Friday, October 01, 2010

Ayyo! Ayyo!

Hey no no.. am not singing the song "Love marriage"..Even I want to share something about Ayodhya issue.. It's a hot topic you see..a good chances of getting some traffic..
I found this cartoon, someone forwarded this, which is an apt one for the moment..
a cartoon which marries CWG to Ayodhya issue.
For the benefit of the people who cannot read hindi. The scene goes like this...
Ayodhya verdict has one of it's key decisions as to give the reconstruction project contract to Kalmadi. Following which our Islam fraternity requests Hindhus to get temple built and Hindhus the otherway...Thats it the problem solved :)..

Really Kalmadi has become a huge celebrity.. Two days to go for CWG..Here is the schedule.. Good luck to everyone.. all athletes, organizers & scamsters..

And about happy that things are a lot cooler than what people were fearing about prior to the verdict. Let peace prevail. Let religion be used only for spiritual purposes ...attaining nirvana..and not for political gains.


  1. hi
    i got this joke as an e-mail fwd and these days Kalamadi has become the butt of jokes, but he is just not bothered! such are our politicians.. thick skinned

  2. @As
    ya even i got it as a mail forward.. hehe Kalmadi has become a popular cartoon.. u r right..thats teh consequence of becoming a politician


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