Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blog Update

It's my sister birthday today so I called her up and then talked to my nephew and nieces. And as usual I've recorded the short phone conversation. It is in Telugu.Kindly bear with the weird sounds :P

Apart from that, Readers, you might not have observed this, I have modified my blog's look and feel. To add a little professional touch I have created 3 new tab pages.
About Blog : A lot of people have been asking me some questions like "Why do you blog?", "What do you write on?", "Why that url?" , "Why the title? Unknown? caption?"
So I hope now the About Blog page answers it all.
Feeds : People who would like to subscribe to my blog feeds can do it here.
Also I've added the About Me, which is my autobiography in one page.


  1. happy birthday to your sister:)
    didn't notice the extra links earlier:)

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  3. Wish your sis many many happy returns of the day.
    The audio clip was cute but didn't understand a word :D
    Its becoming a regular feature on ur blog and its a unique USP of your blog. You have a nice voice :)
    Well! as far as those questions are concerned. Anything that is unusual and unique is bound to generate such curious response. Enjoy it!

  4. Hey are the first one in my life..who said i have a nice voice.. :D..
    ..sorry for not posting the translation of the conversation..
    ..I was asking the gen questions....what r u doing,did u eat.what did u eat..dint go to school..
    My nephew said he was playing cricket with his sisters..he was batting ..then about the food..lemon rice,coconut rice and vada..
    best was my niece she says..gulab jamoon, and somethin something..and am very sure it was not there..:D
    Thanks for the wishes.

  5. quite late to wish your sister ....

    so...sweet of you to do it for her..


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