Friday, December 31, 2010

photo update

On a weekday after a heavy meal...couldn't stop myself crashing on the bed...
pic taken using my iPhone3Gs

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beware of Kids

Today evening after office as usual I was going to my gym. As I was parking my bike outside the gym,I saw there were a few kids playing with their moms I guess..but I dint pay much attention to them...
then all of a sudden a cute kid started calling me.. "Maama".."maama"...then her mom pulled the kid close to herself and was telling to another lady..that the kid always thinks whoever comes by bike is her maama...
and yea I heard that...[that was actually for me]..I was all smiles..and went into the gym...

But this reminded me of an embarrassing incident which happened some time during 2005, while I was in Hyderabad..
One fine day I was going to office..all neatly dressed..and the bus by which I was going to office was very crowded,which was quite usual...I was standing for sometime..and at one of the stops..the person sitting on the seat in front of me got up..and before someone grabbed it..I jumped on to it..[now who knows what was in store there for me...]
Then there was this kid..should be about 2-3yrs old..sitting on his mom's lap...the kid seemed to be very annoying one..cos the mom was really struggling to keep him at one place...
Then this kid turns back and discovers me...I gave a broad smile [not that I love kids a lot..and pls dont think am a pedophile]..just cos he seemed to be one annoying one..I was trying to socialize myself with my smile..[who knows that the smile turns out to be a fatal one for me..]
The kid stared at me for a while..and then all of sudden jumped on to me..shouting "Daddy".so loud that I heard the echo from behind.....and I was like.."what ? :O..." the people around were all looking at this whole sure half of them would have really thought that I was his dad...The lady pulled the kid towards her and is not is that didnt seem to have bettered the situation for me.. infact it has worsened the situation..with all suspicious looks around..I felt it is not worth the luxury of having a seat so I got up...and went to the rear end of the that the kid could not even smell my presence...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


After a long pause comes this post just to assure everyone of my existence.
Oflate I've been quite busy both personally and professionally, hence couldnt catch up with my mates in blogosphere.

When I was in Hyderabad I watched this telugu movie Khaleja, and I so wanted to write a review on that one.  Not that it was an interesting flick but I wanted to enlighten the ignorant crowd that it is a movie inspired by a book.

Khaleja (Telugu)     Rating: 1.5/5
It's an okayish movie and as expected a typical commercial telugu movie with all aspects of entertainment like comedy,action,over-action, skin show etc. Mahesh babu and Anushka both added to the glamor quotient of the movie.The songs were pathetic except to the one which I liked, "Sada Siva"..If someone had asked me to rate the movie..I would have rated it 3/5 but since it is a copied concept and there is no reference to the original idea I downgrade it to 1.5/5.

 I really wonder if anyone who watched the movie has also read this book "The immortals of Meluha" and not found anything similar. I felt the main theme of the movie and the book were almost same.
Last week I got this opportunity to meet Amish Tripathi, the author of the book, who was surprised that a movie has already come out with his concept. I made this point when he was discussing about his plans to make a movie based on the book.

I've listed out the similarities and have mailed it to Amish, which are as follows.



The people of Meluha wait desperately for a savior

The people of the mysterious village wait desperately for a savior, whom they call as GOD

Throat turning blue is an indication of Lord

Here they don’t have the neelakanta concept but there exists a plot by which the Lord will be discovered

Shiva is considered as GOD, and he hates being called that because he thinks he is a normal human being like anyone

Mahesh Babu is considered as GOD, and even he hates being called

Later part of the book Shiva, internalises the belief that he is Lord


Nandi always accompanies Shiva

In this movie there is this character(played by Shafi) who always sticks to him wherever he goes..and who is also from the mysterious village

Bhadra is a good friend of Shiva

In this one, he doesn’t have a childhood friend but a person (played by Ali) becomes his good friend and sticks around with him

There is one scene in which Mahesh and Ali booze and then talk about the heroine (played by Anushka), it just resembles the scene when Shiva and Bhadra have marijuana and talk about Sati
The movie has a song "Sada Siva", praising Lord Shiva..which shows that the director of the movie has used the image and character of Lord Shiva to portray the character of the protagonist.