Thursday, November 04, 2010

Grease money

Discovered this word after a wiki search on bribery.
For the last few days bribery has been a buzz word for me. Whatever the topic be, whoever it be with whom I talk..this has been one common thing featuring everywhere...One thing I've realized is that government officials are the most prospering ones owing to this omnipresent phenomena..Any department we take.. everywhere there is a huge scope for corruption....for ex: municipal corporations(for every damn approval they charge hefty amounts),airport customs, traffic police...all of them are minting money....

There is an interesting aspect of Bribe.

Bribe is one thing which can be both a Capex as well as an Opex. It is more painful as an Opex.
It has a long value chain of its own..comprised of government officials of all ranks, goons, media, sometimes even locals..While I was searching for bribery on web, found this interesting felt like sharing


  1. Greed is the root cause of corruption and lot other social evils. Had corruption not been there this world would have been a lot better place. Corruption is one disease that has sadly crept in all the places. But, to a large extent even we are at fault for tolerating and feeding it. That rupee pic is good.
    Keep writing!

  2. Nice take.. I never heard about grease money. This made for an interesting read.

  3. thought-provoking pic n article...thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Most common brush up with the evil of bribery is on the road when traffic police harasses you for your petty offenses as if you committed a murder. In chandigarh they have a word for it "chotta challan". Yeah "bada challan" or lawful fine costs you more money along wit your precious time, a month at the least while if you choose to pay bribe or "chotta challan" you are spare the waste of time but on the cost of contributing to the heinous act of corruption. Either way, you suffer.

  5. @Abhishek
    thanks for the information buddy.. u r right..its all cos of the chalega attitude

  6. @Punam & @Vinnie
    I am glad you liked the post...


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