Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back with a bang

Here is a puzzle for all my readers...
Guess these famous personalities...

"Bad man is alone".
"O! A damnable sin".
"Bad as Lenin, Mao".
"An Islam bad one".
"Is a banal demon ".
"A damn alien S.O.B ".
"Based on animal ".
"A nomad lesbian ".
"So bad alien man ".
"Is a lone bad man ".
"A noble man said ".
"O Man! Ban ladies ".
"I abandon males ".
"I am also banned ".
"I, a damnable son ".
"Abandon a smile ".
"Abandons E-mail ".
"Neon Islamabad."

"A bad man (no lies) " "Bad also in name ".


One more...

"UN's said he's mad."
"He's damn! - said U.S." "Misuse and dash." "Damn his sad use."
"Adds shame in us."
"USA ends him. Sad?" "Aha! Sudden miss."

Last one...
"I am a lavish drab, am a junk."
"Alas! I'm a harm via bad junk."
"Am a rakish Java man build".

"A lavish junk, I am a bad ram."

Clue: - the first 2 are already in news and the last one is yet to come...

Courtesy:- A genius;