Sunday, May 22, 2011


And the time has finally arrived to say bye bye to Mumbai.....This was my second innings and was much shorter than the earlier one...I knew it would happen some day..but never thought I would get out so early..nevertheless this one was definitely more eventful owing to all the twists and turns in my life..

I said in my last post that ..I am looking for a I am changing my job(not a farmer job though...)
and there's one more thing I will have to change...which I realized just this evening...

This evening as usual I walked into this Amul store for buying curd.. there was a kid having ice-cream.. I was standing next to the kid waiting for my turn... After sometime of wait..I felt this kid was staring at I looked at him..he was staring at me, mouth agape..I was surprised and looked into his eyes straight..and that's it...he started crying loudly.."mummy"... now I was scared of getting beaten by his parents...

I quickly moved away from that place..grabbed my curd and vanished...this reminds me of a scene which happened a few years back...where a kid jumped on to me...calling me "daddy!"(read this post "Beware of Kids" posted by me)... this incident was total opposite to that one.

..readers please dont think that...I try to be a prick towards kids.. am generally sweet towards them...this one got scared looking at my avatar..

and so comes the early realization that I need to look civilized...else I will be disowned by my loved ones also...

There's one thing I will definitely miss in Mumbai.. that is this pigeon which lives in my can see the pigeon at the top corner of the shutter in the balcony... that's its sleeping spot..every night it settles exactly at that point..sleeps silently...even when I take a walk..or talk on phone in the just stays still..
I'll really miss this flatmate..

With loads of memories..some haunting ones..some pleasant ones..I depart
Thats all for now guys...finally..
Bye to all Mumbaikers..will see you someday..

Yours truly,
unknown aka anjaana

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking for a change

I want to become a farmer, No! Am not joking nor I am out of my senses. I've had this thought for quite a long time. I want to take a break and go to some village and work on fields, at least for a short period like an internship. I want to sweat out and earn for living.
Am really sick of these brick and mortar jobs of meetings, conferences, emails, presentations which seems all artificial and lifeless.

By being a farmer....
You can experience and feel the nature to the closest....
... breathe the fresh air..
.. stay fit..
...interact with the nature and feel that you are also a part of the ecology

Monday, May 09, 2011

I love her in this

This is my favorite song, and I find Bhumika 'unassumably cute' in this one. I like the simple dresses she wears all through out..

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Bollywood's copying me :O...check my blog address...

Yes..! a new flick by title '404' gonna hit silver screen soon...
I hope they haven't flicked the content from this blog :P..
I've seen the trailer of the movie and am pretty sure that it would bomb at boxoffice..

Saturday, May 07, 2011

weekend movies

Shor in the city : Rating (3/5)
for a change Tushar kapoor is watchable in this one..the editing of the movie was really good...the story starts with unrelated characters and finally culminates by connecting each of them with a common's a time pass movie..The character 'mandook' is a highlight in this was played by Pitobash Tripathi- the one in pink shirt in the above pic

 Fast five (fast & furious 5) : Rating (2/5)

full terms of story it's no different to any bollywood movie..I didn't like it much.. there was lil comedy.. the car chases werent that interesting...I liked the first car chase in the movie.. where the car dives into a river..breathtaking it was..
but otherwise ..overall the movie was so-so..not worth watching it in a multiplex..

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obituary - 2 heros

self-proclaimed god...
Sathyanarayana Raju alias Sathya Sai Baba

self-proclaimed mastermind behind 9/11
Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden

A great loss to mankind!

Disclaimer: No offense meant to anyone. I personally believe that both of them have mastered in their individual's professions amassing a huge fan following in their fields.

I discovered that this post was not published and was still in my drafts.
I drafted it on 05/03/2011 12:25pm

Life in parts

 0 - 10 years
innocence, silly mischief followed by beatings, primary school, school uniform, assembly prayer, homework, exams, holidays, train travel, visit to native place, head tonsure at tirupati, new textbooks, cartoon labels, school friends, carefree life, never worried about tomorrow

11 - 20 years
competition, hostel life, exams, college, college friends, crushes, inter-hostel sports, happy-go-lucky-life, train trips with friends

21 - till now
Campus placements, job interviews, fear of future, rat race, office, office friends, career planning, parents pushing you to get married, financial planning, savings for future

life seems to get boring as it crosses each decade..