Friday, October 06, 2006

for a good cause

Haha I thought all my friends were useless like me…but oflate am getting shocks…
This guy the bindaas bandha in our friends really turned into a saint now….
Hats off to him and his sis, they are running for some good cause.
We should appreciate selfless initiatives like this…

People you can be a part of this by taking part in the race
Or an easier option is donate any amount.

Check out the link

Good luck to Anurag and Anitha.


  1. running for a good cause?? wow..
    since i am the worst person for sports related activites, here are my best wishes.. :) :p

  2. hey thanks a lot for the wishes!. :)

  3. u call these blogs!!!!!!!!quizes are copied from fwd mails(or the internet) n rest are vague 3 line paras with hardly any content in them......really pity the ppl hu hv posted their comments.....

  4. anonymous!...
    dude....i dont need to clarify to cowards like u...
    the puzzle was prepared by me...and if u want u search at google or anywhere else...if it is present elsehwre then it is purely coincidental...i have a software which generates anagrams from a given word.
    and fyi...this is my blog and i'll write whatever i feel like...


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