Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sorry for the delay!!!

This blog is after a long time...all these days was busy with work...hmm working on this caller ring back tone .. (its similar to the hello tune in Airtel.. instead of the regular boring tring tring dial...they play a song...) My work sounds Hifi..but actually isnt.. cos it deals with data flow and crap...its boring and not worth discussing....

Am Sick with these IPOs..applied for Southern online BioTech for 1500shares...didntget any...and for one month my money was blocked...filed a complain at SEBI's website... they are supposed to give interest for the amount i kept..hmmm very bad..am planning to buy furniture this week about 20k worth..thgt if i dont get shares will put that money for that...

Yesterday our CRM team went out for a dinner...dutch party..:)...four of us.sat separately and hogged like dogs...Theres a restuarant Haras..we went there...loved 'fried ice cream' in desserts

am not getting time to watch soccer...just update myself by checking out uefa.com and espnstar.com.."WIGAN Athletic"..first time in Premeire league and is among top four ..too much...never saw them playing.. this time will defly check out..

Hmm nowadays.am studying more at office than home..thanx to pagalguy.com its one good site for catizens!!

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Sunday, October 09, 2005


I downloaded this word blogger coool one.. can directly post from MS word..so thought of experimenting this one..am posting my B.tech project abstract...my one semester's hardwork in just few lines...hahaha..:)))))

Water shortage is one of the major problems faced by many parts of the country especially in urban areas. This problem is prevalent in Indian Institute of Technology Madras especially during summer seasons .The institute depends totally on potable water for all purposes. The water is being used for bathing, washing clothes, gardening, kitchen and toilet flushing. The water which comes out from the bathrooms and kitchens is mainly considered as waste water for this project because it is easy to collect and recycle. Of all the applications the gardening and toilet flushing need not require water of drinking standards. The purpose of the project is to determine an appropriate waste water recycling system that could be applied to recycle the grey water and use it for toilet flushing and gardening thereby reducing the demand. The institute area is divided into two zones one is the residential zone and other is the hostel zone. The present project deals with the hostel zone. The objectives of the project are (i) estimate the volume of waste water (ii) chemical analysis of the waste water (iii) fabricate a working model of recycling plant (iv) design a large scale recycling system for iit campus .The volume of waste water is estimated by collecting responses to a questionnaire. The complete spectrum of physical and chemical analysis is done by the experiments as per ASTM. The turbidity, COD and chloride concentration are found in excess in the waste water and thus methods to reduce these have been applied experimentally analyzed. A new method of treatment consisting of (i) alum treatment followed by (ii) sand filtration and (iii) activated carbon filtration ,was formed to be most effective, especially in reduction of COD and the turbidity.

**************************** THE END**********************************************

Finally i put a 'B' grade. after all those hardwork..and regular blasting from the Prof.. felt i deserved better....
this weekend Mock CAT got fkkked in DI..just 35 more days to go...ppl just pray god that... i crack the final exam... not even one mock cat went satisfactorily. :(((((

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My wishlist!!!!!

Hmm....thanx to froogle thers an option to list out all those you wish to get as gift...Mine is very modest wishlist.....
So my friends who wants to gift me...check it out...any thing in that list....i'll adjust...

PS:- Click on the title to find my wishlist..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend update!!!!!!

After a long time I watched EPL…hmm I saw the match between Black burn rovers and West Brom Wich..:)) Black burn rovers played really great… Kuqi is god… what a player!!!!!.
Today.. Chelsea vs. Liverpool.. hope Liverpool wins this match already Chelsea is leading in the table.
This weekend mock was conducted on Saturday.. felt I didn’t do that bad unlike every Sunday ..lets see what I’ll get.

The coming week planning to  apply for Paradyne IPO. This time three of us are going to apply under one application at least can hope to get the minimum lot.
I got psyched when I saw this website . . check it out..

Hope Paradyne India is not subsidiary of this one.
That’s all for this week.