Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greece shopping

The following are the stuff I bought in a shop in Athens as part of our Greece shopping, which we felt was big mistake then, but now when I look at those stuff it helps in refreshing my memories.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom. This stone carving is bigger than it appears in the pic. It was priced at 36 Euros but we got it for 18 Euros, as there was some sale going on

The great philosopher Socrates for 8 Euros

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The beautiful Greek goddess Venus for 10 Euros

Athena again, this one has a magnet behind it so that you can stick on your fridge or cupboard. This one was for 1Euro

Achilles for 1Euro..

Could someone enlighten me on what this is called, I bought this without even knowing what it is called. This one was priced at 5 Euros

This one is a cycladic art. I love this one the most. When you lit the candle it looks amazing.
It was priced at 20 Euros

Pics taken using my iPhone 3GS.


  1. Seriously yaar, the last one is so beautiful....

  2. Souvenir is the best way to remember a place, a person or a visit.. I would love to lay my hands on that Socrates and the candle...

    Greece is on the list... when is the question :)

  3. wow! nice choice :D

    bade log!

  4. @Anon
    :) I always find out that it is you :)

  5. @Pin,
    true..thats y one should buy some souvenirs whenver u visit a new place.. I do that
    Do go through my trip to Greece post.. you will know more details

  6. @AS
    kaha bade log ji:)..u read the travelogue na.. kya kya experience kie the..

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