Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Blog's First Birthday.

It’s been almost a month I updated my blog.
Last week I saw this movie.. “Humko deewana kar gaye”…huh a better title would be “Humko paagal kar gaye” Our hero akshay goes to Canada to do some marketing, but in one song he does welding ; I don’t understand what these directors think about the audience.. and last Saturday I saw this movie “Pyare Mohan” more fully faltoo movie…worst thing was I saw both the movies at PVR….:( not worth watching them at theatre….this coming saturday am going to watch “Ice age 2”…yea at PVR

I started my GMAT prep thanks to our HRD…almost 50% reserved seats…even if they increase seats my chances are low so I gave up….so I’ll stick to my global vision…….planning to take it in October….

That’s all for now…actually don’t have anything to say…just to wish my blog for its first birthday.

“Happpy Birthday to Aparichithudu(unknown)”


  1. nice blog, i have had a blog cruch on you. didnt want to tell u that. but on ur 1st blog birthday, i guess i can reveal myself..
    keep up the nice work

  2. Huh!..i never knew that people really like my blog...the other day one of my school junior said he got my blog from his friend who kept my blog in 'his' favorites.....yeah will try to write atleast weekly once from now on...Thanks for all that...My blog is nothing compared to the blogs of my friends.

    @ Sam...Thanks a lot...

  3. Belated happy birthday :-)Great going dude and hope to see a lot more posts from you in the coming days .

    & yes all the best with your GMAT preps . Me still confused on what to do next after the cheap political move !

  4. @ankita... he is worth a crush too :) gentle soul... :)

    @anil.. i can see it happening dude 7+4 and counting.. .tic tic tic!!

    @banthi..maams... only i have my blog in my favorites..hahaha... and i read it like a zillion times :) happy birthday machi.. and i owe it to you have gotten me down to blogging!!! :)

  5. anu enti ra anu... yedava.. ninnu balli ani pilustaa..

  6. orrei..sampetaa ra ninnu... kukkie kukkie kukkie.. kukkie :)

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  8. too much kada..bagunnayi mama..inka enti age 2 baga ledu ra..choodaku..pokiri and bangaram..kummeyyi mama

  9. ohh i was planning to watch Humko Deewana kargaye this saturday in PVR..:|

    Gud you warned about the movie :D

    And Happy Birthday to Unknown(aparichitudi) :)

    Parteeeeeeee! :D


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