Saturday, October 09, 2010

The real side of the real babu

What's wrong with Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu?.
I was shocked when I saw this video. Do check the video after 3:00 for the shocking part. In this video you can see our babu raising his hand on a tribal woman to silent her and hitting another woman to grab mike from her. Hitting someone is socially unacceptable and that too by a person of such status is strongly condemnable. In front of a huge crowd someone can do such an ugly thing, wondering to what level these guys will degrade behind the screens.

Dear Babu,

I hope you realize that it is a very shameful act and you better  apologize for the same. I've always had some respect towards you for your vision and execution of plans. The way you lead the transformation of Hyderabad from a normal metro to a global hub for IT jobs. But following the recent happenings and this incident all that respect I had towards you is no more.

A leader should maintain his cool even at trying times and you've failed at that.
May be it is true that the real character of a person is known during bad times.


  1. Balaji,

    Exactly!I had the outmost respect for Mr.Naidu and thought of him as a visionary extraordinaire who was ahead of his times.. But after this... Like you said, you get to know somebody only when he is going through a bad phase....

  2. Shameful. He should apologize to the woman publicly. But i would like to know what that woman asked him that made him lose his temper.

  3. i think there was a lame explanation from babu's side. but i agree with your point, that if this could be done in front of the people, what could happen behind closed doors.

    i think the problem is many think its "normal" and okay. how many think its wrong for parents to hit their child? vs how many think its wrong for adult children to hit their aged parents? ( i think both are wrong). but we teach the child that violence works not logic and its part of our "Culture". see how many soaps and movies have the slap women idea to resolve family disputes.

    i had lots of respect for Naidu, once and yes, it was distressing . not just for what happened but who was involved.

    sadly he didn't have guts to apologise.

  4. sh@s i think the explanation was she snatched mike from another women and said people shouldn't criticise mining or something like that.
    snatching a mike and saying something you don't like doesn't justify hitting.

    its just arrogance, caught on rival's camera.

  5. @Nivi
    after a long time u r on my blog..nice to see u here..

  6. @Shas ya thats bad..very uncultured act.. WiseDon has answered ur query

  7. @WiseDon... yep! cant agree more..
    I dont know what he thought..may be he thought watever he does ppl will go unnoticed.. and ya since it was a rival media they aired it.. else am sure a biased media would have skipped that

  8. looks can be deceiving... don't go by what you see, especially when it comes from the most respected neutral media company like 'SAKSHI'.

    I may not be the right person to comment on this unless the circumstances have been eye witnessed! You want me to say more?

  9. @Mohan.. u r right looks can be decieving..discounting the fact that it is a rival media..cos of which it has been highlighted so many times.. still whatever he did.. at his level even a small word he utters he should be aware of that..
    ..I hate sakshi.. wat more eye witnesss..its so clear that he hit the lady grab the mike..its so cheap

  10. Next day the same lady confessed to the media that Mr. Naidu didn't hit her, but he shouted at her for trying to grab the mike and pushed her for not letting her to grab it!

    Life goes on.... :)

  11. @Mohan dint know about the next day's story..but anyways politicians can do anything


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