Sunday, September 26, 2010

Freedom of Speech - debate

The debate I am talking about has run for a week, and everyday morning when  I get up the first thing I used do was to check the reply to my previous comment. It all started like this.
As usual I was hopping on to different blogs and then found this blog by a blogger "Uncommon Sense". This post, Right to hurt religious sentiments, of his caught my attention and I couldnt stop myself from reacting on it.
Do check out the post.
A warning to my readers before you read the contents of that blog post. The content has many expletives.
... and I would call it socially unacceptable, so don't get offended by it.
This debate is really long..and infact has not ended but I am calling off cos I feel I have already made my point
So before you go ahead reading the one on one debate, read the blog post to which I have given the link.

Disclaimer to Mr.Uncommon sense: Dude this is no intention to insult you it is only to get views from others over the discussion we had. You may think I've no work or am facing a writer's bloc.

Unknown!!! said...

::O ...after reading the whole thing that was my expression...blasphemy to the core..but again u have the right to say u said..

but I think u wont even care to what people comment so.. I dont want to write anymore.. but do reply to this..if u care to 'listen'
September 22, 2010 5:38 PM 

Uncommon Sense said...

@unknown.. thts wht the general impression ppl have after reading my blog that i dont care for comments..

But like everyone else i do care, I m a listener first then a talker. So do share your views, wud like to listen from u
September 23, 2010 1:32 PM

Unknown!!! said...

i tried to post my comment..bloody blogger says it was too long so will post it in parts
September 23, 2010 3:54 PM

Unknown!!! said...

Hi man..thanks for the follow and replying to my comment...I have to genuinely appreciate your style of dont really restrict your words/expressions [which is very common among people..owing to social stigma]..while writing..and at times some of the posts do have expletives..well an intelligent person would never go mad over that.. now coming to the context of the post..I would like put it forward with a scenario.

Theres a kid a who loves his mother a lot..he respects her...and treats her as his only GOD..
aand then theres an adult..a matured person..who is very independent in thoughts..and who doesnt subscribes to any of the philosophies of religion,humanity whatsoever..he feels he is a product of his parents sexual desire..and so no big deal about it..and this man really dont cares about relation be it mother or any other lady..its the same..(ok he subscribes to that school of thought..and he believes and preaches the as per one should question that.. fair enough)
Now this independant adult wants to spread his opinions to others he goes to the kid and tells him..that mother is no different from any lady..u can ask her to bed with u also..if u like her a lot u can request her to marry also( simplly in those familiar words of urs..go fuck her) just think wat goes on with the kid..the one who revered his mother something like GOD..

now dont u think there should be some thick wall between freedom of speech and hurting others as per law the adult dint molest the kid..not even touched him. He would have handed him a piece of paper with some written text and nude photo of kid's some compromising position..still it is fine right..the adult has not committed a crime as per law.
So what are we trying to prove when we say our right to express is being severed.. is it a right to hurt someone???
Someone might think he is the one ,has understood the sutra of life, attained nirvana..and wants to blow trumphet about it while considering the billions as some kind of dumbset...considering it is also ok...but..shouldnt he care for the sentiments of the billions..not everyone may be of his equal intelligence to understand him..right...some of them dedicate their whole lives in love or passion to their beliefs..may be as per this one ..they are what they are enjoying the bliss...

As per Utilitarianism ethics also..any action which has greater good to greater number of people is considered u may refute me with the deontological ethics...well I really dont want to drag the topic of ethics cos I know it is a beast of its own kind..where no one wins the argument [I did read enough on ethics..sorry if u feel am showing off my knowledge]

Now I am not supporting make it clear..
If the whole world was unanimously against the concept of religion, and if I am among the few who believes in a religion..I should not go blowing trumphet..abusing the people who dont believe in GOD..I am not saying I should shut my mouth and sit at home... I should value people..and respect their opinions..but still hold on to my beliefs

sorry if I hurt ur feelings in anyway..cos it is purely unintentional
September 23, 2010 3:55 PM

Uncommon Sense said...

@unknown.. hmm u do have a point but it aint strong enuf..Lets take the scenario u gave, well if someone tells me that i can fuck my mother, due to my nature i will doubt that, but if someone tells me tht i cant fuck my mother then i might begin to think of fucking her.. As far as my belief about sex goes, any one can fuck anyone as long as there is a mutual consent..I once did a post about incest on rakshabandhan u might find it an interesting read.

Coming to the point. We use curse words everyday. In india bhenchod is almost used as an exclamation mark. So when i say bhenchod to a person it doesnt actually mean that he fucks his sister. Even if i mean to say that it doesnt make it a truth. When i say bhenchod to a friend he doesnt minds it, then why should people mind if i say bhenchod to their god.

When the kuran says to slit the throats of all non-muslims, Do we mind? then why should they mind when i say we should slit the throat of all muslims?.
If i say allah eats pig shit, does that mean he really eats,
I m saying bad things about public figures, celebrities and god. So they might all have followers. I believe every public figure should treat it just as an occupational hazard, its part of their job.. there will always be people who hate them because there are always people who love them.
I wont go and tell my friend that his mother is a prostitute but i may say that sonia is a prostitute.. thts bcas she is a public figure and there will be people who love her and hate her. I m just saying i have a right to say because i dont make money out of it, and it doesnt profit me in anyway.. its just the way i write. If you like it then read it, else leave it, i aint posting on anyone's door. One can always choose to not read if he thinks he is getting hurt. If you put hand into the fire you will get burn so simply dont put ur hand in it.. its simple.
No a comment wont hurt my sentiment, a debate is always good.
September 23, 2010 4:56 PM

Unknown!!! said...

ok that was quick..:)
..i will take an example from ur comment itself..u said kuran says slit the throat of all I really wonder if the verses meant the same...cos its all again interpretations..[I'vent read Kuran]..but I know about this one point in Kuran which says.. "Kill all jews".. now the so called terrorists..might take it as a callin from GOD.. but the context of the point has different was the time when crusades happened.. ppl were fighting in the name of religion and GOD..Mohamed has written that the jews have surrounded you if you dont kill them they would kill you.. now following that was the "kill all jews" people interpret it differently..
about the writing on anyone's not tellin u did..yes u have ur own right to write whatever u want..but that should not create communal disharmony

The reason I took the scenario of mother n son is not to prove that incest is bad or anything about sex [the essence of the point was not in that direction]..I believed that the bonding of son n mother would be a perfect analogy to what bonding some people have towards religion/GOD.. now who has the right to hurt their feelings... now in this age of internet, web2.0, even If I write something on my blog page is as good as writing on someone's face. Ok why dont u write it in ur personal diary and keep it in ur cupboard..why write a blog post over it..well I am not challenging u to stop..I am throwin an argument to ur point that u are not posting on someone's door

u r right on the point that if I say something then does that really mean the words... if that is the case then why wasting energy and time on saying those words..which do no good anyone..

we should understand not everyone will think like u n me.. people have differnt levels of understanding, maturity, intellect..and that varies at different levels of ages also..our parents might perceive things differently unlike us.. now when we speak something..we should keep that also in mind..

really appreciate that u dont take things personally and always welcome for a debate
I believe I'd have a better conversation face 2 face with u :)

cos I am not that good with words..

wondering why am not able to post a long comment :O
September 23, 2010 6:06 PM

Uncommon Sense said...

when quran was written crusades was there so mohammed wrote to kill jews.. today jihad is on so i write kill muslims.. is that a justification enuf.

Do you think there is creativity involved in the process of writing a blog. I think there is a lot of creativity that goes into it, and the use of abusive language, and discriminatory content is what i use as a differentiator from rest of the blogs. The uncensored thought process is the usp here, so if i dont make derogatory statements then the blog is pretty much dead. I think writing a blog is no different from painting a picture or writing a book. And i belive it to be a work of art. And i think there shouldnt be any censor on art, a work of art shouldnt hurt anyone's sentiment. And since a artist would like his work to be shown to the world, so do i want thts the reason i dont want to write in a personal diary.
As i said, if people have problem with the blog, then dont read it, u r saying as if its a compulsory thing. and what significane does my writing really have. If i m a famous writer and if i write such thing then its another matter.

You really think this blog will create communal disharmony. Have been to any of those india pakistan online forums.. a lot of shit is written there about each others religion.. its just fun and most people know that.. If they want to defend they can speak and tell whatever problem they have, if they can come up with a good enuf reason, i m ready to remove the content..Afterall thts why blogs have comment section.

The first thing is that people shouldnt have any such bondings with religions. If they have its their fault not mine. I do have every right to critisize whatever shit i dont like. I have views that i need to share.

If we keep avoiding talking against religion then they would never reach that level of understand, by not talking against particular religions we are just making them more arrogant..

Religion since its origin have always used force to stop voices against it, and when we avoid talking about it, we are just nurturing those forces..

well it does shows a post too long error to me as well but eventually its getting published..

i m a total introvert, so face to face argument wont work on my side.. unless i have know u for a really long time..
September 23, 2010 6:38 PM

Unknown!!! said...

well should appreciate that argument(1st point)..bang on target..but in that context..someone is killin ur children n women..kill them before he does..(I dont think it is any wrong..if it was crusade or jihad) u call it a mistake or not the usage of word jew by Mohammed who generalised it at that time cos..then greater number of jews did..but in the current situation usage of muslims on jihad is wrong becos we know not all muslims are terrorists..most of the terrorists are muslims and their number is smaller than the good number of muslim if u say muslims it is WRONG!

hey..all of my comments is not just meant to u..when I said that I was considering the Danish cartoonist..the Adbul Emam..everyone who stirred the controversy..I know ur blog wouldnt lead to any communal disharmony..and also about the hate messages..forget forums..any youtube video comments are enough.

People have bonding with everything..relationships, religion, even non living things like bikes,blogs. Of all religion is something which has greater number of people. Now you may be thickskinned and nothing hurts u..but that doesnt mean u will take a spike and keep poking on others till they bleed..

I never criticized ur usage of words..I did appreciate it in my comments as well as in ur shout u dont have to justify that part...
I dont have any problem with ur blog..I'm following u..will blogroll and will haunt u from now for every new post!
abt face2face ..its ok buddy..i just said so u understand that I cant express as good as u can by using words
September 23, 2010 7:49 PM

Uncommon Sense said...

Muslims have a history of attacking other countries and people.. so we will have to belive tht most muslims are violent.. even gandhi said in the end that muslims by nature are a bully. I know not all muslims are bad, but a significantly large number are harami people.. its just their nature.. I have done numerous posts on that so wont repeat it..

Its not right to allow people to take benefits in the name of religion. Why india has two separate laws for muslims and non muslims. As per their religion stoning a women to death incase of infidelity is right, so should we allow that, should we make it compulsory for all women to wear burkha. Or should we allow beating of couples on valentines days, because its against indian culture. Should we allow polygamous relationship, or should we allow older guys marrying teens.
Should we allow paintings, books and flags to be burnt.

The point is that if you allow one thing its validates the other things. The church, the muslim imams are behind lot of shits, so should we allow that just because it comes under religious territory. Should we have allowed discrimination on the basis of caste, because it has been part of hindu traditions for thousands of years. Unless we are outspoken against them nothing will change. If not for the efforts of people like ambedkar who spoke against the religious tradition the lower caste people would have still lived like worms.

Well i have read your comments at my other posts, and i know u r a right person who can appreciate gd content, i wouldnt hv argued with u in first place, but i hv to defend my post.. I always say i have the best followers in the blog world, because they can digest any type of content. And that is wht matters.
September 23, 2010 8:29 PM

Unknown!!! said...

well i dont consider gandhi as a prophet so..will not buy that point of his..

we never felt a need to attack cos we had everything here[or we were stupid enough to think ourselves self sufficient]..and they mostly came from deserts..attribute it to their civilization and not religion... the hindu religion came into existence from Indus valley civilization..its not that hindus came first and then the civilization

and its nice to know that u believe that not all muslims are why do u think they are not bad [do u mean they read Gita or Bible instead?]
These good number of good muslims have had some beliefs[be it superstitions, or meaningless for us] which they have been with from their childhood and they enjoy to live like that and die like that..we shouldnt hurt them right..of those people some dont even speak up but feel really sad [just like the same how our Indian army feels when they stand paralysed as the pak terrorists burn Indian flag in front of them]

u asked this point..should we allow books to be per ur initial argument we should allow his money..he is buying and he is burning it..i am thinking u r referring to burning of Qu'rans..which is no different from burning paints,flags

now having no common law...I seriously dont know the history behind how the law has come into place..cos the time of Independence..hindu or muslim both had the equal stakeholdership[i know we outnumbered them]..cos both were hinduism is our way of is muslim's islam way of life.. if muslim's law is hurting u directly then u shld ask..or if u r jealous that they can have multiple thats their way of living if u like go convert urself none u cant ask for the cake and have it also..
I know I will be sounding like one of the most idiots in the world but..what am saying is religion was invented by man to have a common belonging.. now that is animal instinct..right from stone always craved for being a part of could be for security,prestige watever it things have evolved from the religions etc..

coming to muslim's polygamy ..women there could happily divorce and marry someone else..which in Hinduism was considered like some grave crime [oflate things have changed thanks to globalization]

now to the point of caste based hierarchy ..u r is definitely out of place worked perfectly centuries it makes no sense at all..its pure meritocracy which is going on..a greater number of people is against this ..but due to political benefits things are not moving..if we have to fight on it..we have to hit it at the root levels...and I agree this is no different with the stoning of women,polygamy in Islam..but arent they changing..I've a good number of muslim friends..who are happily married with one wife and dont even think about such fact they are very much aggressive against the bad practices..

From the first point I guess you believe in Gandhi..but you talk like Bhagat Singh[ just an analogy..I dont know if Bhagat's vocabulary included all ur swearsaurus..pls I meant in a lighter note :P ]
September 24, 2010 12:55 AM

Uncommon Sense said...

well its funny that u dont consider gandhi a prophet, well nobody is a prophet.. those who talk shit are called prophet.. I mentioned gandhi because gandhi was pro-muslim.. his whole life he took sides of muslims..

So you say, u are happy with stoning people to death, or treating women like slaves, u totally seem to be a supporter of taliban type of governance.. well not that i have any issues.. but thts just full of shit.. the only purpose of religion is to control people.

Ok we can agree historically they had desert background due to scarcity and all they might be attacking.. But what about todays scenario, leaving turkey aside every country is facing problems of the muslims, why is that. Because their religion is all shit, and people like u are encouraging it to remain like shit, christinaity is becoming flexible because ppl didnt take it seriously but that aint going to happen with islam. Becaues people those imamas want power to be in their hand, they want to keep the barbaric laws alive and people like u are the support for them..

When people are doing shit one is supposed to tell them that they are doing shit, we shouldnt say "wow your shit is great" you are preserving ur tradition.

There is a limit to the shit that can be taken in the name of religion, and there will be people who are against that. and i m one of them. The world wont change if you dont oppose, if u keep ignore their shit, their shit will grow more.

You dont need religion to dictate morals to you, you know stoning someone to death is wrong, yet you are supporting them saying its their religion, and we should respect that and enjoy it.. bullshit.

A god muslim is the one who wont mind if i make jokes on prophet. who doesnt feel ofended if i burn a quran. A good muslim is the one who doesnt takes the shit written in quran but just treats it a shit narrated by a paedophile which was speard forcefully world wide. Forcefull conversion has been a way of things with islam from the very begining, a good muslim is a atheist muslim which ofcourse is rare.

Just because they enjoy stoning their women doesnt mean it should be allowed. All the laws of islam has been made for the benefit of men and to keep women as slaves. Even manu smruti talks about keeping women as slaves, so u think we should do that because its part of a religion.

I m not talking about indian flags being burnt by pakistanis i m talking about the indian flags burnt in india by muslims.. You might not have seen that but i have seen it.. during indo pak matches i have seen them supporting pakistan, during the 2002 gujarat riots i have seen them hosting pakistan flags in front of their houses. I have seen them talking shit about india.. muslims dont have patriotism or anything they just have their shitty religion, and no other feeling is above tht..

I m not talking about quran being burnt, i m talking about satanic verses..why its banned in India?, why someones view should be banned..when quran is not banned then why should satanic verses be banned. india has always been lenient towards muslims, and that have instigated them further..

Things are changing because people are against them, if we just allow them to continue it will keep on continuing.. As you said let them keep on doing what they are doing,, that attitude will stop changes from happening, changes happen when people stand against that shit.. wether its gay rights, abortion, rights of women, unjustfull caste system everything is improving because there are individuals who fought against it, it didnt happen automaticaly and it will never happen on its self because there are people who derive power from this, and people dont leave their power so easily..

Gandhi as a person was full of shit, but there are some parts of him that i admire. I hate him for being religious and taking sides of muslim, but i admire for his staunch stand on nonviolence..

There is a reason why i talk in abusive language or talk about sex openly.. its because i need to see people who are tolerant.. who arent really against anything. what i dont like is banning or censor ship, i belive in freedom. thats it. Its just a small effort from my side to inculcate tolerance at every level with the comfort of being anonymous.

If i talk about this shit in front of live public i will be dead in an instance.. but here i m trying to find people who have tolerance ,because without it.. there wont be any freedom.
September 24, 2010 10:31 AM

Unknown!!! said...

I just got up..and first thing i see for the discussion..nice that u have replied...

stoning women is something i have seen repeatedly in ur reply....right.its a barabarian act..have to be are the moral killings in our hinduism.. none has right to kill....

I am not saying islam is perfect nor am supporting those heinous acts.. I am just saying for that change to happen u cant go on abuse the religion...cos..all those rules have been put in place for some reason...there is method in the madness... but people misinterpret and use it for their benefits.. now the imams,priests and babas, godmans..all corrupt ones..they only crave for power in the name of GOD..but the religion has been from centuries is these guys who are doing those acts.. abuse them or kill not saying anythign against that.. but not religion.

I did talk about this particular stoning women issue with hardcore muslims..Qu'ran has punishments for various crimes..and stoning to death is the highest one issued.. to women and it is given for women who have illicit thats a protocol of being in the islamic society.. now a reason why a women participates in illicit probably the husband is not satisfyin her needs..but for that religion has given her the freedom to divorce a man anytime..and can marry someone else..the rule one point of time u shld serve only ur this rule is not there in hinduism..where divorce is only a recent phenomena..

Changes have happened.. we have also had bad practices like sati,child marriages in our religion which might have seemed logical the point of time they came in they are no for the process of change.. like Raja Rammohan roy, Kandukuri Veeresalingam..they dint spread hate messages..abusing hinduism..[now i know it is ur style of writing..u I dont mean uncommon sense..i am referring to everyone who have stirred controversies] but when we speak..we have to know that the crowd listening to us comes from wider may have his own way of communicating..but if whatever is being communicated is not reaching the right people..not recepted well..then what is the purpose..or may be it is to rise up to celebrity status instantly or it might help for gettin some limelight for a while..

I'm again repeating this..u can choose ur own style of writing.becos..ppl who subscribe to ur ideas..follow u and they dont have any problem with it..cos they understand the underlying meaning of what u r conveying...but when a person gets a bigger platform..he should understand everyone listening to they say with greater power comes greater responsibility..
September 24, 2010 3:59 PM

Uncommon Sense said...

dear if i have been on a platform that has wider reach, where i could be indentified then i wouldnt say any such shit.. not because i might hurt religious sentiments of people but because they will beat the shit out of me.. if people cud cut the hands of a professor just because he mentioned the name of mohammed then just imagine what all things they would cut out of me. anybody with a bit of common sense wont say such a thing..
I will express myself but it will be heavility moderated, i cant die over a stupid thing..
but as u see here i m anonymous. Even if someone takes an legal action against me, i can just edit the content, i have thought about the implications. And i have never got into any argument with a beliver yet, out of all the instances it was alway a non religious person who tried to defend religion..
You should care about your sentiments why u need to worry about what other people feel..

Now dont give reasons justifying the quaran or bible or most of hindu religious literature..everyone with commonsense knows its all utter shit..bomb the world and say "islam is a religion of peace" we bomb but somewhere in kuran its written that islam is a peaceful religion so our bombing doesnt hamper peace.

I m not trying to send a message or anything,,i just write the shit i feel.. i add some gaalis, remove all kind of censorship.. its just the style of writing..
What makes you think i can reach celbrity status by writing all this, i actually loose readership because of this. If i use a more mainstream language and content.. i would have a better following.. But the point is not to increase followership of just any kind of people.. point is to have very broadminded readers..

Unknown!!! said...

fair enough!..before I give u an impression that I am the most jobless person..trying to bug u..I'd like to say that..I am always open to discussions..and always want to learn from others.and I see u have a totaly different perspective on things..
Coming to ur first point..u said u fear to people so u dont want to say something like that on a wider platform[where ppl like MF Hus,Danish cartoonist etc did].... even I fear to police so thats y I dont take a knife and go on killing people whover I see..or rob anyone I like.(I love those killing games like GTA where u can kill anyone and rob a so much thrill see)... do u see some analogy in that? is there nothing called morality, humanity,???

right from the start i've been not arguing u or ur style..I am saying about those[subjects in ur blog post] ppl who have got the wider nice to know that u have some backup plans..but I wish u dont get a need to do that..

if we have to care only about our we should not really care about those women being stoned..cos they r not stoning us right.. and the best thing is we shldnt live in this society only...can live in however..forget a free bird life.. but that doesnt happen right..we want some benefits from the society..which has evolved through centuries... the technologies..the social security..list goes if we are in a society we have to care for how others feel
am not justifying any literature..i said.. those bad things are incongruous for the current times... they wld have made sense when they were in its inception level..but now things have changed cos of development all around..and people from different schools of thoughts.. so much study done on socialism,philosophy,anthropology..changed we should change..

celebrity status...again in ur last point ur taking it personally..i said to those people who want to stir controversy ..may be one of the motives is that...
September 24, 2010 7:30 PM

Uncommon Sense said...

wht they did was not that much of a blasphemy tht i m doing.. for instance you see the mf hussain paint that is posted above.. personally speaking i dont see a bit of thing wrong in that, if i were him i would have thought that it would get passed without any problem..
Neither was the danish cartoon offensive nor is satanic verses offensive.. But what i m writing is something beyond those small things..
These kind of things nobody would publish in mainstream, nor would anybody share through email or social media. So it wont ever get the mass to create a actual stir. so i basically know i m playing to a limited audience..
the maximum i can speak on a public forum and yet have a severed limb would be that mohammed was a liar or ramayan is just a story, and all god are mythical.. anything more than that wont create controversy it will just be end of me..You cant play with religion in the open but only in small circles with the ppl who know.

Well thats exactly what you are saying.. you are saying that let them stone her because its their religion. Whereas i m saying its not right to stone her because its written in the book. I have no business in what she feels while being stoned or what you feel while she is stoned because i dont feel anything while she is stoned.. the only thing i feel is that she is being stoned because of that book..Mohammed has all the rights to dicatate that book, and that book has all right to exist.. but then isnt there any right for a book to exists that is against that book (quran). There is a right because you cant just say your side of feeling, i 2 have 2 share my side ..( i may use abusive language but its just my style) what i mean is that i m just against that shit..

If i care for what others feel then they should care for what i feel.. i feel that their book is full of shit and it hurts my feeling big better that book be banned because it hurts my sentiments or an hindus sentiment because they say allah is the only god but the hindu belives theirs is the only god, so since there is a conflict here and since we are not allowed to debate on religion, so let kuran be banned or hindu texts be banned.. as tht has been the case with everything that has been against religion.

The church said beat the shit out of galileo and darwan because they hurt our sentiment. The earth cant revolve around the sun and nor can there be any evolution because its not written that way in bible..So you would say we should all believe that sun goes round the earth because it might else hurt their sentiments.

Those bad things were good things once upon a time but today they are not good things so what do we do with the bad things, we stop doing it, but what if some people with vested interests want those bad things to continue.. do we support them or oppose them..

Every thing has changed always, but the religion has been slowest to change.. why because we are not allowed to question that.. unless we question how can change happen for good..

I m not here to change the world nor here to fight for it.. i m just saying i have the right to speak up..
September 24, 2010 7:58 PM

Unknown!!! said...

see its not about what u think... if MF wants to paint smoething and publish everywhere ..he got to keep in mind how people would react also.. he might want to cash in the controversy[sometimes i think about these celebrities]...if that is not his intention then let him keep the painting in his drawing room or toilets might not seem offensive to u..but for others it does..if for someone eating shit is not offensive doesnt mean it should be for everyone right..
boss..i seriously dont understand why time and again..u talk abut what u write..the only 100 ppl who follow u might only bother to one else dont say again n again about u creating some controversy..thats a far fetched idea..
..see the world needs some framework to keep things in equiilibrium...and yes Mohammed has kept some rules in his book for the muslim keep things in tandem..but again there is no situation like a deadlock..every rule has a work around..u r talkin abt the women being the rule says..if someone participates in illegal relation.the lady has to be stoned.... the religion clearly permits her to divorce[as a work around] the rule in place is for those who want to have the cake and eat it also..the religion doesnt say stone every girl.. now whoever the particular girl u r referring to being stoned is a victim of those selfish and malicious people..who misintrepret the rule to their u have to blame those people not religion...

now I will give another analogy to this..we have death sentence rule for people who commit heinous,cold blooded there may be some innocent man who is framed up and hanged till death.. now according to u.. I should abuse and the mistake the person who wrote the rule..whereas the mistake is with the person who framed him up..

yes they do care about u..who is coming and poking u..who is abusing a religion? who is hurting whom?..if their book hurts u dont read it..who is asking u to bind by that book?first of all have u read the book?
They call GOD as ALLAH..thats in Arabic..then why call GOD as "GOD".. they believe in one GOD..and they call it ALLAH.. why should Kuran be banned and why should Hindu texts be banned..
then ban all text books.. ban all science..ban all maths..let us go back to stone age and be uncivilised... if u know something.. religion has been there for ages..

the most important thing ..more than ur science,maths,physics managing people..maintain law and order..and that has it roots from religion..where it talks about way of life people should live..if the rules were not in place at that time they were in..I dont think we would have been in this situation..enjoying the technology..
writing all that whatever we want to write in blog and claim it to be freedom..
..howmuch ever intelligent u r.. be grateful to ur parents..cos if they had put in some mechanic shop instead of sending to school u wouldnt have been the same way..whatevr we are we should be grateful to our ancestors..aging back to centuries old...who were much more intelligent than u and me..and have put things in place..

comign to opposing peopple who take advantage of rules.. yes I have been singing that song right from start...may be u havent understood when I is not the texts we have to is teh people who misinterpret..and take if u can find someone..abuse him and kick him..the same text has to be interpreted differently as time goes on... a simple example.. when the book was written no one knew if earth rotates on its own so we have day and they say that sun goes into ocean in the evening and comes back in the morning...

now because the book says so..will we interpret the same times have changed..we have satellites which tell the now we should intepret with the new the same way every other thing has to be interpreted..not literally on whats written...we should show some respect to books which have kept the world in equilibrium,tandem for centuries..

If galileo was killed it was a time when things were handled by selecetd few(who had vested interests) do u think if u prove something scientifically in the current times will it not be accepted..dont take that situation as example and say things are same like then..

yes u have the right to ur blog..write whatever..but I am saying people who have greater power and have wider horizon..have no right to hurt
September 25, 2010 9:00 PM

*Now if someone has read it till this point...then please comment.. I would really like to hug you over my comment for the patience*

I have seen this fad among people who think they have the right to do anything...
please know that the world is much as yours as others..

Understand that terrorism has no religion, so dont attribute terrorism to any religion. People are bad.

"Live and let other live" Just like you have your own set of ideals everyone else also has, no one is superior to anyone else. Respect others sentiments and beliefs and you will also get it back.


  1. Cartoon is very cool.

    The pic of cats in previous post is very cute. :)

    The galaxy pic and catpion are good. :)

  2. Hi,
    Liked the patient manner in which you were putting forward your views (and I tend to agree with them) and could not help thinking that you are unnecessarily breaking your head against a stone! :)
    Uncommon... holds an extreme view on issues and if one tries to bring about a change in society by bringing forward views in such manner, I am afraid there won't be a society left to change!

  3. Hi,
    Liked the patient manner in which you were putting forward your views (and I tend to agree with them) and could not help thinking that you are unnecessarily breaking your head against a stone! :)
    Uncommon... holds an extreme view on issues and if one tries to bring about a change in society by bringing forward views in such manner, I am afraid there won't be a society left to change!

  4. i am sorry but i don't care much for uncommon sense. i stopped visiting his/her blog after a blog post which potrayed molestation as fun.

    make a point once, make a stand,but don't go on standing with a person, move on:)

  5. god save me!!
    After reading each of ur dialogues ...i wud tell myself.. why the hell am i reading this crap.. but would continue reading :P
    Intersting argument!! gr8 going ...

  6. @Chandrika..
    thanks for dropping by..
    I guess u see only pics..but not the content :P

  7. @Anonymous1
    Thanks dude.. I am patient most of the times :)..when it comes to making my point.. hmm..its all perception..we feel he is extreme..for him he thinks..he is normal..

  8. @WiseDon
    you are right..I exactly followed what you said..I moved on..I didnt respond to it anymore..cos I am also bored of the discussion..wrote so much..

  9. @Anonymous2!
    I really want to hug u..*hugs*..
    thanks for reading it till end..requires so much of energy for that...u shld be a strong person :)

  10. great reasoning skills,

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