Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rajnikanth - Legend among Legends

Today is 12/12/12 and the next time such thing happens is only after 100 years..and I am sure my grand children will then link to this post of mine :)

But what makes it more special is that today is Rajnikanth's bday.
The whole of film fraternity is so crazy of this day; blocking this day for movie releases, audio releases and rest celebrating his bday and am sure it will be the same way 100 years from now also.

Everyone likes rags to riches story, cos it gives the much required positive hope in life..There may be many similar to him...who from rags would have become richer..but being down to earth even after reaching the pinnacle is a rare characteristic...

I once dreamt of Superstar [Read this Dreams - can anyone beat me on that]

The next movie in line for Thalaivar is Kochadaiyaan, which is going to be a 3D film.

                 Rajni's life story is an inspiration to many..

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