Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back with a bang

Here is a puzzle for all my readers...
Guess these famous personalities...

"Bad man is alone".
"O! A damnable sin".
"Bad as Lenin, Mao".
"An Islam bad one".
"Is a banal demon ".
"A damn alien S.O.B ".
"Based on animal ".
"A nomad lesbian ".
"So bad alien man ".
"Is a lone bad man ".
"A noble man said ".
"O Man! Ban ladies ".
"I abandon males ".
"I am also banned ".
"I, a damnable son ".
"Abandon a smile ".
"Abandons E-mail ".
"Neon Islamabad."

"A bad man (no lies) " "Bad also in name ".


One more...

"UN's said he's mad."
"He's damn! - said U.S." "Misuse and dash." "Damn his sad use."
"Adds shame in us."
"USA ends him. Sad?" "Aha! Sudden miss."

Last one...
"I am a lavish drab, am a junk."
"Alas! I'm a harm via bad junk."
"Am a rakish Java man build".

"A lavish junk, I am a bad ram."

Clue: - the first 2 are already in news and the last one is yet to come...

Courtesy:- A genius;


  1. that was a good post ... ok let me confess i dint actually get it or may be i'm acting innocent ...watever.. the reason for writting this comment is for u to remind that i also write blogs and do drop in whenenver possible.(:D)

  2. very difficult.. :( :(
    we need more hints..

  3. is anyone of these ahmedinejad ?

  4. 1. osama bin laden
    2. saddam hussein

    3.... working on it

  5. 1. bin laden
    2. musharraf
    3. fuck knows???
    plz do give answers

  6. Thanks all for posting ur comments

    well the anwers are

    1) Osama Bin Laden
    2) Saddam hussein
    3) Sivanadham Balaji Kumar (thats my name)

    the phrases in post are anagrams of the above ones


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