Friday, March 03, 2006


Huh! .... Feel like shit………..
Cold…fever….body pains…
Hope it’s not bird flu…. ;)

PS: Click on title to know abt bird flu.


  1. banthiiiiiiii...... jvarama???? ayyo. nuvvu nee gurinchi asalu care teesukokapothe ela ra? jagratta.... and mama, birdflu... anduke cheppedi, aa maamsam tinadam maneyara ani!

  2. Sai..its been 2 months i ate chicken..Thanks ra...will take care...:)

  3. We got off easy this flu season
    But don't let your guard down just yet. Flu is fickle, so it's hard to know exactly why it has been spared, but some point to better public health efforts, alcohol-based hand sanitizers or just plain luck. But we're not in the clear yet, health officials caution. A couple of key weeks of flu potential remain. Feel better,
    and wash them hands!!!!!

  4. arre...take care ra...i will talk to u this weekend..have been jacked with loads of work..and loads of shit...
    i hope u are feeling better now :)

  5. get yourself checked yar...I hope its not....

    Recover soon :)

  6. sry to know that ur suffering from "%@!$*"?? desease.wish u get well soon.
    thnx for visiting my blog and for ur valuable suggestions.its an honor to me ur highness.btw,i've lost my "LOCK" not the key.

  7. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanthi...:( buji bnanti..fever a?..bird flu a?..mama..crocin vesuko ra..banthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..:(

  8. @Nikki u digged into my old post..and u found my suffering sweet :O:((..

    @All above.. I somehow missed to reply the above comments...
    Thanks everyone for those sweet words..

    thanks @Nikki for that


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