Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home alone in Doha

I am back to my solitude..and ya that's when I remember my alter-ego, the unknown (aparichithudu).
Its been 3 days here in the gulf land. I am in Doha, capital city of Qatar.
For a change there were no hassles this time during the whole journey.
It's my first weekend here and I am so bored. It is almost half the boiling point outside so cant dare to get out.
I am all alone in this 2BHK flat as my other roommate has gone to India to get his visa renewed. The unsecured wifi which we shamelessly steal also connects intermittently. And naturally even though you have some pending work at office it doesnt appeal much to work on weekends.

Thanks to the pirates, got to watch 'Tere Bin Laden' and 'Kattha Meetha' online. Both were not that funny as I expected to be. But TBL was better. In Kattha Meetha I felt, the stupidity part of Akshay was dragged to much. Trisha's character was crappy. It was like any another supporting actor and not a lead role. It wasn't that impactful.

Owing to my joblessness I say(but some say narcissism) I kept myself busy with self photography.
Here are my faces with different moods.
Weak-hearted ones should strictly avoid.
Children are supposed to browse under parental guidance.

Scary faces

It is not my homesickness but this time I want to go back to India soon. I've some plans for future , If all goes well InshaAllah I will be back in 2months.