Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hmm…the last few days…were really bad….The year started with a big blow …CAT results. hmm now am not going to talk anymore about that. I am planning to attempt one more time (last in my life)..if even the next one fails.. will start a CAT coaching center I think I have enough credentials for that.

Today wrote XAT exam but this one was not a whole hearted one.. all the time was in a light mood.. The center I wrote the exam ,there was even Infosys Test. The place was crowded and can’t make out who has come for what exam. I saw two of my TIME batch mates standing in the Infosys queue, haha they got confused and almost went into the infy exam rooms. I then called them and told about this.

Before the exam we were discussing about the game TOMB RAIDER. I played TR Gold, TR Chronicles and The lost artifact. During that discussion I said that Tomb raider uses tampons under water. Actually that was by mistake it was harpoons (rhymes with tampon ;) ..) Then there was sudden silence around us that’s when I realized the mistake.

Apart from that nothing great, a cute chic sat next to me but whatever the paper, the toughest exam I have taken till now, negated the whole mood.

I am reading this book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, good book; I should have read this book long time back. ‘Better late than never’. Soon I’ll write a review and synopsis for the book in my other blog which I started oflate.
My New Year resolution (made it today only):-
Am planning to do a lot of things. Some things which were my hobbies during my childhood like sketching, running. Read at least one novel per month.
Planning to do NCFM, have to see how far I’ll be successful.


  1. chinnulu... punnulu.. mana kothi gang ikkadaiki digindi kada.. hmm well have not talked to them yet.. in toronto now ra.. sorry abt cat.. anyways all the best fot the rest ra.. take care

  2. mama... start sketching again ra... u r awesome at that! and konni scan chesi ikkada pedutu undu... sarle.. me also thinking of putting something on my blog (finally!!!) gimme some time before that happens... mama, nuvvu gmat raasi ikkada mba ki vacheyi ra... all our gang will be here then... :)

  3. hmm.i agree with saikri...but dont we guys already much of a struggle it is we want one more guy to come here and get screwed???
    seriously dude...u have time...get settled...choose out your options before u jump the bandwagon..unlike us.. :(
    and tampon eh mate.... :)
    for now am dying to get to india :)

  4. hehe... well, why shud just one guy be left out of the screwing we get? :D
    but seriously, yes. get settled and choose ur options carefully.
    and how did i miss the tampons part in my last comment? :P

  5. first timer here...

    hmm do u by any minute chance belong to the species of orkutians??

  6. now i guess its my turn to apologize for not noticing ur comment ! anyways, very sorry abt the cat result,

  7. thanks for the call ra mama... really a very pleasant surprise. :)

  8. hmm thats how cat goes for mostof us including me :)

  9. unknown, you gotta write those in your blog....and then you are also to find 8 victims and tag them :D

  10. Man check ur Scores for XAT from time site....

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