Friday, October 06, 2006

for a good cause

Haha I thought all my friends were useless like me…but oflate am getting shocks…
This guy the bindaas bandha in our friends really turned into a saint now….
Hats off to him and his sis, they are running for some good cause.
We should appreciate selfless initiatives like this…

People you can be a part of this by taking part in the race
Or an easier option is donate any amount.

Check out the link

Good luck to Anurag and Anitha.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back with a bang

Here is a puzzle for all my readers...
Guess these famous personalities...

"Bad man is alone".
"O! A damnable sin".
"Bad as Lenin, Mao".
"An Islam bad one".
"Is a banal demon ".
"A damn alien S.O.B ".
"Based on animal ".
"A nomad lesbian ".
"So bad alien man ".
"Is a lone bad man ".
"A noble man said ".
"O Man! Ban ladies ".
"I abandon males ".
"I am also banned ".
"I, a damnable son ".
"Abandon a smile ".
"Abandons E-mail ".
"Neon Islamabad."

"A bad man (no lies) " "Bad also in name ".


One more...

"UN's said he's mad."
"He's damn! - said U.S." "Misuse and dash." "Damn his sad use."
"Adds shame in us."
"USA ends him. Sad?" "Aha! Sudden miss."

Last one...
"I am a lavish drab, am a junk."
"Alas! I'm a harm via bad junk."
"Am a rakish Java man build".

"A lavish junk, I am a bad ram."

Clue: - the first 2 are already in news and the last one is yet to come...

Courtesy:- A genius;

Monday, August 14, 2006

I am tensed

Scared of future
Hate the present
Past was not so great to think about!!  :(

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Huh! It’s been ages I updated my blog…..facing writer’s block…some one help me to overcome that…..

I was looking at my blog felt it was so boring when out of the blue saw 2 comments... The commenter should be an enemy or a close friend of mine.

Anonymous said...  commented on

Preposterous........................creates stories out of his whims n fancies n pretends that they r true.........everything he wrote bout the office is crap n jas to impress his boss by askin them to read this blog................double talker,bak stabber......the guys he praises in this blog r the ones he used to scoff at.anyways........gr8 goin dude.

Anonymous said... commented onon

can this guy play anything ???....apart from politics

I guess it’s PP...But if it’s not him then….
Abbey benami account --- Agar tu ne ma ka doodh piya hai tho samne aaaaaaaaaaaaa
(There is one audible in yahoo)

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Finished 2 yrs successfully phew!....……still 35 more to retire…
Planning to retire by 40 only (Kiyosaki’s concept)

Last few days were really bad…….as of now the only interesting thing is World Cup….

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Anil........................Some girl in danger

The title of the post is a copied idea frm the movie Baaz-a bird in danger....
Anil...a hot,casanova,smart,bon vivant...blah blah...
We always felt that we had somekind of telepathy between us..and at times he understood things without me saying anything..may be because we both share the same sunsign, moonsign and even nakshatra(star..:)
That's all one side of his character...the below is the darker side of anil...
Disclaimer:- The following views are all my own and any resemblance is purely coincidental..:))
Free Image Hosting at
Anil...the laziest person i ever saw...all the girls he broke up with till now is all becos of his laziness..;)
...On first notice he seems to be a saint...and can crap on any topic....of course on detailed dicsussion you'll realise the fact...
Anil... the fastest Ani'ma'l our group..He has this habit of roaming along the corridor on undies.. there was one senior , i dont remem his name,who got mad becaus of our man's(divya mangala swaroopam) weird habit....
During exams our man was more efficient than a xerox machine...master copy was anurag and at times even me......
He is one big hand god.....once he was going by anurag's bike...and the bike had some anurag was struggling to fix it...our man took a lift leaving anurag in the middle of the road......
Anil's Gaffes:-

1)This happened in our 3rd yr..he was running 200m for our hostel...the start was good...and we were all cheering ...all of a sudden he slowed down with hands holding his chest....we were worried thinking some cramp in chest or some heart we all ran to the spot where he crashed...on asking what happened...he told his shin pained...we were baffled...and then he justified himself saying ...he was running so fast that to stop himself he was pushing his chest with his hands....

2)This happened when we were in 1st yr...our man put the immersion rod in the bucket full of water.
After one hour he returned and was shocked to see the water was not hot. He then shouted at me sayin i gave him a spoilt immersion rod. He left it without switching on.
Then on further investigating he said he felt the shock when he dipped his hand in he thought the current was flowing therefore no need to switch on...;)....hehehe...readers our man is a civil engineer and very poor in elec stuff...he flunked the basic elec course in our first yr..;)

3) This happened again in our first's a tradition in IITM ,after playin holi we go to Beasant nagar there and come back...thanks to the water problem in institute..

That day our man was wearing a two piece bikini...;)..bare sooner had we entered into water when the police arrived ..because swimming was banned at the beach(dangerous beach)...there was one reporter with video camera...our man saw that and ran to that place to get himshelf shoot by the camera...
..hehe hardly he reached there, a policeman chased him with a latthi and our man ran back with the same pace...

OK the following is to ANIL

Anil....gurthuku vasthunnayi.....
I still remem the day when u rammed into me with my cycle later told the brakes failed
I still remem the day i was kicked out of the class by ur fav Rammorthy all becos of u
I still remem when u copied from me and put an 'A' and i put a 'C'...
I still remem the kiss on dance floor...infamously termed as kiss of death
I still remem the time when i was kicked out of mooon lab by the security all becos of u..
I still remem the night when u stripped me in corridor...
I still remem when u tripped me down in front of the goal..when i was shooting a goal...
I still remem when u made me ride cycle from hostel to besant nagar beach ..
Huh!...i'll put an end to this blasphemy...

Friday, May 19, 2006

A bad week...

Really sad….Arsenal lost badly….and then Markets in bloodbath...almost everyday sensex crashed……Am taking a time out now…
First time in my life my portfolio showed losses….
My fingers crossed now…hoping something better in the coming week.

oflate am getting depressed even for silly things....i feel as if am one loner...totally lost everything...:((....
My experiments with the new handycam(Samsung SC-D353) ..
1)Me flaunting my arsenal jersey gifted by Anil...
2)crying for no reason...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Office buddies....

The place i work is called hell by many...but for me it's heaven and all credit goes to the following people....
Check out this gang ... the lady boss and 2 guards behind her.....
Free Image Hosting at

Shikha ..she leads our group...whatver it may be.... going to movies...deciding what to order at the chat stall....she rags mercilessily all the freshers.....she is one person very difficult to agrue....glib talker....twice i tried to pull her leg...but inreturn got thats when i realised no pangas with her...looks are deceptive ....again proved in this case...dont think she is very innocent...if u think so then u r decieved....

Pankaj....phir bhi dil hai rajasthani...what sid is to ice age is pankaj to our packed...if he is around then it's difficult to be serious.....we are always good friends...but when the girl from the other team comes then he becomes my
biggest enemy(vice versa)...

Next Hasi.....
Free Image Hosting at

Hasitha.....ha..ha..ha..sitha..very gooooood friend of mine...most silent...her presence or absence ...none realises that...and she takes advantage of this.thing....god knows if she works or dreams whole kidding......even if the guy next to her is dying i bet she'll not turn...but if she does then she'll see that atleast he dies in some hospital.....very generous.....she is again one person i cannot argue with...very intelligent....whenever we talk we try to find out if there is any nth meaning in that.......i spend most of my time in my office at her workplace helping her in finishing the eatables she gets from home...she is an awesome driver...i still remem the trip ..6 of us were there...and the car struggled to go uphill and we were cheering from back..."hasi u can do it..."...i held my breathe throughout the journey... while coming back..i came back by a's well known in office that she is my financier..i still owe her huge amount...hmm see ppl out there...u can also lend me...i promise will return it for sure...this is one living example....she is heading to some onsite project(US or
UK)...Hasi wherever u go... reserve one place for me...i promise this time i wont disturb u much...

L->R Doki,myself,Pinto
Free Image Hosting at oriyan chauvinist...give him a chance to speak on some topic.....finally he'll end up talking abt orissa...what ever may be the brand boy...he is one who inspired me in buying only brand stuff........ we like playing pranks on this innocent guy...but he always forgets however we pain him...really gr8 friend....the most reliable guy ...

Pinto ...he is the closest one among all....i still remem the silly prank we played during the first few days in our TCS...ok it's like this....
His mailbox used to get spammed by all his infy he came to me and asked me to write a mail to saying all those guys from infy were spamming with obscene stuff and were wasting bandwidth and so some strict action has to
be taken on them..... i had to write all that as if i was one i changed my signature accordingly...i put my designation as HR regional head...and wrote one strong mail to that id,...with all those guys in cc... we expected a bounce back as there would be no email as to our surprise there was no bounce back mail...and all those guys got this mail..they called up this guy..asking him what was all that .and how can he do that time we were shitting in our pants..and thats all...we then even decided to write a sorry mail ... we were so tensed..went out for break..our man had 2 fags....then put a sorry mail...thanks to our tcs mail server...we got the bounce back mail after an we were saved...totally relieved...this happened in the initial few days when we were totally jobless.. a perfect example for this idiom ' an idle man's brain is devil's workshop'. Rarely we discuss something technical...throughout the breaks we discuss abt shares,business,mba etc...he is resigning this month end....hmm now i have to search one bakra who'll listen to all my crap without cribbing.....he is heading to one good Bschool..all the best my friend.. i truly believe u'll make it big in life.

Pics Courtesy:Praveen Pinto, pics taken using Olympus (mu) 500
PS: Click on the title to see me in action, first video taken using my camcorder (Samsung SC-D353)...FYI .. On my Bday took this video...saying thanks to all my frenz who gave me the gifts...the picture quality is very bad.. will try to make better ones in future..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Blog's First Birthday.

It’s been almost a month I updated my blog.
Last week I saw this movie.. “Humko deewana kar gaye”…huh a better title would be “Humko paagal kar gaye” Our hero akshay goes to Canada to do some marketing, but in one song he does welding ; I don’t understand what these directors think about the audience.. and last Saturday I saw this movie “Pyare Mohan” more fully faltoo movie…worst thing was I saw both the movies at PVR….:( not worth watching them at theatre….this coming saturday am going to watch “Ice age 2”…yea at PVR

I started my GMAT prep thanks to our HRD…almost 50% reserved seats…even if they increase seats my chances are low so I gave up….so I’ll stick to my global vision…….planning to take it in October….

That’s all for now…actually don’t have anything to say…just to wish my blog for its first birthday.

“Happpy Birthday to Aparichithudu(unknown)”

Monday, March 27, 2006

My daily bread and butter.....the place i relax...:)

I've managed to take some pics in my office though cams and storage devices are not allowed....

My boss gets a call and me listening to music...huh cool boss right....I'm sure he'll never check this blog...

Free Image Hosting at

me still listening to music...btw that ipod belongs to my boss...
Free Image Hosting at

teammates....i chill out a lot in office.....:)

Free Image Hosting at

and some more pics in office....
The purple shirt was the talk of the town.....

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Courtesy:- Shikha
Pics taken using Nokia 6600

Thursday, March 16, 2006

If you’re going to go broke, go broke i did....

Am in IIT chennai now....feels like am in heaven...Huh! this place has changed a's full of's no more a turned into a concrete jungle full of buildings...i dont see any deer or monkeys....
I met one interesting person in chennai...i think this is one memorable moment ..;)... then met Kisku...the future Nagesh Kukunooor...his movie.."Silicon Jungle" is going to hit hyderabad theatres this April...very desperate to check out this one...Then ...The whole campus is wired now ...and the net speed is really good...The professors are more worried about students playing comp games than watching porn... That is the reason they cut the internet&Lan connection between 1 and 4 so that ppl sleep during that time and come to classes the next day....wah...And the best part is girls and boys share the porn....;)...
It's because of this internet....many of them stopped playing ...those days when I was there sports(cric,footer,volley) were the only time pass for ppl dont even come out of their rooms...all they do is orkutting..chatting...@$%%ing....

The whole evening i've been treating ppl....Anurag this is our combined treat ...;)...Then got sloshed...of course it was my treat to(Adi..BJ..Manas)...and again went out at 2:30am..came back at 4:30am....Huh now its arnd 5am....
Thats it for today...only thing i felt bad for is i couldnt play soccer today...but did better things....:D
Now am goin to crash..Its 5:30 am......zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, March 03, 2006


Huh! .... Feel like shit………..
Cold…fever….body pains…
Hope it’s not bird flu…. ;)

PS: Click on title to know abt bird flu.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cricketism.....a religion

The last match at match to watch...
India 292 for 5 (Tendulkar 95, Yuvraj 79*, Dhoni 72*) beat Pakistan 288 for 8 (Malik 108, Razzaq 64*) by 5 wickets..

Dhoni again proved that he is GOD...Hmm many would have dreamt abt having a keeper like Gilchrist or Boucher...Now all their dreams came true...Hope this continues even in future...

Check out the pic...
Free Image Hosting at

A Pakistani policeman is deafened by two Indian fans, Pakistan v India, 3rd ODI, Lahore, February 13, 2006


Friday, February 10, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad

...I updated my other blog.
... wrote some points from RDPD which really inspired me.
Hope all my viewers find it useful.

PS: Click on title.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iacocca - Lee Iacocca

Am reading this book, an autobiography. So far the best book I ever read.
Soon will write about the book.

My favorite quote in the book

“Life has its ups and downs and that each person has to come to terms with his own share of misery”
“You’ve got to accept a little sorrow in life, you‘ll never really know what happiness is unless you have something to compare it to”

One more..

Iacocca’s dad said :- “Tell me Lido, what were you so upset about last month? Or last year? See- you don’t even remember! So may be whatever you’re so worried about today isn’t really all that bad, Forget it and move on to tomorrow”

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hmm first time doing this one... Never knew the funda

White forest
tagged me... And the rules of the game are …

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

2. Need to mention the sex of the target.

3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.

4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Hmm interesting I’ll try writing some...But 8 I feel is too much :D... Cos. am bit adjusting type.... :))
1) A person more intelligent than me... (Hehe I think am dumb that’s... y ..: D)
2) A person who appreciates good sense of humor... (Cos am very funny most of the times...)
3) A person who is not that aggressive and think sensible...
4) Frugal
5) Good home maker
6) Creative and inclination towards art (fine arts)
7) A person who respect other's interests, sentiments and mingle with ppl easily...
8) Huh! .some how managed to put up 7...a person with patience, cool mind (cos some times I lack that)...

That’s it...


Corgito Ergo

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hmm…the last few days…were really bad….The year started with a big blow …CAT results. hmm now am not going to talk anymore about that. I am planning to attempt one more time (last in my life)..if even the next one fails.. will start a CAT coaching center I think I have enough credentials for that.

Today wrote XAT exam but this one was not a whole hearted one.. all the time was in a light mood.. The center I wrote the exam ,there was even Infosys Test. The place was crowded and can’t make out who has come for what exam. I saw two of my TIME batch mates standing in the Infosys queue, haha they got confused and almost went into the infy exam rooms. I then called them and told about this.

Before the exam we were discussing about the game TOMB RAIDER. I played TR Gold, TR Chronicles and The lost artifact. During that discussion I said that Tomb raider uses tampons under water. Actually that was by mistake it was harpoons (rhymes with tampon ;) ..) Then there was sudden silence around us that’s when I realized the mistake.

Apart from that nothing great, a cute chic sat next to me but whatever the paper, the toughest exam I have taken till now, negated the whole mood.

I am reading this book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, good book; I should have read this book long time back. ‘Better late than never’. Soon I’ll write a review and synopsis for the book in my other blog which I started oflate.
My New Year resolution (made it today only):-
Am planning to do a lot of things. Some things which were my hobbies during my childhood like sketching, running. Read at least one novel per month.
Planning to do NCFM, have to see how far I’ll be successful.