Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yes! I can cook

Silly Pulav
It's my recipe so I believe I have all right to name whatever I like.
I am not an expert in cooking, but as they say necessity is the mother of invention.
You get so many recipes on net, but many a time all of those required things wldnt be available with us. I am talking about people who are located far away from India; These days you still get something. While I was at Nice,France it was very difficult for me to get Indian spices, so managed with whatever I had. I dint have a pressure cooker also then.

I am going to write how I managed to cook chicken/veg pulav. The method is same for both. Infact for me all curries are same. One template method just the specimen changes

You need minced onions(2), cut tomatoes(1-2) and cut green chillies (2-3).
Fry the onions and green chillies together. Add turmeric powder(1/2 spoon).
If you have ginger garlic paste add that (1 spoon). Add garam masala powder (1/2-1 spoon).
Fry for sometime, not till it becomes charcoal ..till you think it is fine..i keep for 5mins on medium flame.. then add the tomatoes pieces..and let it all boil for some 5mins.. you may add chilly powder (if u like it spicy).
I am assuming you have an idea on the quantities of chicken and rice.
Now add the Chicken/vegetables. Mix it all well properly..and let it cook for 10mins.
You may add the rice to this and let all the things cook for 2-3 mins..add water to it.
Unlike generally for boiling rice we take water double the volume of rice, here we'll take equal volume. So if you have taken a glass of rice, pour a glass of water to it.
Now to the mixture add sufficient enough salt. 2-3 spoons. Now all this depends on each one's heuristics.
Now transfer this whole mix to a big glass bowl and keep it in microwave for 30mins(again depends on how much time it generally takes for rice to cook generally on it). Some of them come with the preset options for cooking rice.

If you prefer to cook in pressure cooker, you can do that as well..just transfer it into the cooker and stop it after 2 whistles..that should be fine..

This is my own recipe..not read from any website...just an improvisation, Wonder if it is actually cooked like that but I never cared to check cos, I liked the way it tasted.


  1. even sillier version
    in pressure cooker.
    add little oil. then whatever spice u like or have. dont add a handful just 3-4 in each. don't add chilli powder.add rice frozen veg and water.
    after 2 whistles.
    grind saunf ginger green chilli podina corainder leaves cashew and coconut (other than chillis use what u like and have only) and add to cook rice.
    u have green pulao.
    onion tomato all are optional. if u add couple of potatoes, its a great comfort food. easy to makes if u have the leaves ready.

    ps : i liked ur style of writing. especially the charcoal line.

  2. hmmmm...have taken note ;)

    silly pulav n wise donkey....llolsss.

  3. blooddy cool template, Unknown!!
    i love it;)

  4. Let's try it and see. Tried to return the visit earlier, but then faced some problem- site hanged, now ok

  5. @Wise Donkey..I am honored by that last point, though am nothing compared to urs :)

    @Vinnie you are my true blog dost ..thanks for that compliment..hey now they have this new template designer tool..in which u can just add delete things and spice up ur blog...I sincerely hope u will make a come back with this.

    @Holy Lama thanks so much for remembering me and visiting my blog.

  6. thanks for the comment...ahhh, so you cook too! WOW...the recipe sounds fab...I can give you some simple recipes is you like...am a good cook:)

  7. @Nalini ..your blogs are awesome..and ya thanks for appreciating the silly recipe..I will write to ..for the simple recipes..

  8. hehe..

    good good !!!

    i really appreciate those guys who can cook !!! :) :)


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