Monday, May 19, 2014

ACL Reconstruction

It's been two weeks..since I got the surgery done.. have been strictly advised to do exercises by the physiotherapist to strengthen the muscles..

It all happened on that unfateful day..30th Jun'09.. was badly tackled by a junior in a football match..
..below is a pictorial depiction of the actual incident...

and that was the last time I touched a football...

I've been told by doctor.. that it will take..
4 weeks from my walk..without any support
6 drive my car
3 months..riding bike
6 months..running
9 months..for regular sports...

Eager to get back!!

Confusing offer

Wondering if it applies to Telengana also???

Friday, May 16, 2014

Media Goof ups

Courtesy : Economic Times
Election results in Seemandhra & Telengana. TRS contesting and leading from Seemandhra is heights of a goof up
Courtesy : IBN India

That's the over-excited media  for you..