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As I always say, I am a simple, fun loving and modest creature. I am also innocent you can see that in the pic. I was born in a village near Sri Kalahasthi in the year when India won the first world cup in cricket. By the way I hate cricket and it has nothing to do with my year of birth. Football and Hockey always interested me.I was brought up in Hyderabad and I did all my schooling there.

Coming to my interests, I can say my interests have been fairly diversified. Or you may think I was never focused on one thing :)

As a student I always loved mathematics. When I was in school I used to like Biology and Social studies. I wanted to become a doctor and serve the nation. But under immense parental pressure I had to sacrifice my dreams and so India lost a doctor.
While I was in IIT strangely I was indifferent with every subject :O. None of the subjects seemed to appeal me. But yeah I did  two projects, one was in Construction materials and other in Waste-water treatment (please don't ask me about this.. I've had grueling experience with this). It was football, hockey and athletics which interested me more than anything at that time. Now I can proudly say that I represented IIT madras at the Inter IIT sports meet conducted at IIT Bombay in the year 2003. In this pic(clicked by Meghamsh) you can see  from L -> R(Joe,Bhargav, Anurag, Keerthi, Sai, Manohar and yours truly is always smiling for photographs)

It was during my work experience at TCS, when  I got to explore more things, now that doesn't mean I was jobless. It was just that I managed to do things. I got into stock trading, futures and options. Learned a lot during this time, which you don't get in books. One memorable thing is the trip to Dubai. The pic you see was taken during the desert safari trip.

I always get intrigued by new things and this let me try Blogging, read Palmistry & Astrology, learn Arabic.
During my time at IIM Calcutta, Economics was something which I always found interesting and did well in exams too:D. 

And it is during this time I started to enjoy traveling. I have been to quite a lot of places. So far I have covered about 6% of the world, totally about 18 countries thanks to my exchange program at Nice,France in the college Skema Business School.
Now you may observe in the pic, there is this KKR's schedule behind us. Mind you, It was just for photo and not that I was supporting them. By now you should know that I hate cricket.
In this you can see from L -> R (Kushal, me, Sairam, Swadheen, Phil, Rounak, Arun and Venky)

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I've always believed that there are two things which no one can take away from me, which are the B.Tech from IIT Madras (2004) and PGDM from IIM Calcutta(2010), Well I meant the life, the people and the experience I gained during those times and not the degree certificates.

I like to make friends and am still learning the art of networking. I've made some good friends through blogging as well.

Apart from that my other interests are fitness, workout, sketching portraits and cartoons. More than class notes my note books used to have cartoons and caricatures of classmates. I am little passionate about fitness and was quite regular to gym when I was in India. I've read a lot and have written about it also.
Also people generally compliment me that I've a good sense of humor and I believe so.

Of late I've been involved in providing consultation on career and personal problems to people. So if anyone has any you may write to me, I will reply depending on my availability.
And I believe am good at motivating people.

My travelogue Places I've been

Quotes I coined.
"Our life is always uncertain, it's a short period where we meet many people..of them there will be some good ones.. before u run out of time and die..appreciate them..and let them know that you respect them and love them...be good to people..make friends..and die happily"
"Luck is a bitch, you never know"
"Trying to comprehend what GOD is ...is just like a computer program trying to comprehend what its developer is"


  1. u got soft, silky, smooth and straight hair...u look better with the shorter hair though :)

  2. impressive..:)

    i love the way you write...ur intro to the post...n ur humor..:)

    good going bro:)

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  5. Bowled over by your achievements and humility . Need i say more.......
    when someone so versatile like you can write "Unknown" in your identification , it cant be more humble that this :)in an era when people now a days have a habit to boast of the smallest of achievements ,what can i say..... good to meet you :)

  6. wah wah kya baat hain...bade log...bade achievements but down to earth insaan...kya baat hain

  7. I found your blog from an exchange links blog entry. It saddens me that almost all of the blogs that were put there are "making money" type of blogs. Your blog is one of few blogs on that page that are nice, I guess.

    Nice to meet you.
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  8. Hey really put, I must say. Was going through your old comments in my blog. Jumped in here.

    I will try something like this, once I can drag myself from stopping to be lazy. Lol.

    Btw, got a new shortcut done j.mp/angelofhearts or j.mp/doveranalyst

    How did you do the top bar? Which gadget? Is there any way to have an automatic link to posts in the Pages Tab

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