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The History
This blog started with a confusion. I started this blog in the year 2005. Blogging was very new to me then and I had no idea what the purpose was. But I wanted to try it. So I hit this blogger.com, which was not under Google then, signed up and filled my profile details. When it came to choosing the url, then I understood that it was something like a website. So after thinking over a long time I remembered this frequent error message "404 File Not Found", which used to bug me a lot. Readers 'yours truly' has been a computer illiterate for a long time. The only computer course I did during my B.Tech was the Pascal programming. And even in that most of the assignments were done with others' help. It was like a miracle to me when a computer executes the program and returns the output. I used to go awe over the machines how intelligent they were. So you understand my level then. Now the task of picking url. To my disappointment this 404 file not found was already chosen by someone. So I again went to my thoughts and then finally arrived at this url 404 phyle not found. That's how this blog came into existence. I started writing it like my personal diary. I wrote randomly on whatever came to my mind.
Now on this day when I look back at my older posts, it puts a smile on my face. It helps me in refreshing my memories. Some times I really wonder over the way I reacted on things in the past.

The Concept
My blog title is Aparichithudu, which means a stranger or unknown person in Telugu....as I was inspired then by the protagonist role, who creates a similar website like this, in the movie Aparichithudu. Well this blog is no forum to address your problems like in the movie. If you see my blogger profile name is Unknown!!! which is again synonymous to Aparichithudu. An attempt to maintain consistency. Title without a caption is like superman without underwear(sorry I cldnt think of better analogy). So after a lot of thought process I finally came out with this bold, antisocial, arrogant caption "Naaku telisindhi  cheppaku...teliyandhi cheppina nenu vinanu". It means "Dont tell me things I know, I wont listen even if it is unknown to me". Readers now dont take me wrong with that one. I was trying to emulate our film makers in that part. It is totally opposite to my actual intention. In fact I love people who write to me and comment on my blog posts.

Added another tagline to the caption, inspired from the movie Businessman, which goes like this "Nenu rasedhi adhola untundhi ani vaalu veelu cheptame thappa naaku telidhu", it means that it is only from others I know that the content I write is strange, which even I am not aware of. I dont think there is any better literal translation to that caption :). If you agree or deny to that caption, then kindly let me know.

The Gyaan
Though I've never been an active blogger throughout I used to follow others' blogs. I love reading others' experiences and I've actually learnt a lot in this process.  As the old adage goes "A wise man learns by the experience of others"..I believe it is the other way, "learning from others' experience makes you wiser".

This is no theme blog where you will read about a specific topic. I just write on whatever I encounter in my daily life be it movies, books, health, travel, etc. So just sky is the limit on whatever I write here. You may browse through the tags for a particular category.

Some categories you may look upon are health, weight loss, travel, movies, technology etc which are very generic and might be of some use to you.

I have this weakness, I get verbose at times. I cant help you see, the bloody exams in college ruined me.
So kindly bear with that.

The Note
Kindly provide your feedback on the content, looks or anything about the blog. I love all those who comment on my blog.

Yours truly


  1. "I like your about Page because you tell it like it is."
    and it does not matter where you come from, God says Love everyone.
    and I do. so we can exchange links
    if you like. or just check out my


    Tell me what you Think.

  2. Feedback on your blog, is....for us lazy people. it is too difficult to go through so many text verifications...
    See, in mine u just hit enter.....;)

    I like the fact how automatically backlinks are created as I copy and quote from your blog..Teach me how.I have forgotten.

    I do not like the transparent effect in the main body text background, makes it a little difficult for people like us to read.

    Great thought of writing on about blog!! I am gonna copy that idea n explain why my blog is as it is......lol

    Thanks for calling me a sister(Hope this sister of yours doesnt end up as "her".................same age ia a horrible empathetic situation where you cant help but relate)

    And I dont trust you, as u told me not to.........period.I know what you mean.But cure the wolves within!!

  3. I will check the text verifications thing now..didnt know..cos for me commenting on my blog is very easy..
    Th automatic backlinks..I dont know what it is..promise..I am not so techie..if it is a gimmick then it is by fluke for me..
    I shall change the post background.

  4. @BBlogexpert
    Thanks for liking my page. I tried to put straight out of my heart..no fabrications..

  5. I liked this Blog about your first expirience with the internet and how you started posting Blogs nice one.

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