Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday :)

This one is a special post for my blog.Not only it is it's 4th Birthday also it's the 100th post :D. Finally off the nervous nineties and writer's block :))
On the new year day,I made a resolution that I would write 8 posts every month this year. With this am breaking that. Can't help ya it's after all my alter-ego's birthday.

Previous Birthdays!
Just Born......It's a brief intro about me..

First Birthday...... This is something special for me.. read the comments :D

Second Birthday......Was at Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

Third Birthday.....Blog reached its adolescence :D

..Now it got old.....soon a day will come when it becomes history!


  1. four years and you are going at a slow and steady phase.. thats wonderful.. you are the rahul dravid of blogging. the wall..

    happy birthday to your blog.. cheers

  2. yea man very slow...Rahul Dravid is slow agreed but he is consistent am neither..there were times..for months I abandoned my blog..

    Thanks a lot for the wishes :))

  3. congratulation dear for ur 100th post n happy brithday for 12th april in advance.......

  4. :)
    many happy returns of the day to ur blog..vaise first u will become history then ur blog:)

  5. happywali b'day 2 ur blog...hope u keep writting, writting and writting

  6. Happpyyyy Birthday!! :D:D

    LOL. I thought it was your 100th birthday going by the picture there! :)

  7. The rahul dravid of bloggin'... lolz Nice compliment there. I guess i'm way too late, but wish you a belated very happy birthday.. and yes - don't make this history.... puhleeeez

  8. many many happy returns of the day Mr. Dravid, stay fit for another 5 years, and remain in indian team


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