Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cricketism.....a religion

The last match at Lahore...one match to watch...
India 292 for 5 (Tendulkar 95, Yuvraj 79*, Dhoni 72*) beat Pakistan 288 for 8 (Malik 108, Razzaq 64*) by 5 wickets..

Dhoni again proved that he is GOD...Hmm many would have dreamt abt having a keeper like Gilchrist or Boucher...Now all their dreams came true...Hope this continues even in future...

Check out the pic...
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A Pakistani policeman is deafened by two Indian fans, Pakistan v India, 3rd ODI, Lahore, February 13, 2006



  1. hmm entra mama.. emi peekings.. ela unnavu enti sangathulu... mamu..

  2. Even religion has its martyrs; and the greatest of all martyrdoms is to make oneself ridiculous and to be laughed at by the heathen. But whatever the danger, I am ready to urge the claims of international cricket as capable of arousing far more national religious fervor than the more monotonous game of armaments and war.

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  4. Lido~
    We like the frist picture of you.
    thank you for sharing :)

  5. thats my pic.. i sent it to you..acknowledge me mofo...dawg....

  6. Hey the pic was nicely interpreted dude!! Nice 2 see tht!! Nd I dont think Dhoni is already as good a star as Gilchrist for sure!! wat say??

  7. i would have loved to scream into his ears too from the other side .......:)


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