Monday, September 27, 2010

The immortals of Meluha

I never claim "reading books" to be one of my hobbies. Its not that I don't read books. I do read but not every other book I lay my hands on. For me the cover page is very important if I have to pick up a book for myself or if someone suggests and gives me a good feedback then I definitely read that.
As I said I never used to say "reading books" as my hobby, but at one instance I did that and thats when I repented :)

This was during my final year at IIT Madras and our campus placements started then, as usual the largest IT company in India visited our campus to be the first one to go. Those days we never used to work much on our CVs nor on preparation for interview[none of my friends did]. I borrowed a tie from one person a belt from some other and got my CV printed on a piece of paper and went to the interview. That was the first  interview in my life. I never did a mock interview also before that [none of my friends did :P]. I was totally cool [ chatting,laughing out loud with friends] till I entered the interview room, but as I was going inside my heart beat was at triple the normal rate. That's when I could feel the chillness all throughout my body.

There were 3 people on panel. A middle aged man[guess a tamilian], an old man[dont remem how he looked] and a lady[she was for sure a northie]. Then the regular tell about u etc, somehow I mugged up that part and blurted out the managed that part....and as it went on..they asked me techie which I could answer comfortably [not that was an expert..but yea managed even that]..

then suddenly the lady interrupted and asked me" So Mr. Unknown.. what are your hobbies?"

I went blank for a while...[firstly it was the lady asking, and secondly it was sudden shift from techy to personal questions]
So I said "Ma'm.. my hobbies are...[thinking for a while].. reading books, watching movies [ ok now I remembered my actual hobbies] playing carrom, football, hockey, computer games ...again interrupted by the lady..[now I understood she should be some HR]

HR-"Wow! thats interesting, you read what books have you read?"

Unknown-"books...[I wanted to tell them..dont give me the job..but please stop insulting me like this..I never read book till now..cos I felt it was something I'll do if only suicide was the option left]...Yea I read the "The sky is falling" and ...I am not able to recall the other book Sidney Sheldon [promise I read these books, but dont ask me why I read.. for obvious reasons I did that]

HR-"Oh! only 2 books :O " [now I was so dead!]...

Unknown - .[was literally crying inside..for why I said that].. then I said.."Yea Ma'm actually I read telugu books"..
thats it there ended the story..she dint ask me more about books..

Now coming to the actual subject.
I picked up this book from the bookshop at Hyderabad Airport. The cover page was really interesting and I felt like reading it. So here goes my short review on this book
It is a mythological fiction but with no fictitious places. The author,Amish, has tried his best in making it seem like a real story. He has used real places so that we can connect well with the story.
Meluha is the place where it took place and its the same which we know as Indus valley civilization. Shiva plays the protagonist role in this book and he comes from a Tibetan tribe. He is a simple man, with no superpowers but  a man with great values. The basic premise of the book is that GODs were all real people like us and only because of their deeds they achieved the GODhood.

It is a story on how this simple man.. transforms into a super GOD...the destroyer of the evil.

Things I liked
1) The real places, technical terms etc [generally I dont like pure fiction stuff]
2) The love story between Shiva & Sati [I really liked that part in the book..and this is the only thing which kept me stick on to the book]
3) The cover page
4) Mythology is my interest

 Things I dint like
1) He describes too much about places and people.. even the redundant people also..he described every detail of a person...doesnt leave any scope for us to is very distracting also..cos u lose track..

Apart from that the book is a decent read, you wont get bored atleast. The book has a it ends with a suspense..

The other thing I like about Amish tripathi is.. he is from IIM Calcutta :P..even my almamater
This is the official website : Shiva Trilogy
And the official video teaser for the book


  1. hahaha...Ur posts always make me laugh..this was once again hilarious!!

  2. after cheatan bhagat everyone from the iit iim crowd seems to be writing books these days.. this book does sound interesting

  3. well i hate it when people judge a person on the basis of the book you read. and i hate this question in the interview section. i have a feeling they are expecting you to answer Jonathan seagull and alchemist .

    i think i will read this book. i don't like to read books without references or see movies without reading reviews. i can get bad experiences and people out of my head but not a bad movie or book. its like a horrible taste in the mouth. always popping up.

    and i had this question asked. instead of asking a further question the interviewer just nodded away making me wonder if i mentioned the wrong books. atleast they should ask why a person likes a fav book.

    i remember my industrial psychology lecturer saying one should never fake hobbies. she was in a panel where a guy had said chess and immediately was asked about chess and since the guy had faked it, didn't get the job he otherwise would have.

  4. I liked the little background you provided before jumping to just the review of the book. Interesting post.

  5. @Palak..
    wow.. thats some compliment for me :).. thanks so much

  6. @sm
    u keep comments so crisp and short :P
    Thanks man..

  7. @Uncommon Sense
    yo man..dont stereotype like that..the brands just help in publicity..
    not always we realize what we want from life early right!

  8. The lady dint probe into further cos she doesnt know much about sure I would have dug a deep grave for me..if I had lied on taking some english books..
    This books question is very common in many interviews.. dont know what they want to judge by that..
    ..Its an ok book...and not a really good one nor a must read i shoudl say

  9. @KG..
    I want my readers to know that.. I am not an avid reader of when they read the review they shouldnt think am a pro.

  10. oh man!!! I'm just reading this book now. The suspense is over :)

  11. @Vanathi..
    sorry if I leaked out anything..but I believe I didnt..

  12. @Mag
    which part man?..r u talkin Shiva trilogy??.. I just read the only book which is out..other 2 are yet to come

  13. funny n interesting...

    so u r an

  14. @Reshma
    am happy that you liked it.
    I have written "About Me" in a tab page

  15. By "The suspense is over.", was throwing a sarcastic comment seeing the title of ur post :)...

  16. An enjoyable read The Immortals of Meluha by Amish . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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