Friday, October 01, 2010

Dreams - can anyone beat me on that!

Well readers, Endhiran (Robot) releases today and it is supposed to the most costliest movie in Asia. Supposedly the last movie of Rajnikanth. It has all winning combination in it..RajniKanth, Shankar(my fav), A R Rahman(my fav)..and yea of course Aishwarya. So totally a power packed film. They seem to have marketed it aggressively because it is talked about in every other channel. Whatever be it this movie will seem more logical to me unlike his other movies [stunts will be no different from any other movie]..because he is robot in this movie (so it makes it credible :D).

Ok now coming to the actual story of this may not know this..that.. even I was a movie actor..yes you read it correctly.....
a very busy actor..
I was one of the busiest actors and was considered a very promising very hardworking. ok!..Surprisingly my Project manager was also an actor, and she was my strong contender. I remember seeing my posters all over the city..yes even on dustbins..where dogs piss[ time will not dream that part..] And as per the actor valuations, done by Goldman Sachs...[dont know in reality if such thing some DCF analysis this number was generated] my valuation was just 1$ more than hers :) that tough was our competition.... Now the best part of the dream is..  Boss(RajniKanth) also considers me to be a tough competition to him..and once while I was playing gully cricket..Rajni calls me out as he was going through that road..I couldnt believe myself that the legend was standing in front of me...and then he scares me that his next movie is going to be big musical warns me to be careful...I was laughing out loud on his childish warning..while laughing I couldnt control myself and hit myself to something.. then I wake up to see it was the stool on which the bed lamp was kept..
~[I've this hidden desire to act in some movies]
~[please..just like freedom of speech..there is freedom of dreams..lemme enjoy it.]

Next one...In this one, I don't know how it started but all I remember is there were a lot of camels
..and it was a desert for sure..but the place was all the buildings were there...ok now the interesting part of the story is camels can fly like birds...yes they can fly..I have you have to believe me..and camels are used for conveyance...u see eco-friendly vehicles... But the tricky part is....people don't climb up and sit on a camel..its not have to hold on to the tail and hang around till you reach your it is very important that you should have strong hands to hold your weight..I can assure on one thing that the camels have strong the way it works hold on to the tail of the camel and pull it..the camel will take off..and to stop it u have to pull the tail again.. easy right?....
so I was asked to choose a camel from a huge herd as my personal the time I could pick out a camel all of them were booked by someone or other..and I get this small calf..a very naughty one it was..Since it was a calf it could not fly very high..and this naughty one once even tried to stick me to high tension u see.. its always an adventure travelling by this camel....when I got up from sleep.....for sometime I believed that camels really fly
~[I love camels, I find them cute]
~[I never read the book, I was amazed to know that someone else also has visualized a flying camel]

Why do we dream? Can we predict our dreams? Can we force ourselves to dream something like in Inception?
Well Wiki says "A dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep". I think even "senses" have to be added to the definition. And it has been observed that our mind is fully wakeful during our dreams. An interesting stat says that an average human being dreams for about 6 years in his whole life time. Some people say if you dream then it means you arent having a sound sleep. But whatever I've never had any complaints with my dreams.
I have some recurring dreams like the following..
" I get tele-ported to a totally gloomy place something like this one in the picture....and.I will be walking alone on top of the hill ...with water all surrounding..and while walking I keep slipping down.."


Another very common dream I used get is.."I will be in some exam room..where I am totally clueless on what was being asked..I keep panting on that..I try to copy from someone something but that doesnt happen..then miraculously i find a chit with while copying from the chit..the instructor looks straight into my eyes.and catches me red handed." the same scene goes into an infinite loop....

So what I do now is..  tune in to this song...before I sleep
"I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night" by Black Eyed Peas.

Only difference...for him good night is a great party...and for me a grander dream:)


  1. ahhh i just checked and commented over there but how can i missed this...
    well awaited movie.... but is it last movie of rajnikanth

  2. Interesting "Aparichithudu-DIAN NIGHT" Tales...Another "Arabian Nights" in the making...:D

    The Camel with a blue mask is so cute :P

    Keep dreaming :)

  3. Refreshing insight on dreams :)

  4. @Mag.. rumors say it is.. but really dont know..

  5. @Shas... u r so right..u see...i tell my stories to moon in the night in my i shall call it..A-Dian Night tales..
    .. right the camel pic was in orkut..and lots of people commented on it..
    i like that.. "keep dreaming"

  6. @Van
    Thanks so glad u liked it

  7. very interesting post!! :)

  8. @Reshma
    Thanks so much for the visit :)

  9. Rofl...I am laughing agin :) BTW flying blue camel, hanging on its a fundoo dream...Love the analogy!!

  10. @Palak
    I am glad I could make you laugh again :)
    it was an adventurous dream :P..

  11. just wondering what happens when the camel releases or its excreta while on board....:)

  12. Now going by the dream .. it is responsibility of the person hanging on to the tail to take care.. I leave it to your imagination now :)


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