Thursday, January 29, 2009

asatyameva jayate!

Today I experienced one of the saddest things I could ever think of. I don’t want to take the names of the people involved. It feels like shit now. I've no words to describe this but the word very close to this is cognitive dissonance. I strongly believed something but it proved to be wrong today.

I was accused of lying and cheating by a person, whose status I really revered all these days.
At that moment, I was so shocked that my throat totally dried out, I couldn’t speak a word when the person so blatantly lied saying that I cheated. Now I've lost all the trust I have on the person and the people of his status. People can go to any extent to cover up their mistakes.

Lost hope in the system as well!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thaa naanaa thana nanna naaa

I saw three really bad movies this night. And the worst part was that all of them were back to back!

12:00 am
1) Chandni Chowk to China..
How can actors like akshay accept to do such highly illogical movies. After having acted for so many years cant they imagine what the audience would undergo while watching this kind of movie. 
The songs are really sad. There is no funny incident in the movie. Just cos Mithunda acted they tried to portray him as bigger hero. This movie should be rated as a B grade movie.

I know that bollywood and logic never go together so then decided to watch an english movie.

2:00 am
2)18 Year Old Virgin..
In simple words, It's about a girl who wanted to get laid by anyone in a party. It's supposed to be a comedy movie but there is no scene in the movie which is worth mentioning as a funny scene. This was another boring movie.

3:00 am
3) Keka (Tolly wood movie)
I wasnt feeling sleepy so wanted to check out this movie. Gave up on bollywood and Hollywood so selected this new Tollywood flick. This one was worse than the first 2. I felt so pathetic after watching this movie that I felt like throwing up

I've decided that atleast for the next one month I'll not watch any movie.
I made a mistake, I should have checked the reviews before watching the movies.

Now I'll continue watching Malgudi days,which I downloaded today afternoon. I think this one is hazaaaaaaaaaaaar times better than all those shitty movies I watched.

"Thaa naanaa thana nanna naaa"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog got screwed

I cant access my blog anymore :(((((

Nth order free-riding by Prof

Today we had an exam on 'hrm' which had 2 parts in it.
The part-A was an open book and part-B a closed book exam. 

As a normal practice we are given loads of material for every course before a term starts.
So there is this blue color huge book, which is a xerox copy of some cases and learnings. The print in the book looks so poor that it is an absolute turn-off. I bet none would have cared to open the book.

SO while we were writing our exam, the Prof who taught us the Part-B portion came to the exam centre and warned everyone that none should have this book while writing the exam and if someone having it on the desk the paper would be confiscated.

All those who cared to get the book deposited it. The part B had just one problem which was for 50 marks :O. 

Later after the exam the Prof mailed to everyone saying that the 50 mark problem was lifted straight from the blue color book ...
.., with all smileys ..he says it was to check whether we cared to go through our books..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am chanting this

"Asatoma Sadgamaya
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyor Maa Amrutham Gamaya
Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi"
One of our Professors lectured on the strategic pursuit of Human needs. The framework goes like this
Dharma Kama Artha MokshaIt basically explains the hierarchy of our needs, starting with bodily needs followed by monetary needs and finally ending with self-actualization.
The framework above says that in the process of pursuing one's needs one has to adhere to the dharma, which is moral and social order. Indian culture never encouraged celibacy nor it discouraged earning money. But being ethical in both is what it emphasizes from the above framework.
A lot of people(even me) think that it is Maslow who discovered the hierarchy of needs but having gone through this ...I realize the greatness of our culture and rich heritage.
Maslow's Hierarchy

Our contribution to the humankind is unmatchable, We may not have produced enough Phds,nobel laureates in the recent times but we have a lot to our credit.

Vedas, Upanishads, Vedantas, Yoga, Yama, Niyama, Ayurveda, Kamasutra, Arthasastra..the list goes on...

Friday, January 09, 2009

asatyam visham scandalam

Huh! Satyam has spammed the front pages of all the news papers.
TV channels have got an interesting topic to dig in and blabber about for the coming days till some terrorist attack by Pakistan.
We've been reading case studies on Enron and its accounting malpractices. And everytime I used think it is so boring to read cases which happened abroad, Now we have our own case study which will be part of course curriculum in Bschools world wide.
Going through the recent developments on this it is quite evident that Satyam will soon become a history.
I seriously pity all those people who invested the other day in Satyam looking at the stock price at mouth watering price of 40... they would be kicking themselves for their greed. It touched 6.5/- during the day.

One of my friends put up a status message about infy on his gtalk, which I didnt like.
"Not right on Infy's part to pass statements like."

This was on Infy's stance over not hiring Satyamites.. The following is the argument.

me:  may be infy is doing its part right for satyam...
 vinod:  s
 me:  wats ur comment on that??
 vinod:  as a satyamite... i feel infy shd have not made this statement
 me:  from raju's point of view... this wld be a right thing.
 vinod:  murthy paina resepct pouyinidi naku
silent ga ndadam btr
 me:  huh! such a terrific statement.. i think infy in a way is tryin to help satyam..
 vinod:  instead of pasing statements
bull shit
as a outsider u can suppoert by saying so
we wont ascribe to his sttaments
 me:  arey.. infy wld never like to go to media and make a statement.. its the bloody media which blows up things ..and pass these kind of exaggerated statement...
ok just think this way... satyam wants his employees to support it now..
 vinod:  watever..... tha t shd b prooved
covering kosam  aa reason istharu
 me:  now..if another company takes this as an advantage and poaches it good employees...wat will happen to satyam.
so..infy took a moral not hiring anyone
 vinod:  see chepdaiki ways untay.. memu evarni teesukom as we have plenty of resources ante chau
kani we wont talke satyamites phone call anadam wrong
 me:  they didnt say satyam people are unethical so we dont take ani..arey just think in recession time..when companies r tryin to cut down resources will any one think of hiring.. it is media which put up the statement that way...why dont u wants people to think like u
 vinod:  letseee
let them clarify tomorow if they have really said so or not
 me:  arey infy will not bother to ra... media s running behind people for statements..when theey get something..they selectively pick up words to make it sensation..create some turbulance anthey..
 vinod:  see intha jarigithey clarification lekapote ilane continue avutundi
things wont change
ppl dont understand
thats for sure
 me:  arey nuvvu nenu clarification kavali anukunna..avadu ra..we are just reading wat media wants us to..
vinod:  ade antunna
adi lekapote ilane continue avutundi
ppl ide namutaru
 me:  see infy has really great people..who think ethically and I believe they think better than u and they wont make anything which sounds immoral..if we read something of that kind..first we shld doubt the credibility of media..
 vinod:  antha ledu
100000 ppl mandi andaru ethicalaa akkada
oka case chusava
valla sdantlo kuda ekkado 60 fictitious ppl unnatu billing chesaranta UK lo
is that right
annnintlo andaru edo chestaru
 me:  arey... the 100000 r not the decision talking abt key people..antey u mean to say the 53000 in satyam are all unethical...if that is..then this will also
 vinod:  chinnadi peddadi anhte teda
indialo ee politician ki luncham ivvakunda company intha pedda chesadu
india lo is it possibele no way
 me:  sare ra... inka ila generalize chesthey anni some way r other we have to live with it..
 vinod:  ade antunna
sweeping statements cheyalsina avasaram ledu as if they are right
slence is best reaction
evaru emi anuoru
Oracle infact positive ga statement ichindi employees kosam
common sense undali
oracle kuda employees kosame matladadu
 me:  as long as someone gets caught he is ethical... arey u r again back to sqaure telling..its a modified statemennt by media...just imagine.. media wld have asked them... are u hiring the satyam people..they wld have said no we are not hiring any satyam ppl..infact not media can play around with that one line anyway..
may be oracle needed ppl wld have made... actually oracle is posing a threat to satyam its goin to poach/ satyamites..and further pushin satyam to deep shit
 vinod:  ok man oracle di not mdified .. TCS silent undi ...LnT konalia anukundi.... ivvani nijalani namochu
but infy di matra mworng antav
 me:  cos infy is big.....and any statement infy makes the whole market considers... the stock market likes infy's statements...
 vinod:  y not TCS and WIPRo are they not big
manta lenidi poga radu
veedu glorify chesdamo but vadu edo ani untadu sure
me:  infy's results are the most awaited in market...than tcs and wipro... infy has a special position manta poga rendu..chesthaadhi
 vinod:  chudaam
 me:  arey inka cheppali antey wipro etc are opportunists ra.. they will pick the best of the best satyam.. am telling...all the good ones will desert satyam..and finally satyam will have to closed down..
after this one will aspire to join satyam..
so it is the existing employess who shld trust the company and stand by it
 vinod:  yes
thats y i do asa aex satyamite
 me:  and if at all anything the competitors can do.. is the minimum not to take this as opportunity and poach satyam employees...
 vinod:  hmm
 me:  they r not in a position to buy satyam..cos everyone is suffering in this bear market
 vinod:  no one will buy
 me:  and no one has actually any idea abt the books of satyam... ppl are not trusting even the letter written by is considered to be a pandora's box..
i mean satyam's raju
 vinod:  ya ya
 me:  it is down graded in stock markets..
 Sent at 7:28 PM on Friday
 me:  i believe the best thing at this point is.. split satyam in parts..and profitable accounts/domain which act as separate orgaizations can be sold off
 vinod:  i thought same
but all units need to be bought
if left over then its injustice for some
 me:  mari ra.. as a whole no one will not definitely... so cant help that
 vinod:  i kno ad antuna anni unitlu ammudu povali antuna
 me:  hmm
Ramalinga Raju is seriously a disgrace to our nation

Saturday, January 03, 2009


This is a summary of my experiences in the whole of the year 2008.
January (Janvier) :- The whole of the month I was in Saudi. I still remem the new year party, I got sloshed, puked, abused a few...and finally crashed on a sofa....
I had to come back to India to attend my interviews. I came back on 27th Jan. Reported at Mumbai office, I was very happy to be back in India

February (Février):- I was in Hyd. Everyone at home were scared looking at me thinking I was sick with some disease. (Reminding all my readers again that I cut down weight by almost 10 kgs in a month). Once again readers, my bday is in Feb so in case if you wish to gift me something and confused on what to give, please drop a message I will let you know my wish-list :)

March (Mars) :- I was back to Mumbai office. In the middle of the month I had to go to Bangalore for another intvw. This was the month I made biggest of all the gains I ever made in stock market. I could predict every move of the market.

April (Avril) :- The bull run continued for me till the 14th April(Ambedkar Jayanthi :O).Ok the story goes like this. I was so over confident that I put all the money I made till then and also a significant amount from my best friend in the greed to make huge profits, on 11th(friday) of April. I was very confident that the following monday markets world wide would fall. As expected there was a bloodbath in world wide markets except ours. I was surprised to discover that 14th April was Ambedkar's  Jayanthi and it was holiday for our markets. As Murphy’s  law goes the markets went against my predictions on tuesday and I lost almost all of the money I invested. I was so psyched that in a hurry to recover the money, I placed orders with the remaining amount in my account on thursday and again to my shock friday was holiday(this time Mahavir jayanthi). The following monday again markets went against my expectations and thats it. That was the end of all my dreams. I was in a shock and it took sometime for me to recover. I was sad that I lost not only mine but also my friend's hard earned money.

May (Mai) :- This month was again a turning point in my life, a lot of things happened. I got 2 job offers which I declined for a seat in IIM Calcutta. Within my company I had 2 US and UK onsite opportunities. I was in a dilemma to whether go for IIM or to take GMAT and go for US/UK onsite. But finally decided to join IIM.

June (Juin) :- The first week in the campus was the best experience I should say. I felt like dropping out of the course. I couldn’t take the pressure :O. Later it subsided and I started enjoying the course. In the first few days I was complaining on everything. I thought there would be many grounds and stadia like IITs. Now I realised it's actually waste of money because we hardly get any time to play. The free time we get we spend for club activities or watching movies. So the limited sports infrastructure in the campus is the optimum I believe.

July (Juillet):- The first exam in the campus was the qualifying mathematics. Surprisingly it was a cakewalk(Our seniors scared us that the Profs fail students mercilessly). We had our midterms in this month.

August (Août):- We had gone for the Inter-IIM sports meet in this month at IIM B. We were thrashed by B in almost all of the events. It was a big disappointment for all of us. I was part of the Hockey team. We were very confident that we would win at least hockey, but we lost it. We were leading in the first half of the game but towards the end they scored two goals in quick succession. That was the first time I played on a turf court.

September ( Septembre) :- The first term got over and officially we finished 1/6 th of MBA.

October (Octobre):- We had a week vacation for Durga Puja.  Didn’t realise how I spent the time.It gotover in a jiffy. Everyone was busy preparing for internships for whole of the month.

November (Novembre):- The summer placement week was one hell of an experience. We had GDs for most of the marketing companies, which often ends up becoming fish market. You can see the heights of desperation in people(that includes me). seriously feel the process is so painful. The typical questions why you? Why me? huh! had to memorize details of a lot of companies. The best experience of all was this-> I attended a telephonic intvw with one of the leading logistics companies. our placerep informed me that it was an operations and logistics role. So during the intvw I went on talking about my passions blah blah on operations to only discover to the end that they were looking for strategy :). I somehow tried to convince them that strategy was also my interest but then the heat was lost by then :D...finally got placed in a investment bank start-up.

December (Decembre):- I should say this month was by far the best one till date. Our second term got over in the first week of the month. So done with 1/3rd of MBA. We had our Cul-fest during 19-21 Dec. It was a failure as it was wrong time for any cul-fest and we had a low turn-out. A lot of colleges in Kolkata had their exams during these days. Still it was fun organizing the events. During 28-30 Dec we had another fest called Reminisence(Alumni reunion). This time it was batch of 1983. It was a great experience to interact with people with 25 years of work experience. Most of them were Managing Directors, CEOs and Professors in leading Bschools. I was part of the organizing team and got to rub shoulders with honchos of the industry.
I am doing a French course and have picked up a few lines.
Bonne année à tout le monde - Happy New Year everyone