Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wilbur Sargunaraj - true rockstar :)

I dont think any of you will be knowing this person. Even I read about him recently. The first time I saw him was in a mail forward, the video "Love Marriage". I thought he was some crazy guy experimenting his new handycam and couldnt stop laughing while watching the video.But after I went through his website I couldnt believe myself looking at the number of followers he has. Also his story is very inspirational. Born in a small town in Tamil Nadu he grew from humble beginnings. But he capitalized on his childhood interest in singing and has realized his dreams of becoming a celebrity.
"Dance King, Drummer, Musical Sensation, Tamilian" Wilbur Sargunaraj is a true rockstar. He has an unique way of blending eastern and western style of music. The best thing I like about him is, he uses very common people for his videos, be it dancers or supporting actors. That goes by his punchline "making common extraordinary". Check this song, I bet anyone who watches the video will laugh out loud.

As they say "imitation is the best form of flattery", check out the following video. I wonder if the girl knows that it is "Tamil" language.

Wilbur Sargunaraj - Love Marriage from Veronica Padharia on Vimeo.
He is too good when it comes to expressions. Look at the way he pleads people to check his blog.

PLEASE CHECK MY BLOG - lyrics as follows.
It's a place where I share my pictures and thoughts
It's a place where I like to go lots and lots
It's a place where many people have some fun
It's a place where we tell the world of what we’ve done
Please Check My Blog! (Chorus)
It's a place where you can write philosophy
It's a place where you can learn all about me
There are so many funny videos
But why we laugh at them nobody knows(Chorus)
Now if you want a blog we can get you one
You will be on computer having so much fun
But there is one little phrase that the Blogger should know
Send it to your friends and here is how it goes(Chorus)

By the way if you want to visit his blog, "Please check his blog"
Website : Wilbur Asia
Dont miss this video. This is a must watch for everyone.

It's funny and informative :). His underlying interest is to build cultural intelligence.


  1. hii

    this is interesting indeed!
    my gawd he has some 7000+ fans on FB!

  2. hi AS:)
    yea he interesting person..he has created a brand of himself

  3. @Prashant,
    I am glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.


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