Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quiz - Identify the person in the picture

Here is a quiz for my readers. Identify the person who is selected.

Ok now please dont ask me why I was checking out that website.

Note: There is another familiar person in that pic. Identify that person also if you can.

So from this what do we understand?.
Never go by the profiles advertised on the websites. All of them would be fake :)


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  3. What's happening to you? Suddenly you have begun checking matchmaking sites or you have been frequenting it for quite some time?
    All the best for your eternal search :P

  4. @Van.. lolling.. take a guess madam

  5. @Shas
    hehe.. I just happened to check that site..somehow landed on it..and was shocked to see the pics

  6. i guess shes some actress...cast in a telugu movie....origin..unknown....
    Ahem...y u checking arab match making n all... ;)

  7. I see Sayali Bhagat and Hansika Motwani!

  8. @Deepak.. perfect!.. you got it right u r good in movie quizzes :)

  9. @Puji
    hehe..wah what a guess it was.. anyways u recognised her to be an actress..and yes u r right she acted in telugu movie also..pairing with Allari Naresh


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