Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surprisecube...surprise assured!

Surprisecube an online gifting prepared for loads of suprises...

I had placed an order for a magic mug, was definitely a surprise rather shock  to me when I saw what I top it all..I was the one, who was blamed for that.. Yes it was my mistake I should have chosen someone else..

At that point of time when I placed the order I was not sure on what to write or what picture to if I were to do business I would have suggested some ideas to my customers..or shown some typical messages/templates etc.. which didn't happen.. later i did some googling and mailed them the pic and quote which i which after my continuous followups i was confirmed about the order..

what does someone expect from a customer?
The person should have ideally asked me..the position,color combination,font type and font size..none did that.. I sent a second mail to them suggesting them the font i wanted..which was on the same day..

now how can someone expect a customer to think everything the machine needs as an input..when you are operating you should ask the customer the various specifications needed and be as detailed enough so that you don't miss out anything..or keep the customer next to you so that he gets what he wants

just before I was about to collect..I called up and wanted to confirm if the font change happened.. to which the person was not sure about..and when i further questioned..he says.. he can show me the mail print as proof that he has sent it to the technical what kind of professionalism is this?.. you are working in a are not sure about your internal communication..and who are you trying to blame by showing the printout?..It really gave a very bad impression about the team to me.. hehe this attitude is not healthy for any business...

When I went to check the mug in person..I told the person also.that.I want to check if it's same as what I expected.. the person smartly came down to the station itself..and handed over the mug.. Actually I wanted to check how it works..which they have very smartly averted..
when I saw the mug..I was shocked..I said the font color is not same as the which I got multiple explanations..he it is always like cant be same color..and another explanation should have told the color before....
as a matter of fact ..I've bought a magic mug previously from some other vendor who gave me wide varieties of choices..and also helped me in selecting quotes..and actually showed me while printing that I get what I exactly these people say they don't let anyone to their labs...

now you are taking an order online..
neither you are showing a sample of what you are going to deliver...
nor you are competent enough to ask appropriate questions to your customers...
nor you are ready to correct your mistake..but very competent in blaming everyone else in the world..

Now the worst thing anyone would want to listen be blamed back for whatever happened...
I couldnt feel in them, even an iota of passion to deliver value to customers..I am sure they would have been very happy to have made their money...

I bought this mug for 550/- and the previous mug I bought from another vendor I got it for 350/- I was ready to pay 200 more intentionally cos it was in a short notice...but now I will never make this mistake again..

People who are in the similar lines of business should learn one thing.. your core competency should be your customer service.. because that itself will have something unique of what you all are easily imitable..a 100% strike rate in good word of mouth is what you should be aiming at...

The mug I got, I have chosen not to gift it also..I am using it to keep my tooth brush and toilet stuff
God bless surprisecube
good luck!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I love this one

This puppy is so cute..the drooping head...rested ears... tiny feet...the innocence in the eyes......
It clearly has done some mischief...
amazing it felt like sharing..

I always wanted to have a pet, but my parents never let me keep one..
When I was in school I used to pet the street dogs..My dad used to shoo away them...when they used to run towards me waging their tail in a play mood...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dhobighat - my take

"whats so mumbai about could have been any other place in India"
That's my first expression..after the movie ended......
"why is it called dhobighat?" ...except to one of the main actors being a dhobi..doesnt really talk about lives of dhobis..somehow for me the title doesnt seem to be an apt one..

Coming to the characters...

Painter:- Played by Aamir Khan..should really apreciate one fact that being a mega star he took a modest share of the limelight...and acted just like anyother supporting actor..unlike many other stars of his level you comments on his acting..he is the best in whatever he does..

Photographer:- ..wondering what an "investment banking" "consultant"..daughter of filthy realtor is upto.. she says she is on a sabbatical..and got some research grant..studying on south east was not clear on why she was so interested on the painter and the dhobi..or may be i missed something..her role was not at all a convincing one for me..the most confused role..

Dhobi:- this dhobi's role could have been anything else also..a rickshaw puller or a chai wala..I dont  think the 'dhobi' part has done enough justice to the title of the movie...Apart from that the guy acted well.

Woman on video:- This woman's story seemed to be one complete and convincing one for me..I think she acted well..for whatever little her portion was..

Its a different movie...a 90min movie..without any dance/song nor interval..
It ended in a typical hollywood style..abruptly:)...but anyways we've had enough of happy-ever-after kind of this is a welcome change..I would rate it 2.99 on 5..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Am busy...

That's my work place..never did so much of paper work in my you people realise what's keeping me 'busy' these days..

Coming to the word 'busy'..I am so scared of this word that I refrain to ask if anyone is busy.. specially if the other person is a female...
to which there is a small incident..this happened sometime in 2004..the time when orkut was new to me..and I was not so tech savvy.. I was posting some questions related to GMAT to people who cleared it...and so asked a few questions to a girl, who didnt care to I sent a message to her asking if she was busy.. but instead i wrote ..'busty'..[you see t and y are strategically placed on keyboard]..I discovered that only when I realized that she blocked me....
that's why I rarely ask if someone is busty..err busy..

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Publicly you get 'dhoka' here..
Pic taken using my iPhone3Gs

Saturday, January 01, 2011


I believe everyone should be wondering how jobless could someone be to copy paste the linkedin recos here ..well readers is to give myself lil morale boost..:) ..This post will go into my about me page..

“I had the privilege of working with this genius for more than 2 years.

He is one of his kind and having him onboard brings a big positive difference to the team. He has the ability to make the most complicated things look simple and make the work place more lively with his sense of humour.
He was always the most sought after when it came to discussions which requires diversified thinking and real clean stable solutions for the most complicated design issues. He is a real expert in giving the simplest solution to a problem that anyone could anticipate.
I would say that the quality of work he delivers is truly exceptional and is unmatched! Once he sets off on a task, he ensures that it is completed with finesse.
He lives upto the name of the premier institutes he has passed out from. I feel very proud for having such a person in my professional network.”
- Sridhar Talatam, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd,
December 11, 2010
“He is very detailed oriented and commited. He has excellent Analytical skill,. His good analytical and listenining skills differentiate him from others and makes him good problem solver.”
- Prakash Savla, Sr Consultant, TCS
December 7, 2010

“He is quick-wiited person with remarkable acumen in analysing requirements ....... Very very fast whether in terms of Coding or Analysis not to mention here in humor too .......... always enjoyed working with him..... will honestly recommend him as a Analyst as collegue and as Manager.”
- KUSUM JOSHI, Software Developer, TCS
February 5, 2009

“He is a person who strives hard for his goal and who never gives up until his goals are fulfilled.He is very well talented and extremely hard working individual who is good team player and very good at motivating individuals.He will be a valuable asset for any organziation or team and wish him all the very best. Todos los mejores !!!!!”
- Sreekanth Nair, Oracle Bi Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services
August 22, 2008

“He is very intelligent, hardworking and determined. He is simply an awesome chap.”
- Vinod Kodarapu, Student, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta,
November 22, 2010

“I have studied with him during our MBA at IIM Calcutta. We were wing mates for an year and did backpacked through the Europe for 3 months as well. So, I can say that I know him fairly well to recommend him. He is very intelligent, motivated, logical in his thoughts, clear in his communication. He is a good team player as well as team leader and a dynamic one in both the roles he play depending on the situation. I can relate to him a lot when it comes to problem solving and financial discussions because we both think analytically and try to approach logical solution. Apart from the skills, he maintains good relations with the people he meet and continues those relations long way, which is a big plus for his career and the company that hires him. I can go on about him, but I guess this small snapshot is good enough to cover his abilities and skill sets.”
- Sai Venkatesh Mandava, Student, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta,
November 12, 2010

“A very smart, motivated student at Skema Business School, one of the most helpful friends I know, a very adventurous what I have learned from him during our months of studying together. I wholeheartedly recommend him and wish him the very best in all future endeavors.”
- Nhung Dinh, Student, CERAM Sophia Antipolis,
November 12, 2010

“He sets high standards for himself and I’ve never seen him compromise on that aspect. A true champion in all aspects of life - be it sports, studies, work - he has always exceeded expectations. A great friend and a guide, I’ll always cherish my friendship with him. I enthusiastically recommend him and wish him all the very best for his for his future endeavours.”
- dinesh (divesh) adnani, Faculty, TIME,
September 9, 2008

“He is a hardworking and intelligent person. He manages his time very well. He sets high standards for his performance and consistently meets them. He is always quick to understand his responsibility and very enthusiastically contributes to the group he is working with. I am sure he will be an asset for the organization he works for in the future.”
- vaibhav pandey, Student, Delhi College of Engineering,
August 30, 2008

I've had my share of brickbats too...