Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thuppakki hits bulls eye

My Rating  - 4/5
Watched this movie yesterday.

A gripping action thriller starring Vijay, Vidyut, Kajal and direction by Murugadoss.
This is best of the movies I watched in recent times after Eega.  Murugudoss ensured that the viewers are well engaged with the scenes all throughout the movie with the mind games between two lead roles keeping you guessing all the while. At no point of time you get bored of the movie even the scenes with absolute silence.


Characters: Vijay &Vidyut[villain] get thumbs up for their performance. Vidyut with his rugged looks was awesome. Kajal added to the glamour part for the songs, which were not that catchy though from lyrics/tune point of view. The comedy part was situational and not overloaded. Overall the movie is a must watch and worth watching in theatre.

  Official Trailer - HD

OPL Strategy

That is the word I coined for my new strategy on weight loss.

Lately I have realised that I have put on lots of weight. Most of my pants aren’t fitting me, the worst part being those I got stitched six month back are also not fitting me:O.



I was like this a year back


Current situation

If it continues at this rate then this will be in future…optimistically in may be 6 months from now.


So I have decided that I should act immediately, at least to make use of those slim fit shirts and designer wear pants.

OPL stands for One part Less. Basically I cut down my food intake by one part.
For ex: For breakfast, I now take only 4 idles compared to 5 wise I cut down everything I take by one part.

It's a simple strategy to start with before going on to a stricter diet regime [Read this post How to cut down 10 kgs in 2 months]

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I couldnt help sharing this article on branding.

One of the very interesting articles on branding and more on practical side. A must read for all entrepreneurs.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Watched this movie last evening @ cinemax...

Movie: It's a socio-fantasy movie starring  Nag, Anushka.
I felt the story was dull. It couldnt make any impact after the much created hype on the graphics. A movie like this which is so predictable needs a lot of efforts on direction and screenplay front to make it still an interesting flick [ex: Eega]. It is cliched to say that the movie lacked logic, and it so feels like the director was in a hurry to finish the movie.

Characters : Nag seemed quite incongruous for a socio-fantasy flick. The villain of the movie was not so effective. Nothing much to say about Anushka. The item song with Charmme and the comedy track with all seniors were forceably inserted. Charmme is so fat and her dance moves were provocative[may be that is the definition of item song]. Prakash Raj played the role of Lord Shiva,which I felt was a wrong choice. He had put on lots of weight with a double chin and I feel it is so odd for the role of Shiva. Among all GODs, Shiva is a character which sports the macho look but it was not so in this movie. .

Conclusion: At no point of time was there any amount of suspense nor the graphics were breath taking , making the movie an absolute dud.
"Wait till Sankranthi to watch it on TV!"

Friday, November 23, 2012


A very interesting take on Entrepreneurship.. Must read for all those dreaming of startups

Nobody is perfect

Knowing our weakness is just not enough, we should strive hard towards improvement. We should try to be among the best.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Office exercises to avoid sleep

I like this technique.

                      For more techniques you may refer to this blog, from where I snipped it :)

Massage by CEO

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ablution - A Quarterly ceremony

These silly ones bathe only once in 3 months.

Their ears are so strong!

The Bunny hates water!

This stag is scared

The detective puppy

The happy soul!


Photos taken using S3.
Sundays are wasted by all these household chores :|

The better half

I made this sketch to impress her...when she was angry on me..I did this silently;)...

Thank GOD it came out well...not that it's identical to her..but atleast saved me from getting bashed on doing that sketch.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This TATA Winger rammed into my vehicle yesterday.The driver of the vehicle is seen meddling with his phone, while I took this snap. His front bumper and right side head light got damaged
Luckily there was no major damage to my car but the TITANIUM logo got damaged.

This incident happened at the junction after CROMA retail near Madhapur Police Station.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tweeting Friends

I would like to introduce you all my new twitter friends..
These are not the ones who tweet silently online.. but they tweet violently offline :)

This one is the most notorious ones..Do u think it is giving a pose.. it is thinking..on how to break the camera..The rest of the lot are no less to this one

The scheduled meeting, with chair person on top

                                                       Can anyone pose better than this one?

These pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy S3.
Courtesy : My wife's S3 (:O I have never announced it officially in my blog. Yes I got married)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friendly Request on FB

A request can get violent over time..:)

This post comes right at the moment..when Google..decided to purge the blog from cache as telling am still there..wondering if any one is still reading this :)