A naughty boy.Always cheerful and lively in demeanour,he brings life in to the gatherings. keep that smile always and let surroundings be well lit always!.
-Gali Sreedhar, IIM Calcutta
He is one of the best guys I’ve come across during my stay here……He is quite hardworking and sincere…..He is also a good sportsman……He would always be there when you would need his help……He is also very intelligent and also very humble…..Thus, he is a friend you would not want to miss
-Sarkar Raja Shantiranjan, IIM Calcutta
I hated him for his attitude initially… took me a while to break the ice!! but liked him more and more as I got to know him better. One person, whom I think I can confide in… anything!! A real nice guy... stands by his word …come what may … analyses ppl in the very first meet… thought I was head strong :x … I tried to understand the depth of his looks ... but failed miserably... Not to forget … Obsessed with his photographs… U will find him in every other photograph … I wud rather call him Mr. Photo :P One of the three kumars …like musketeers..hehehehh.. one of my very gud friends on campus… Wish u a gr8 future ahead!
-Amara Geeta Madhuri, IIM Calcutta
I am extremely thankful to you and I really salute your honesty.In my opinion you are true example of honesty in otherwise selfish and greedy world. I will meet you some time in next few days. Once again thank you very much.
-Prof.Sanjeeth Singh , IIM Calcutta
On my Birthday
Happy birthday To a gréât finance student and an expert on Monte Carlo option pricing !
-Prof.Tarek Amyuni, Skema Business School, France
Our man AKA GULT superstar of Joka, you are one of the best brains around but rather a better friend. You are Smart and great at making people comfortable with you. I am sure everyone of us will remember you for your incessant smiling face and awesome hockey skills.. Keep Smiling.. Hope the best for your future!! Best of luck!!
-Prerak Vohra, IIM Calcutta
Me and he went on many tours on exchange program and hence share some wonderful memories togather. Did I mentioned that hee taught me the greatest art of all, cooking. We have been to some really mindblowing places ;). Although he is 4 years elder to me, he always tried to be a good friend and advisor. Always helps a person in need and is always responsible about his career and his relations. And the first one to get the job in my fren's circle. Hope you will be happy forever.
-Sai Venkatesh, IIM Calcutta
The OGIEC is actually kind of an introvert who likes to keep matters to himself and shares information only with people he wants to and when he wants to. :) An enterprising athlete - good at long distance running, hockey and football and my mentor at sports in IIMC. His last minute injury almost forced him to opt out of STEP but I am glad he came through. We had an amazing time on STEP together.. with the road trip in Greece and the pizza land adventure being the high points of my eurotrip. His cooking skills are exemplary and I was treated to a multitude of Biryanis when I was craving for Indian food on STEP.

Though being a slacker at studies, I could manage a good set of grades due to his tutoring at the last minute before exams. A fin-enthusiast, his summers in Bangalore must have been satisfying both on his professional and personal levels. His non-platonic endeavours with the fairer-sex both in and outside the college have been a constant topic of discussion among us. Except when it comes to sports, he is a lazy bum with any outbound activity and is the only person I know who has slept in every movie we have gone to watch in a theatre. Obviously this testimonial is for the sake of writing a testimonial and I know we'll be in touch all along and hope to laugh about this in the distant future.
-Swadheen Shukla, IIM Calcutta
I had the privilege of working with this genius for more than 2 years.
He is one of his kind and having him onboard brings a big positive difference to the team. He has the ability to make the most complicated things look simple and make the work place more lively with his sense of humour.
He was always the most sought after when it came to discussions which requires diversified thinking and real clean stable solutions for the most complicated design issues. He is a real expert in giving the simplest solution to a problem that anyone could anticipate.
I would say that the quality of work he delivers is truly exceptional and is unmatched! Once he sets off on a task, he ensures that it is completed with finesse.
He lives upto the name of the premier institutes he has passed out from. I feel very proud for having such a person in my professional network.
- Sridhar Talatam, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
He is very detailed oriented and commited. He has excellent Analytical skill,. His good analytical and listenining skills differentiate him from others and makes him good problem solver.
- Prakash Savla, Sr Consultant, TCS
He is quick-wiited person with remarkable acumen in analysing requirements ....... Very very fast whether in terms of Coding or Analysis not to mention here in humor too .......... always enjoyed working with him..... will honestly recommend him as a Analyst as collegue and as Manager.
- KUSUM JOSHI, Software Developer, TCS
He is a person who strives hard for his goal and who never gives up until his goals are fulfilled.He is very well talented and extremely hard working individual who is good team player and very good at motivating individuals.He will be a valuable asset for any organziation or team and wish him all the very best. Todos los mejores !!!!!
- Sreekanth Nair, Oracle Bi Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services
He is very intelligent, hardworking and determined. He is simply an awesome chap.
- Vinod Kodarapu, Student, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
I have studied with him during our MBA at IIM Calcutta. We were wing mates for an year and did backpacked through the Europe for 3 months as well. So, I can say that I know him fairly well to recommend him. He is very intelligent, motivated, logical in his thoughts, clear in his communication. He is a good team player as well as team leader and a dynamic one in both the roles he play depending on the situation. I can relate to him a lot when it comes to problem solving and financial discussions because we both think analytically and try to approach logical solution. Apart from the skills, he maintains good relations with the people he meet and continues those relations long way, which is a big plus for his career and the company that hires him. I can go on about him, but I guess this small snapshot is good enough to cover his abilities and skill sets.
- Sai Venkatesh Mandava, Student, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
A very smart, motivated student at Skema Business School, one of the most helpful friends I know, a very adventurous traveler...is what I have learned from him during our months of studying together. I wholeheartedly recommend him and wish him the very best in all future endeavors.
- Nhung Dinh, Student, CERAM Sophia Antipolis
He sets high standards for himself and I’ve never seen him compromise on that aspect. A true champion in all aspects of life - be it sports, studies, work - he has always exceeded expectations. A great friend and a guide, I’ll always cherish my friendship with him. I enthusiastically recommend him and wish him all the very best for his for his future endeavours.
- dinesh (divesh) adnani, Faculty, TIME
He is a hardworking and intelligent person. He manages his time very well. He sets high standards for his performance and consistently meets them. He is always quick to understand his responsibility and very enthusiastically contributes to the group he is working with. I am sure he will be an asset for the organization he works for in the future.
- vaibhav pandey, Student, Delhi College of Engineering
Forced to get out of bed, I am being blackmailed to write to a nice testi...
The RG. Don't know how the name stuck but you don't want to ask him what it is or he will get real mad at you. ;)
Now that we are off to a good start, let's see what more comes to my mind.

Have known him for one year now. He was one of first guys who I befriended in IIMC. You'll be drawn towards his cheerfulness.
He's got tremendous potential when it comes to studying in the last minutes. And he can actually play all sort of games. Never thought he will be into computer games but that's one of the good stuff he got into. :P

You will love to get on his nerves... And you'll love to celebrate his birthday. He can take a lot of beating :P so go on... use him to vent out all your suppressed anger and to try out all your new action moves!

He is definitely a real good friend... but he'll never tell you the secret of his energy. If anyone does, do tell me.
- Ved Vyas Pradhan , IIM Calcutta
nubli gaadu ante too much studda...IIT Madras long distance running lo okka per ante ----... fundoo guy aite IIM ochindi pare IIM lo crack chestanava..hi funda sense of humour evuruu ante nubli...smile/laughter kanpichleda ante nubli ke veldamma...face lo smile back pedtanava nubli...chaala sports enthusiast especially soccer lo..down to earth..very friendly...anni group lo easily mix kodtanava and chaala helping guy ...in short hi-funda guy ontindi nubli
- Rudresh Ranjan Singh, IIT Madras
It took a long time to write this testi, there is soooo much to write
abt this guy. Hmmm where to start...

Guys, meet one of the Smartest man on earth, my friend aka
Balagiri / Gym Carry... He is that amazing balance of Athletism and
brain, topped with a great sense of humour. He has been my guide and
friend throughout.

I know whatever I be in my Physicue, he definitely has an influence over
it. He is my physician, Dietitian and my Mentor :)

Know him from last 4 years, coincidence is that were in same projects
in all these years.
Sumtimes I wonder how cum a guy can do Half Marathon on Treadmill and
full Marathon on Football Ground, that is wat this guy is all
about...full of athletism.

Mams I will always cherish this Friendship.
- Jagadish Doki, TCS
I guess he's one of the most determined guys i've seen for a looong time... he's a damn good friend, and wud neevr hesitate helping u in need... can get on ur nerves real quick, and yet leave u feeling good... puts in a lot of hard work, and bals, i am sure that u'd get wherever u want to go in life man...
- Sai Kamarajugadda, IIT Madras

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