Friday, October 22, 2010

I am tired of running!

These days I've been busy running around government offices. As expected the laidback responses by people and multiple levels of hierarchy really sucked me. Today I was at the sub registrar office for getting EC (Encumbrance certificate) and was pleasantly surprised to see SLAs (Service level agreements) defined for each of the services.

Thanks to E-Goverance being implemented, now things happen in a jiffy.

A board showing different time standards(SLAs) for various services.

The catch here is that the SLA applies only after you submit your document, and to do that one there needs to be a person sitting at the receiving end, who on most of the ocasions will be enjoying extended breaks or will be indulging in some petty discussions with colleagues.

Well it was not me alone running around, there is someone else in my life who has also been running along with. Let me introduce you this specimen. Click on read more to see who it is..

Look at it..innocently waiting for me..
I loved this pose, so clicked it

A close up look...
It is not so innocent as it seems, It's a devil on the road. Sometimes it gets naughty also.

Once it so happened.. while I was going home, returning from my friend's place, at around 2am... We were the only ones on were at 100kmph for most of the time...and then came a bumpy part of the road ..So I had to break down all of a sudden ..thats when it got angry with me and it shut off....At 2 am in the mid night, I was some 10kms away from my home in a deserted area..and this thing is as light as 150kgs imagine pushing it till's a Sisyphean task...So I had no other option but beg, plead..still it dint show any mercy.... I then promised that I will treat it a party the next day....only after which this devil started :O..and I somehow managed to come home..[actually the petrol was very low..almost zero..and it was a miracle :P]


  1. If you are tired of running then start walking :P
    Hey you wrote "click on read more to see who it is..." but there is no read more.. :O

    This is not fair, you are unnecessarily blaming your bikki for acting naughty. Its actually the rider who is turning this innocent one into a naughty one :P

  2. Completely agree with sh@s about the bike part :P

  3. Forgot to tell you, that I've put up a new badge, a code and a page for all the winners... :)

  4. Thank God, havent been to any govt office lately..Lawyers, doctors nd govt offices..Hate going there..

  5. agree with bike part,
    not only you but every Indian has to run from office to office.

  6. @Shas.. bikki is also not so innocent re.. sometimes acts weird in the middle of traffic..and its so irritating..whn the vehicles behind honk at it

  7. @Pins
    I did check the image and commented about that also, great initiative re

  8. @Alka.. good that you dont have to go through is sad
    thanks for dropping by

  9. @SM
    yes sir..I did..for first time in many

  10. Snazzy mystery eh? "read more" :) u really got me curious..
    oh and the 'innocent look' haha..
    by the way, don't call the bike 'it' say 'her'..may be then she'd listen to you ;) so some chivalry da! :P

  11. @S
    haha..right i never tried that..will try calling it .."her"...but it is pulsar re..definitely male...remem?

  12. E governance sab theek hain, what matters is people's attitude towards work...had they been more responsible like we bechara people working in pvt companies, governance would not have needed the help of IT.

    I don't know why but i envy your job :P

    BTW Bikki is super cool...


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