Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Give it a try:)

"Trying to comprehend what GOD is ...is just like a computer program trying to comprehend what its developer is"

PS : sorry for the micro-post readers..I'm in a philosophical mood today :)
PPS: I believe in GOD!


  1. isn't this the eye of god pic from nasa?

    God might be reading your post and thinking i have created a program to explain to other programs but will those programs understand ..

  2. you are right it is the "Helix Nebula" aka Eye of GOD pic by Nasa


    someone said "When God decides to screw with you, He listens to your prayers... :-)"

  3. i hope the amazing point would be when we both find out the reality .. i mean WE find what god is and the program finds the developer..

    I am a developer myself oooh i feel scared if my programs find me :)

  4. Very well put...it was thought-provoking and made me think of a lot of things I've been thinking about extensively recently. :)

  5. @Bikramjit.. Thanks for visiting my blog sir :)
    I remem you told me this in the consultant post of mine..
    ..hehe.. the program may be intelligent enough to do max of its capabilities..but developer behind it has every power to do anything to it :)..and the capabilities of a developer the program cannot try to understand also :P..

  6. @Sakhi..
    I am glad you liked :)..do let me know your thoughts..can talk about it

  7. I am looking for Creator too...I wonder how petite we are that we can't unveil him..he must be laughing whilst sitting on his red and golden throne. P.S I already wrote a post on it once...


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