Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hala - pay as you talk

Live life a king size is true in all aspects for Arabs.
There is lavishness in whatever they do .. just check the prepaid card envelope of Qatar Telecom (Qtel)
Hala is the prepaid service of Qtel.

That's how the cover page looks like. It has all chamkis on the cover which shines. There is also some design which is etched on it.

If they have to choose between utility and hedonism they will always choose the latter one for marketing the products.

It can be easily mistaken to some greeting card

These are contents of the prepaid card envelope

Another interesting thing is that, the booklet has instructions in Malayalam.

Really Mallus rock the Gulf land.

Note: Currently am working for Qtel. Qtel used to be the exclusive telecommunications provider in Qatar and is one of the largest public companies in Qatar


  1. heheh! like the name 'hala' !

  2. thats really expensive printing for a pre-paid card...can u collect the unused cards like this..we could make greeting cards out of them n get really rich!

  3. @Vinnie...
    finally the most awaiting comment happy you are alive :)..sure madam ur order..will start rag-picking as part time from tomorrow
    @AS :))

  4. @AS Hala means.. hello in Qatari arabic :)


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