Saturday, September 18, 2010

Movie marathon - reloaded

My nine day long vacation ends today :(. I am sad on the thing that I couldn't make it to the desert safari and the reason being, unable to get 2 more people to accompany me [ min three are required for the trip :(]. And from tomorrow onwards starts my struggle....phew~ just ten more days and I will be done with the Doha chapter.
Today evening I walked along the corniche road to spend my last few hours of vacation. I walked for about 2hrs today and it's the longest I walked in the recent times. Really loved the place, it's an ideal one for evening jog/walks.

Finally I managed to get one photo clicked but that too in an awkward position. In this pic you can see my office building, which is the rightmost tower. It has small dome on top of it.

Apart from that as expected from the title I've been watching movies one after the other in this weekend. I've watched totally 7 movies, 1 hindi and 6 english movies.So here goes my short reviews

Dabangg (Hindi) Rating 2.5/5
Again yet another Salman khan's family movie.. Thank GOD Sohail khan was not there. The comedy part of the movie is just ok and some of the action sequences are copied from hollywood movies....atleast one such of it I remember seeing in the movie Banlieue 13 (french movie). Sonakshi had really a sorry role...not better than a cameo role.....I dont understand one thing why do they need Malaika Arora for an item song...they couldnt find any other girl or was that a cost cutting measure.... A lot of muscle exposing fights...both Sonu sood and Salman competed on who will show the most...i couldnt stop laughing as Salman's shirt tears open when he gets angry on Sonu sood..Overall an okayish movie.

RobinHood (English) Rating 4/5
Good comedy, interesting story (I doubt if it is real), but you will never get bored throughout the movie.
Rusell Crowe as usual acted really well so was Cate Blanchett
People who love war movies...
and those based on medieval history will like this movie a lot.

Frozen (English) Rating 3/5

It's a nice thriller movie, reminded me of the "I shouldn't be alive" of discovery channel. It was not at all a boring movie. Movie had just 3 main characters and its about what all they go through when they get trapped on cable car over an ice mountain.How they manage to escape, the wolf attacks etc. Its definitely not a happy ending movie. You may watch it once.

Why did i get married too (English) Rating 2/5

It was a boring movie at least for me. It's about 4 couples and you get to see a lot of crying, sentiment, conflicts, breakups, divorces etc. I got so irritated that I gave up in the middle.
I guess women should like this movie more than men.

The Losers (English) Rating 3.5/5

It's a total time pass movie. Action cum Comedy flick. Though the comedy part is not much, yet you wont get bored at all. After my previous movie this was like a reliever for me. 
People who like the mission based multi-player computer games will love this movie.

 Don't mistake it to an animated  movie by the poster.

Killers (English) Rating 1/5

This one is worst of all the flicks I watched. No logic at all. The movie starts at Nice, France (so I felt most of my memories there would be refreshed but it dint happen). Ashton Kutcher, a secret agent and specialist assassin, falls in love with this girl (Katherine Heigl) at a hotel in Nice and gives up his profession for her. He moves to US to start a fresh life with her. After 3 years his old master calls him up and blackmails him to do an assignment to which he doesn't comply..and from then on you will see every random guy trying to kill the illogical part is all of the killers were his friends and known people during those 3 years of his sober life.
My strict warning to people "Please dont watch this movie".

Now comes the best movie of the weekend

Shutter Island (English) Rating 5/5
Wow!..What a movie it was. I really loved every bit of it. I dont want to spoil the fun by revealing anything because one should watch it without any idea about it( I think I already gave some clues by that) No dont worry you will love it. This is one excellent movie I've watched in recent times.
Its a mystery cum thriller, the way story starts unfolding towards the end is absolutely amazing. Great action by Leonardo Dicaprio.

The ending was superb. The last dialogue is a killer! I strongly recommend people to watch this flick.

Thats all for now readers.


  1. hey!

    nice pose yaar and nice tee too :D
    i have heard a lot abt Dabangg.. will watch it very soon!

  2. hey AS:)
    nice tee ok..but pose pls :)
    ya u wld have heard a lot of dabangg..but dont go by the over hype..

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  4. So, sorry to hear about your desert safari. Wish you had told me, i would have loved to join you.
    Anyways better luck next time. Dicaprio's movies are worth a watch.
    All the best for your next 10 days.

  5. @Shas.. thanks re..I couldnt find people here..everyone had some or other reason :(

    u r right..DiCaprio is one of the finest actors...

    thanks for the wishes...

  6. oye
    u know Di caprio was my first crush!!!


  7. dabang is gud...fultu time pass...

  8. hey.. nice read... din watch both the movies tho..:/

  9. AS :) blushing :P :P..will talk about this..

  10. @Anupriya..
    ya it is timepass..if u watch it with a group of friends..u will enjoy it

  11. @fiddie.. thanks for that..i guess u missed the other movies.. click the read more>>

  12. oopsy!! silly me.... now i read it all..:).. since u said don watch "killers", i wanna watch it now..:P

  13. doesnt tell abt the story :)

    ok so wen r u gettg these to office?

  14. @Sushmita,
    Thanks ..glad u liked..
    those movies are in my office u can copy them


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