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Delhi Gangrape - A Heart Wrenching Ordeal

Not exaggerating but... My heart sank...tears rolled in my eyes reading the ordeal she(Amanat) went through on that dreadful day..I was just aware of such incident happening but not the details..till I read this post, which gives an account of the horrific acts done by the 6 rapists...the act of pulling intestines out is so devilish..
Hindustan Times
Huffington Post
Delhi Rape
My take on the incident

I tried to understand on why people commit rapes.. following this post...and they say revenge is one of the reasons.... Which I see also the case here.. But that is with the main person who started the fight.... So why did the others follow suit with him..the culture and illiteracy are the reasons for that...
I guess the accused might have thought of destroying the evidence of rape by inserting the rod and cause bleeding...else I don't see any other reason on why the third person would inflict such thing..and thinking it to be a rope might have pulled it off..

Update: The main accused has actually pulled out the uterus and intestines using his bare hands making it a spine-chilling horrific act.
Gangrape victim uterus pulled out
On the other day...I cut my nail deep with a nail cutter and I felt it was so painful..

I can't imagine how painful the intestines pulling thing could be..salute the girl for being strong.. And that is mental strength

Trying to guess what might have been going through in her mind till that thing.....

 .....may be she wanted to see her family then..and so didn't wanted to give up..she wanted to get off from the incident safe...and also never wanted her parents to know that..she may be thinking it was her worst nightmare...and once she is out safe..she can be careful next time in choosing a bus..I don't know a million thoughts would have flashed her mind..till she lost her consciousness

About her male friend... I don't think even if he had been 10 years older would have made any difference.. 3-4 ppl overpowered him.. hit him with iron rods..I don't think the person's mind would have even functioned..he would have been in equal shock may be worse...we all know its not a movie, where hero hits 10 in one real world it is difficult..and more so we are not trained to beat anyone..but to study..get job..earn money..get married..that's all..

Reasons for such crimes

The most important reason behind all this is not the mindset or the upbringing of the perpetrators but it is the.....sheer failure of law and order...
Law and OrderFortunately or unfortunately the girl was not in a position to even speak after the she was saved from the ordeal of being harassed by police passing lewd comments on her on asking what she was doing with her male friend.... Read this story..a Rape victim commits suicide..

Indian Police

Public have no trust on police.. This is one of the major reasons for the on-goers not acting..apart from the reasons like coward ness etc

Criminals have more trust on police.. that they can escape easily...

Sheila Dikshit
What are women leaders for, when they themselves give up on safety of women. They don't fight for stricter laws cos.they are busy earning by saving rapist ministers..Sheila dikSHIT should resign for her failure..

Another important point.. The media projecting women as sex dolls..these days without item song no movie runs.. The item girls should stop making one...with mature public around I  don't think any amount of nudity/eroticism will be a problem.. Now here comes the culture and illiteracy issue.. We have people who get provoked even by the slightest exposure ..or the worst even a slightest gesture as even girls should act accordingly .. There is nothing wrong in your dress.. But when you have hungry wolves around are at your have to take care of yourself ..
While we talk about safety for women etc, there are some insensitive cheap ones busy encashing even this..Look at that guy smiling while these two dumb girls doing a poonam pandey stunt..
Bikini Model Nude Protest

Complete Bikini Album

The details of the criminals should be revealed...but there is risk of their innocent family members being attacked..which makes it a dicey thing for the police to do
Severe punishment and quicker one...
Most importantly partiality in punishment be it minister or beggar.. In fact the ministers should be executed first for gaining confidence.. This will definitely instil a minister himself couldn't escape the punishment ..
CC tv cameras at all public places and again 24/7 police guarding the cameras.. We have so many thieves around..

Strict rules for police..if failed to protect..they should be fired/suspended depending on severity...cases should be dealt in a proactive manner but not in a reactive manner
For all the changes in our system, an organized revloution is required..There is one post in FB which goes like this and is the best way to show our resentment.

In the view of the death of Delhi's braveheart who passed away last night.

The nation should boycott the Republic Day celebrations in totality! Ensure a "NO SHOW". They don't want the citizens gathering even for a peaceful protest, so why should crowds gather to hear them at their convenience? And what is the Nation celebrating anyway?

We have a failed Government loathing in Corruption! It is time for a Revolution!

Let the PM & the President address vacant spaces & buildings. They don't want our presence now but let us be absent when it matters most. Let the world get a taste of our disgust. Let us shame them by playing their game."

Let us prepare for a New India!

Women should leave their coordinates always with their loved ones.. Can't help but secrecy will only be detrimental to your lives. And always be skeptical with others until unless you know them very well.. And don't even trust people, even people like me as well..Who may seem good prima facie.. Who may say some good things just to earn some brownie points and later take advantage... Doubting a good person is ok, but if you mistake with a bad one then your life goes for a toss....there are no good ppl in this world except your family..and some unfortunate ppl don't get that as well..Let your mistrust be a punishment to the mankind.

From an unconfirmed source the below is the photo of the rapists
Delhi Gangrape Rapists Photo

Death is so easy thing.. Even the criminals know that.. That is why 2 of the accused even pleaded to get hanged..
  • The guy who pulled the intestine should be made to drink acid...while all others watch it..
  • The one who initiated the fight be burnt part of his body..till the muscles are fried..
  • Their genitals are to be let bitten and ripped by dogs..
  • Like in Guantanamo bay.. Water boarding is to be done..
  • They should be forced to sit on thumsup bottle..till half of the bottle goes into their rear and tears up the large intestine (by the way this is one of the practiced interrogation method) and this process should continue again once the injury is healed..
  • A New Reality Show : Media houses should come up with a new reality show concept where these criminals will be made to stay together and talk about how badly they repent and they should be given tasks like teaching good behaviour to their inmates. They should plead votes from TV viewers on their performance.. and the one who gets eliminated from the show will have to be eliminated permanently from this the most gruesome way..which will not be telecasted to public but the inmates will have to witness this and also have to lend their hands in making the experience more horrific to the eliminated person. This should go on till the last one survives and the last one..who wins the show will be given a peaceful death of hanging.
..the list goes on.. It makes me feel nice by coming up with such brutal ideas on how to punish them..(More ideas are welcome in the comments section)
While this incident has shaken the whole of the nation..there have been many similar incidents happening which hit the news headlines..every see a new story.. Another incident which really disturbed me is this one. The baby girl is fighting for her life in hospital. Her father threw her out from a double storyed building, Her only mistake being born as a girl..I wish the girl survives...
I was sad and happy that Amanat passed away.. Sad that she couldnt see her attackers getting tortured and killed..happy that she is atleast safe and free from pain..somewhere out of the world..
My heart felt condolences to the brave girl..R.I.P

Ok Tata Bye Bye

One Indian brand which is globally renowned .....A brand synonymous to Quality and none other than...
It is one brand, even people abroad recognize and also respect a lot [ from my experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. And Ratan Tata is the man who can take all the credit for putting up TATAs on the global level..
Honestly it is by far the most ethical company to work for though the salaries are generally towards the lower side compared to Industry
Ratan Tata

Check out this list of most ethical companies listed on Forbes

Tata ethical company
TATA is the only company from India which featured in the list.
I can proudly say that I was once associated with the TATAs.
Ratan Tata stepped down from the Chairmanship position on 28-12-2012 and is succeeded by Cyrus Mistry..calling it off finally on the occasion of his 75th birthday..

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Groupon Offer - Incredible

Groupon Deal

Make this New Year Eve a memorable one with this bumper offer. An unbelievable 1Rs saving offer from Groupon. No wonder that there have been no purchases so far.
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Communication Style

Communication Style
Assertive Style - I am OK, You are OK
Agressive Style - I am OK, You are not OK
Submissive Style - I am not OK, You are OK
- A vegetarian leaks

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An Ignored Soul's Perspective

This incident happened today morning, while I was going to my office...I was walking along one of the busiest roads in Hyderabad.
There are many beautiful plants placed all along the median to decorate the road.....but this naughty one plant spotted me...and taunted me while I was trying to cross the road..

Innocent Plant Hyderabad
If you see...It's eagerly looking for people to come closer to it.....This pic was taken at could take a clear picture.. and the next time one can take a clear picture is only after 24 hrs only..I am sure it hates the sun for that very reason...
Intimidated by it...I cross the road..
Beautiful White Flower Plant
Plant ..- "Hey Buddy, come closer dude...I know you got an S3..could you please take a snap of mine..."
..I heard that..and as a friendly gesture took this that it doesnt taunt me the next time, while I keep struggling to cross the road..
For a person who is busy driving along the road..these plants seem to be very beautiful ..But a closer examination reveals the has got loads of grease all over..
Flower Closeup

Pollution Roads

Read this :  How plants are affected by pollution

"What seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences to those to whom it seems to be, even of torments, despair, eternal death."
- William Blake (1757-1827) British poet and painter

I dont think anyone in this world would have cared about this..there will be many thinking on how jobless one can be to write on such thing..
This blog is not an attempt to motivate someone to go and wash the plant..but it is motivate people to acknowledge the living things around us..the living things could be anything..
I promised the plant that I will upload it's pic on the net..

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A Forgotten Radiation

From time immemorial we have seen so many scams in India..and I dont know the exact reason...either our memory is short-lived or there are too many of them..that we forget one scam the moment a new scam crops up...
But one such scam that has certainly shaken the whole of the nation.. doubting credibility of even the mighty Tatas, synonym to the
2G scam..
Nira Radia profile
And one personality who from nowhere became star overnight..
Niira Radia...

Who is Niira Radia?
"Nira Radia is the owner of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications Pvt. Ltd.The company works in corporate communication and liaison related things. Neera born in Kenya but moved to London in 1970.She did her schooling from elite Haberdashers’ Aske’sin northern London. She graduated from University of Warwick. She married with UK businessman of Gujrati origin Janak Radia. They divorced soon. Nira started her career in liaison with Sahara. Later she became India representative of Singapore Airlines, KLM, UK Air. She built her strong contacts among media,politics and corporate" [Source : Nira Radia]

Where was Radia placed during her heydays?
Radia Political Network
That shows her accessibility level with politicians, corporates and beauracrats.

The company Vaishnavi CCPL is as expected shelved now. Surprisingly their website shows that it is under construction.
Vaishnavi Communications VCCPL
The other company Neosis Strategic Consulting Services is also shelved out and their website is no more. You can read the team profile, our Radia has been an entrpreneur for 25 years
Radia Neosis Consulting

So what is she upto now?
Radia comes out of oblivion .. she's back with another firm..but certainly away from publicity..this one is in consultancy [one most abused term in the world :)]
Pegasus International Advisory
Radia Pegasus Team

Out of curiosity I digged into the website, to check out on how she has positioned herself in this new website.

Radia Pegasus ProfileFrom no angle it seemed to me a
geniune consulting firm..or may be they are still developing it as they have safely put on top left corner that this website is also under construction.

Worst of all there are no career options :O.. I wanted to see the careers section ;P

I dont know if this new business of hers rakes any moolah for her ..but it will definitely help her to use the loads of cash stashed in Swiss banks.. for the records she has the highest account balance..more than Rajiv Gandhi :O

Black Money India

Amidst this chaos of industry which never misses out any opportunity is the Bollywood..
there are movies inspired by Radia...and hotties [so called..] are elated to take her role..only Radia can tell if she also feels the same :O

Alert (Raveena Tandon yesteryear actor)

2G Radia-tion (for a second I thought Poonam Pandey)

Typos for some - Truths for the rest :)

So are you with the "Some"or the "Rest":)?

Read this old typo story

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Misleading Captions

Who will return? the wife or the husband?

Leader and Entrepreneur - Qualities

I had attended a 2 day workshop on "Leadership & Motivation" recently.
I felt 2 days was too little time to cover all aspects but the facilitator utilised the time really well in meeting the expectations of the participants.
The workshop comprised of
  • Pyschometric test
  • Leadership profile based on the test outcome
  • Ring-tossing game (individual + team)
  • Analysis of the game
  • Case Study
I cannot explain fully on what all was covered during the workshop in my blog but to keep it simple, the below are the qualities possessed by successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Initiative
  • Seeking and acting upon opportunities
  • Persistence
  • Information seeking
  • Concern for high quality
  • Commitment to work contract
  • Efficiency orientation
  • Systematic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Persuasion
  • Use of influencing strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Concern for others
Each one of us can do kind of introspection and evaluate ourselves on each of the quality to understand our leadership profile.
I was given a case study on persuasion and below was the flowchart I made to explain the case. The faciltator liked the flowchart approach :)

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Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

While I was casually browsing through indiblogger checking on what all happenend all these years of my disconnect with it, this contest banner popped up which on any other day I wouldnt have bothered to check upon.

But this thing caught the attention of my wife, who was reading a book sitting next to me. Immediately she pounced on me, pulled the lappy to see what the contest was and threatened me to win the contest and buy those products which I shall be putting up for the contest.

So here goes...the SS perfect look for the festival season..
All of the below products are selected solely by my better-half..honestly I have little knowledge in anyone of those...(you may click the links for more details)

Read More by clicking

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Dealing a yelling boss

How to deal with a yelling boss?

I know a lot of people who are clueless on how to deal with such situations. The person yelling could be an employer, a colleague, a friend or a family member but the thing which makes it more uncomfortable is when the person is your boss.
For all those people, who are facing this situation, I hope this post would be of some use.

The reasons why someone gets into such situation
  • Misunderstanding the expectations of boss
  • Lacking subject knowledge
  • Missing a deadline genuinely/carelessness
  • By nature the boss being an aggressive person
  • Boss's bad mood being carried away
  • ....the list goes on

The reasons why such situations become stressful
  • Fear of career within and outside the company being at stake
  • Fear of not getting proper appraisals/promotion
  • Current financial dependencies
  • Location dependencies
  • Ashamed of being yelled/abused in public
  • Comparison with colleagues [who you dont consider competitive enough]
  • High regards for the boss [ you just cant digest a disparaging comment from him]

  • You don't enjoy coming to office
  • Lose focus/interest on job
  • Lose confidence on abilities to perform the job
  • Creativity is severely hampered
  • Become overly submissive
  • Mental and Physical health deteriorates
  • Personal life gets disturbed [scared to take leaves/permission for personal works]
Tactics to overcome such situations

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Rajnikanth - Legend among Legends

Today is 12/12/12 and the next time such thing happens is only after 100 years..and I am sure my grand children will then link to this post of mine :)

But what makes it more special is that today is Rajnikanth's bday.
The whole of film fraternity is so crazy of this day; blocking this day for movie releases, audio releases and rest celebrating his bday and am sure it will be the same way 100 years from now also.

Everyone likes rags to riches story, cos it gives the much required positive hope in life..There may be many similar to him...who from rags would have become richer..but being down to earth even after reaching the pinnacle is a rare characteristic...

I once dreamt of Superstar [Read this Dreams - can anyone beat me on that]

The next movie in line for Thalaivar is Kochadaiyaan, which is going to be a 3D film.

                 Rajni's life story is an inspiration to many..

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I've got the Google Earth downloaded in my laptop and was browsing through curiously and then this thing caught my attention.
I was surprised to see the Titanic Ship.
RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of 1,502 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. The RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time of her maiden voyage. [ Source : Wiki]
The original Titanic
It's depiction in the blockbuster movie "Titanic"
And that's how it looks on Google Earth
The ship broke into 2 and this one is one part
                                               The other part
I am amazed by the features in Google Earth, brings the whole world on to your desktop. Very useful tool to plan travel.
There's negative side to this also..
If at all there is anyone in this world who will be thanking GOD the most for having google , it would be our beloved Terrorists. They can now execute their missions with more accuracy.

The Titanic Movie in 30 seconds