Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 150! .. a long journey

I was once called the Rahul Dravid of blogging[click to see the comment]..considering the pace at which I post on my blog. The current post is my 150th post and it took me 6 years to achieve this feat. To commemorate the 150th post, I would like to introduce some of my blogger pals to my readers.[most of you would be knowing them]
Here we go...

Sh@s : A special blogging friend :). She speaks from heart, and that reflects on her blog. The number of comments and followers clearly shows that she is quite famous among other bloggers. Her blog caption says random thoughts and she puts those thoughts in the form of poems. I am generally not very fond of poems but this blog is different, and I keep peeping into this blog often to check for any updates.

Suraj : A very talented person he is. For all those people, who love hi-quality pictures and icons stuff, should definitely check out his blog. I've personally downloaded many wallpapers from his blog. I was honored by letting me write a guest post on his blog. You may check the post.

Gayathri aka G3 aka Guru: I should say that she is the most notorious person in the blogosphere,for more information do check her blogger profile and blog caption.After reading that you will also believe with my claim.These days she is seen spamming people with her fb statuses and google buzzes and has almost abandoned her blog. I sincerely hope FB bans her and soon she makes a comeback here.

Now comes my most favorite blogger. This person is very knowledgeable and I love every post of hers, not that I agree to every point she makes, but every point she makes apparently is very sensible and none cant fully refute with those also.

WiseDon: She calls herself as wise donkey[an oxymoron] but I call her WiseDon. Right now she is on a long leave hence no recent updates, but all my readers this blog is a must read. There have been a many wow moments when I read this blog. I am sure even you would feel the same.

There are many more blogs which I read and comment regularly, but owing to the space constraint[which has been a constant complaint by people about me] I have picked just four bloggers.


  1. Congrats! on your 150th post thats a good score 1 and 1/2 century in such a short while. Way to go dude :)
    Thanks! for peeping into my blog regularly and writing about my blog here. Its always a pleasure to see you on my blog-space so keep peeping :D
    Keep writing and may you add many more centuries :)

  2. Congratulations... and keep posting for blogging is special... :)

    PS: Thank you for introducing your pals...

  3. @Sh@s :)
    Thanks so much
    u said short while :O..6 years it took ..I will always keep spammin ur blog with my comments

  4. @Pin
    Thanks so much.. and today I claimed and won my first comment prize :)

  5. Nice to hear that, :) it's really tough to achieve that score. Thank you very much for mentioning me, it's my luck that I found you on IndiBlogger :)

  6. @Suraj..
    so modest of you.. cool buddy

  7. @AS :O
    you are my blogger pal re.. I should have written about 5 people.. :(


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