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Apple iPhone vs Samsung S3

Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhone
Samsung vs Apple

Before I get into the comparison..
The prologue..
I have had an iPhone 3GS model for almost 3 years and I was very happy using it till that unfortunate day when it went dead all of a sudden..It took me sometime to come out of the depression :P..ok I know it is an exaggeration.. but yea..I really missed it..as it became an integral part of me for almost 3 years...so is the reason for the sentiments.....as I had no other phone but to resort to my defunct HTC mobile ..
Then came my wife's birthday.. i gifted her a Samsung S3[..was a suprise gift] ..She was so elated that she gave away the S3 to me..telling that I needed it more than her..actually to gain more sympathy ;) I used to meddle with that silly phone infront of her only.. My wife was so moved at me struggling to make my htc work that she insisted me to take the S3..thats how I ended up owning the S3..
But this happiness didnt last longer for me.. It's not even 3 months and already I feel like I have had enough... I want to go back to my good old iPhone3Gs. As a matter of fact the 3Gs is 2 generations older to the contemporary model of S3, that is iPhone 5, and is much better than S3 when compared to its performance.
My woes: The screen goes blank many times, even when the battery is fully charged the mobile goes dead...It is dead slow and at times takes more than a minute to open up a contact to dial up..The camera also freezes many times..the swipe-right to pick up a call doesn't work sometimes..

The touch is so sensitive that..once it called up my boss all of a sudden.. and adding to my agony..it got stuck at that moment only.. I had to pull off the battery to cut the call :O..So you see what all I had to go through with this phone..

I did a simple weighted average analysis to compare Samsung and Apple and below is the analysis for all you people
Samsung S3 vs Apple iPhone
Clearly Apple stands out when compared to Samsung, though on looks point of view it's somewhat closer to Samung..but on performance and utility it rocks...
This is not a techie review but is an honest submission from an end user.

I was so irritated with the mobile...below were my experiments with the voice recoginition application....which also opened up unintentionally.. was a discovery for me..

I said "I Love you"
I love Samsung

 I said "I Hate you"...which I actually meant..
I hate Samsung
Finally that is how I ended it
Fuck off


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heights of Creativity - Culinary Skills

Potato Curry at Nice, France.
Dated - 20th Oct 2009
Starring - Venky
Cameraman - Yours Truly, Unknown :)


Chapathi at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Dated - 6th Dec 2007
Starring - Sridhar Talatam
Cameraman - Yours Truly, Unknown :)

Learning from the above:
It requires thinking out of the box to come up with such ideas. A cup and a glass are enough to make a meal for you :). So enjoy your happy meal, the chapathi with the potato mash curry :)

Naayak - A Boring flick

Naayak - Review
Rating :  
Naayak Movie Review
Director: V. V. Vinayak
Produced by: D.V.V Danayya
Starring : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul
Music by : Thaman

Naayak Movie Kajal agarwalWatched this movie on Sankranthi day at Kadapa.
A much hyped movie but only to anyone's disappointment I should say. The story lacked novelty. I feel it's a mix( read kichdi) of all blockbuster hits like Adurs, Businessman, Gabbar Singh.

Naayak Movie Charmee Hot SongStory : Not a gripping one, It gets boring somewhere in the middle as it is slightly dragging and very predictable
Music : The music is very good and Thaman did a great job. Charmee's item song was surprise.

Characters : RamCharan, Cherry, did a fair job. NTR would have been a better choice for this role. As the role demands having a funny bone, which I feel Cherry lacks compared to NTR. Kajal and Amala were fillers.
Rahul Dev's role is a shortlived one, and he hardly spoke anything throughout the movie. Pradeep Rawat as usual an agressive villain did his part ok.

Similarities to Other Movies

Naayak Movie AdursI wonder if I am the only one to feel that the movie has many starking similarities to the movie "Adhurs" directed by VV Vinayak himself.
Below are some of my observations
1) Hero Double Role
2) One of the character being a highly aggressive one
3) Kolkata background
4) Bramhi doing the similar comedian role
5) The location, where the climax fight sequence was shot was the same location where a similar fight sequence was shot in the movie Adurs.
6) The title song being the last song of the movie.
7) Ashish Vidyarthi playing the similar role

Naayak Movie BusinessmanBusinessman
1) The partnership with all goons
2) The song "Madam madam" somewhat goes in line with "Sir Osthara"

Naayak Movie Gabbar SinghGabbar Singh

1) The funny sequence where all goons are treated by Cherry's folks..is similar to the one in the Gabbar Singh.

Overall I feel it is not a worth watching in multiplex atleast..Wait till Ugadhi to watch it on TV, it's worth that:)

Anonymous said :
"just a mix of VV's earlier movies. the hooligans reporting to brother of heroine seeing him on ride with heroine is kinda BUNNY. and hero praising villain is kinda KRISHNA and also the PEDANANNA of villain is same actor. even brahmi as uncle of hero is from KRISHNA..... such a vegetated makers n watchers. god bless .... flipping n moving forward ....passing off songs etc. unbearable to watch in a theater n the NAYAKs madam madam seems no match for bussinessmans sir osthara.."

Read more: http://404phylenotfound.blogspot.com/2013/01/sir-followed-by-madam.html#ixzz2IdCfmUSs

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Me and my better half

She liked it....
And I liked it.....
The rest is history!
Photos: The actual photos are converted into sketches using sketchguru app in my S3

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Chit Fund Analysis

Chit Fund is the most unorganized and unregulated savings scheme followed in our country. Read this wiki link for more technical details on chit funds in India. There are some professionally run chit funds like Margadarsi chits, Sri Ram, Kapil chits etc, who keep spamming our television channels with their ads pursuading people to invest with them
Chit funds were always something esoteric for me and I had never ventured into nor was intrigued to know more details about it till the last month. Thanks to my mother. One fine sunday my mother came to me, while we were casually chatting she started flaunting about her new chit investment. She was excited that she was going to start investing her second chit fund, which is run by her friend. She was more excited that she was doing this without my dad's knowledge ;)
She showed me the commision chart and was of an opinion that she was saving a lot by that and was all praises for her friend. The latter part was something I couldnt digest not that I am being a prick but I believe no one will do anything so generously. So that is when I got onto the job of chit fund analysis.
I had keyed in all of the numbers into excel and put in all my MBA concepts to calculate the actual savings. After I showed my calculation to my mother on how her friend has been so generously making money at the cost of all her friends..my MOM was shocked and grumbled few swear words on her not so nicer friend..and took back her decision to take up the second chit fund.
For the benefit of all my readers.. the below is a pictorial illustration on how chit funds work.
Chit Fund Analysis

You can download the excel analysis I did to evaluate the chit fund. This excel model is a very generic one and can be used to analyse any type of chit fund. I have made it dynamic with the following input variables
Total Chit Amount
Chit Duration
Commission Type (Linear or Dynamic)
Initial Commission (For Linear Type of Commission)
For Dynamic type, the person can enter the commission values directly next to the payment schedule
Interest Rate (Bank saving interest rate)
Chit Call Time (The month when you bid)
The output values are the Net-present value, Internal rate of return, Total Sum and Total Worth (considering investing of the bid amount @ Bank interest rate)
Download Chit Fund Analysis
Please read the "Read More" sheet in the excel for more details. You may please comment back in this post if there are any mistakes in the excel model and also suggest any improvements. Thanks in advance :) 

Decoding Boss's Anger Reloaded

Greatest Question Mankind Answered

This blog post is an updated version of the theorem postulated a week back by me. This theorem has been arrived after several rounds of brain storming and keeping in mind all geographies, ethnicities, religions, languages, species, aliens..a universal version of theorem is arrived..and here goes the theorem ..
The risk of getting scolded by a Boss follows a bell curve where the risk is highest at tc.
β is the risk of getting yelled by Boss. Below is the function of the curve.
β = βo + fp(t) x k x θ
How to deal with yelling boss
to is the time when the interaction with the boss starts
ta is the time when the person enters the boss’s cabin :O
tb is the time when the person leaves the boss’s cabin :)
βo = g(x) is a functional of all external factors which are beyond your control, a sample of the factors are like         

1) Fight with his/her spouse
                2) Financial problems
                3) Promotion frustration
                4) Work load
                5) Arrogant Daughter's boyfriend
                6) Constipation..etc

k factor is a factor depending on the other colleagues of yours, whose presence affects your boss's behaviour with you. k takes any value from 0 to infinity.

k=0; The colleague absorbs all radiation - Give him a chocolate buddy :)
k less than 1; The radiation is distributed
k=1; Indifference with the presence of colleague
k greater than 1 ; The presence of your colleague is detrimental to you. Keep away from him using the θ.

θ is a binary factor and its value depends on your decisions.
θ = 1 if you are present in front of your boss.
θ = 0 if you are absent.(You may visit the washroom, the bank, the other office,department or get admitted in hospital as well)

The function fp(t) is a normal curve and is very subjective to the person(a subordinate). So it has to be worked out after many trial and errors only.
One should be very careful between ta and tc during which the damage is maximum.
With this I take the credit again for this noble contribution for mankind as well as animalkind.

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It used to be my favorite when I was in my school. It used to come on TV in the afternoons

Pingu's Mom

Pingu's Dad

Watch it here

Dynasty Politicos Speaks

Varun Gandhi's Hate Speech on Jul, 2009, UP

Watch the Video from 2:30; He comments on Muslim names being very scary, saying "Bade Daranvi name hothe unke, Karimullah,Madharullah".

Akbaruddin Owaisi's Hate Speech on 22nd Dec 2012, AP

Watch the Video from 24:00; He insults the names of Hindu Gods.

About :Varun Gandhi
Varun Gandhi was born in Delhi on 13 March 1980 to Sanjay Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi, he is the grandson of the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi and the great-grandson of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.
Age: 32 Years
Political Party : BJP
Education : He attended Rishi Valley School and the British School, New Delhi, where he was elected secretary of the student council. Varun completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics via the University of London External System in the year 2002.[4] He also completed his Master of Science in Public Policy from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in 2004 also through correspondence.

About : Akbaruddin Owaisi
Akbaruddin Owaisi was born in Hyderabad on 14 June 1970. Akbaruddin is a member of the Owaisi family, being the son of Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi and the younger brother of Asaduddin Owaisi
Age : 42 Years
Political Party : MIM
Education : He studied in the Hyderabad Public School till tenth grade and completed his intermediate from St. Mary's Junior College in Hyderabad. Owaisi studied medicine for two years in Gulbarga but quit during his second year of MBBS course to enter politics.
In Politics,
Be a Graduate or a Drop out
Be a Young or a Matured
Be a Hindu or a Muslim
Be it in 2009 or 2012 or anytime or anyplace..
Everyone becomes Insane...
It's high time we say..Enough for this dynasty politics, these fit for nothing spoilt brats, who are born with silver spoon, basking in the glory of the ancestors think they are born heroes and can do anything and say anything to anyone but still remain at large.

Decoding the Boss's Anger

Yelling Boss Bell Curve

β is the risk of getting yelled by Boss.
t is the time spent in the Boss's cabin.
to is the time when a person enters the cabin.
Basically the theorem goes like this:- The risk of getting scolded by a Boss goes up with the time spent in his/her cabin and follows a bell curve where the risk is highest at  tc.
tc is the critical time.
The tc is very subjective. It can be worked out only after some trial and error attempts.  
Once you cross the critical time the chances of yelling reduce and it may be due to many physiological and psychological reasons. So one should be very careful during the time between to and tc
This theorem is observed to be an universally accepted fact but never formally documented.
So I take the credit for this noble contribution to humankind.:P

Read my other post on how to deal with a yelling boss

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Me and My Wife

My Wife
And that is me :)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

India Growth Story

The below is the progress card of our Planning Commission over the years.
Planning Commission Progress Card
Observations on the Progress

India GDP Growth Analysis
The below is the 12th Plan figures. The plan outlay is increased by 126% compared to the 11th Plan figures.
12th Five year Plan Outlay

The sectoral allocation of gross budgetary support
Sectoral Budget Allocation
Analysis on the sectoral allocation
The rural development has seen a dip in overall contribution by 6% compared to the last term.
Sectoral Budget Allocation Analysis

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013

Original Photo Courtesy: Gary Bester


Brugges Crossing
Photo taken on 2nd Oct 2009
Place - Brugges, Belgium
By - Unknown

Google Crossing
Photo taken on 31st Mar 2012
Place - Somewhere in US.
By - Queenie Moo