 3:00 for the shocking part. In this video you can see our babu raising his hand on a tribal woman to silent her and hitting another woman to grab mike from her. Hitting someone is socially unacceptable and that too by a person of such status is strongly condemnable. In front of a huge crowd someone can do such an ugly thing, wondering to what level these guys will degrade behind the screens.

Dear Babu,

I hope you realize that it is a very shameful act and you better  apologize for the same. I've always had some respect towards you for your vision and execution of plans. The way you lead the transformation of Hyderabad from a normal metro to a global hub for IT jobs. But following the recent happenings and this incident all that respect I had towards you is no more.

A leader should maintain his cool even at trying times and you've failed at that.
May be it is true that the real character of a person is known during bad times.

Gufaa - you will never get lost

Last night I've been to a restaurant called Gufaa (cave) managed by Ohri's. It is in the heart of the city at Basheerbagh, Hyderbad. Three of us(Me,Swad and Gtalk) went to this place. As the name goes by, the place had the look and feel of a cave. The waiters were dressed like some forest guards to make you feel it, as an adventurous experience. Kids will love this place, they would be excited with the look and feel. The dim lights and the old hindi classic music makes it an excellent ambience for having food.
Coming to the main part, the food. We ordered for Tawa Corn, Pathar ka Gosht, Prawn fry, Harabhara biryani and Mix nonveg biryani. I loved the biryani a lot. One should definitely have the biryani. After a long time I had something like a real biryani.The prices were slightly at the higher side but sometimes we should pay little premium for the service quality. Overall it was really great. A nice place for get-togethers.

PS: Ok, Its a short review on the restaurant sorry for this boring post
PPS: Yet another post to do self promotion..the pic taken by my iPhone 3Gs

Monday, October 04, 2010

Where there's a will, there's a way

Readers, Here comes a video taken by me using my old Nokia 5700 Xpress Music.
The specimen in this video is my friend Sridhar Talatam. He is an expert when it comes to using minimal resources. You will see how he manages to make a chapathi without any proper equipment [i dont know what you call that wooden thing] in this video. I dont think anyone in this world would have tried this. This is heights of innovation and creativity

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quiz - Identify the person in the picture

Here is a quiz for my readers. Identify the person who is selected.

Ok now please dont ask me why I was checking out that website.

Note: There is another familiar person in that pic. Identify that person also if you can.

So from this what do we understand?.
Never go by the profiles advertised on the websites. All of them would be fake :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Ayyo! Ayyo!

Hey no no.. am not singing the song "Love marriage"..Even I want to share something about Ayodhya issue.. It's a hot topic you see..a good chances of getting some traffic..
I found this cartoon, someone forwarded this, which is an apt one for the moment..
a cartoon which marries CWG to Ayodhya issue.
For the benefit of the people who cannot read hindi. The scene goes like this...
Ayodhya verdict has one of it's key decisions as to give the reconstruction project contract to Kalmadi. Following which our Islam fraternity requests Hindhus to get temple built and Hindhus the otherway...Thats it the problem solved :)..

Really Kalmadi has become a huge celebrity.. Two days to go for CWG..Here is the schedule.. Good luck to everyone.. all athletes, organizers & scamsters..

And about happy that things are a lot cooler than what people were fearing about prior to the verdict. Let peace prevail. Let religion be used only for spiritual purposes ...attaining nirvana..and not for political gains.

Dreams - can anyone beat me on that!

Well readers, Endhiran (Robot) releases today and it is supposed to the most costliest movie in Asia. Supposedly the last movie of Rajnikanth. It has all winning combination in it..RajniKanth, Shankar(my fav), A R Rahman(my fav)..and yea of course Aishwarya. So totally a power packed film. They seem to have marketed it aggressively because it is talked about in every other channel. Whatever be it this movie will seem more logical to me unlike his other movies [stunts will be no different from any other movie]..because he is robot in this movie (so it makes it credible :D).

Ok now coming to the actual story of this may not know this..that.. even I was a movie actor..yes you read it correctly.....