Friday, March 14, 2014

JSP commuisam theory

JSP - Janasenaparty, no intention to drive tech geeks(Java servlet pages) traffic into my blog

I somehow feel this Jana Sena thing is a TV reality show.......Am I the only one to feel so...
Below is a snapshot of the party's NRI supporters'website....the red color is really hurting the eyes..


Typos are big turnoffs, will never attract someone to revisit the website again.
Being NRIs it's definitely not an expected thing.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confidence vs Insecurity

STAR yearning for POWER

We have a crack fellow.....came to limelight using brother's name and fame... roamed around the streets with gun in hand ....dumped one wife to go for another....failed politically once...ditched brother...disowned by own family....dumped second wife to go for wants to empower the common man..

Person who cannot set right things at home wants to set right things for whole world.

The tickets money was not sufficient so they want the tax money.

its Mangoes Season

Dont get me wrong by the title of the post...Everyone is eager to ride the common(Aam - Mango) man these days...

When AAP flashed their candidates profiles on their website before Delhi Elections, I was so really impressed by the sober and clean  profiles , felt it was a new beginning for Indian politics but it didnt take much time to prove that it was the same old stuff in a new packing.

I'd wholeheartedly support them even if they lose by not having celebrities.
Now Gul Panag is in the race...Will not wonder if AAP ropes in the fantastic four.. to join the sure they'll also be interested in volunteering...
Rakhi Sawant Sunny Leone Poonam Pandey Sherlyn Chopra

Only GOD can save us..

Disclaimer : Dont mistake me to be a sexist/male chauvinist/anti-Kejriwal/pro-any TDH party...but am anti-hypocrite.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

AAP becoming joke

After its stupendous victory in Delhi, AAP now wants to sweep the rest of the country also....When they started they blew out their trumpet loud of their anti-VIP culture and their members having clean track record ...which is slowly getting mute...

The point I am still not able to digest is everyone wants to become the Mango man..even Pawan Kalyan also wants to join AAP..By all standards he is not an Aam admi..not commenting anything about his character or past track record...
So how is AAP different..