Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silly Dal

Ok, here comes another recipe from the master chef.
A quick and a simple way to make something, which tastes good as well, and I name it "Silly Dal".

Take a cup of lentils(dal) and pour water in it, soak it in water for sometime.
Cut an onion [I hate this the most] and a tomato if you want.
Fry the minced onions in oil till it becomes light brown colored [I guess I dont have to tell every silly thing like turn on the gas, light a match etc.. it is a silly recipe agreed, but not a recipe for dummies]
Now while frying the onions, you may add mustard seeds and cummins (this burns very keep the flame low or better turn it off). Then add half spoon turmeric and chilly powder[your wish]..mix the whole thing well.
Now add the soaked lentils to this. (If you have enough time you could have boiled the lentils also. I generally do it along with a separate bowl, to save time)
Since the lentils were soaked for sometime they become softer. Keep stirring well so that the whole ingredients mix well. You may add your tomatoes now [I did it could have added it earlier also]
Add some water..I dint measure how much I poured..add depending on how lighter you want the dal to be...You may add salt accordingly..[My suggestion to readers who have high BP careful on this part]...
Let this whole thing boil for some mean time you can take a shower....I did so:) thats like some 10-15mins.
Add a few curry  leaves..just to get some feel that you are having some good stuff. Check the image above, thats how it should look like else it means you didnt follow my recipe well.

Thats all..yummy dal ready.. Eureka! was my expression after this.
In my last post, Silly Pulav, I said.. "I am not an expert in cooking, but as they say necessity is the mother of invention" I say
"desperation is grandmother of invention"

Now this is what I call a happy meal.


  1. hii
    dal seems nice and that wooden plate is nice too :)

    cute post!

  2. hi AS,
    it tastes also nice :)...and thats a plastic plate

  3. Priya pickle, dal and all.. super cool! :D

  4. @Vee
    yep what more can any one ask for in a desert :P


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