Saturday, October 09, 2010

Gufaa - you will never get lost

Last night I've been to a restaurant called Gufaa (cave) managed by Ohri's. It is in the heart of the city at Basheerbagh, Hyderbad. Three of us(Me,Swad and Gtalk) went to this place. As the name goes by, the place had the look and feel of a cave. The waiters were dressed like some forest guards to make you feel it, as an adventurous experience. Kids will love this place, they would be excited with the look and feel. The dim lights and the old hindi classic music makes it an excellent ambience for having food.
Coming to the main part, the food. We ordered for Tawa Corn, Pathar ka Gosht, Prawn fry, Harabhara biryani and Mix nonveg biryani. I loved the biryani a lot. One should definitely have the biryani. After a long time I had something like a real biryani.The prices were slightly at the higher side but sometimes we should pay little premium for the service quality. Overall it was really great. A nice place for get-togethers.

PS: Ok, Its a short review on the restaurant sorry for this boring post
PPS: Yet another post to do self promotion..the pic taken by my iPhone 3Gs


  1. hi

    nice.there is a restr. in Delhi that offers a village like atmosphere, the waiters are dressed like villagers and the food is served on 'jute khaats' in traditional utensils...the prices are high but still that place is always booked !!

  2. @AS
    ya.. this a good differentiator..

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