Saturday, December 29, 2012

Delhi Gangrape - A Heart Wrenching Ordeal

Not exaggerating but... My heart sank...tears rolled in my eyes reading the ordeal she(Amanat) went through on that dreadful day..I was just aware of such incident happening but not the details..till I read this post, which gives an account of the horrific acts done by the 6 rapists...the act of pulling intestines out is so devilish..
Hindustan Times
Huffington Post
Delhi Rape
My take on the incident

I tried to understand on why people commit rapes.. following this post...and they say revenge is one of the reasons.... Which I see also the case here.. But that is with the main person who started the fight.... So why did the others follow suit with him..the culture and illiteracy are the reasons for that...
I guess the accused might have thought of destroying the evidence of rape by inserting the rod and cause bleeding...else I don't see any other reason on why the third person would inflict such thing..and thinking it to be a rope might have pulled it off..

Update: The main accused has actually pulled out the uterus and intestines using his bare hands making it a spine-chilling horrific act.
Gangrape victim uterus pulled out
On the other day...I cut my nail deep with a nail cutter and I felt it was so painful..

I can't imagine how painful the intestines pulling thing could be..salute the girl for being strong.. And that is mental strength

Trying to guess what might have been going through in her mind till that thing.....

 .....may be she wanted to see her family then..and so didn't wanted to give up..she wanted to get off from the incident safe...and also never wanted her parents to know that..she may be thinking it was her worst nightmare...and once she is out safe..she can be careful next time in choosing a bus..I don't know a million thoughts would have flashed her mind..till she lost her consciousness

About her male friend... I don't think even if he had been 10 years older would have made any difference.. 3-4 ppl overpowered him.. hit him with iron rods..I don't think the person's mind would have even functioned..he would have been in equal shock may be worse...we all know its not a movie, where hero hits 10 in one real world it is difficult..and more so we are not trained to beat anyone..but to study..get job..earn money..get married..that's all..

Reasons for such crimes

The most important reason behind all this is not the mindset or the upbringing of the perpetrators but it is the.....sheer failure of law and order...
Law and OrderFortunately or unfortunately the girl was not in a position to even speak after the she was saved from the ordeal of being harassed by police passing lewd comments on her on asking what she was doing with her male friend.... Read this story..a Rape victim commits suicide..

Indian Police

Public have no trust on police.. This is one of the major reasons for the on-goers not acting..apart from the reasons like coward ness etc

Criminals have more trust on police.. that they can escape easily...

Sheila Dikshit
What are women leaders for, when they themselves give up on safety of women. They don't fight for stricter laws cos.they are busy earning by saving rapist ministers..Sheila dikSHIT should resign for her failure..

Another important point.. The media projecting women as sex dolls..these days without item song no movie runs.. The item girls should stop making one...with mature public around I  don't think any amount of nudity/eroticism will be a problem.. Now here comes the culture and illiteracy issue.. We have people who get provoked even by the slightest exposure ..or the worst even a slightest gesture as even girls should act accordingly .. There is nothing wrong in your dress.. But when you have hungry wolves around are at your have to take care of yourself ..
While we talk about safety for women etc, there are some insensitive cheap ones busy encashing even this..Look at that guy smiling while these two dumb girls doing a poonam pandey stunt..
Bikini Model Nude Protest

Complete Bikini Album

The details of the criminals should be revealed...but there is risk of their innocent family members being attacked..which makes it a dicey thing for the police to do
Severe punishment and quicker one...
Most importantly partiality in punishment be it minister or beggar.. In fact the ministers should be executed first for gaining confidence.. This will definitely instil a minister himself couldn't escape the punishment ..
CC tv cameras at all public places and again 24/7 police guarding the cameras.. We have so many thieves around..

Strict rules for police..if failed to protect..they should be fired/suspended depending on severity...cases should be dealt in a proactive manner but not in a reactive manner
For all the changes in our system, an organized revloution is required..There is one post in FB which goes like this and is the best way to show our resentment.

In the view of the death of Delhi's braveheart who passed away last night.

The nation should boycott the Republic Day celebrations in totality! Ensure a "NO SHOW". They don't want the citizens gathering even for a peaceful protest, so why should crowds gather to hear them at their convenience? And what is the Nation celebrating anyway?

We have a failed Government loathing in Corruption! It is time for a Revolution!

Let the PM & the President address vacant spaces & buildings. They don't want our presence now but let us be absent when it matters most. Let the world get a taste of our disgust. Let us shame them by playing their game."

Let us prepare for a New India!

Women should leave their coordinates always with their loved ones.. Can't help but secrecy will only be detrimental to your lives. And always be skeptical with others until unless you know them very well.. And don't even trust people, even people like me as well..Who may seem good prima facie.. Who may say some good things just to earn some brownie points and later take advantage... Doubting a good person is ok, but if you mistake with a bad one then your life goes for a toss....there are no good ppl in this world except your family..and some unfortunate ppl don't get that as well..Let your mistrust be a punishment to the mankind.

From an unconfirmed source the below is the photo of the rapists
Delhi Gangrape Rapists Photo

Death is so easy thing.. Even the criminals know that.. That is why 2 of the accused even pleaded to get hanged..
  • The guy who pulled the intestine should be made to drink acid...while all others watch it..
  • The one who initiated the fight be burnt part of his body..till the muscles are fried..
  • Their genitals are to be let bitten and ripped by dogs..
  • Like in Guantanamo bay.. Water boarding is to be done..
  • They should be forced to sit on thumsup bottle..till half of the bottle goes into their rear and tears up the large intestine (by the way this is one of the practiced interrogation method) and this process should continue again once the injury is healed..
  • A New Reality Show : Media houses should come up with a new reality show concept where these criminals will be made to stay together and talk about how badly they repent and they should be given tasks like teaching good behaviour to their inmates. They should plead votes from TV viewers on their performance.. and the one who gets eliminated from the show will have to be eliminated permanently from this the most gruesome way..which will not be telecasted to public but the inmates will have to witness this and also have to lend their hands in making the experience more horrific to the eliminated person. This should go on till the last one survives and the last one..who wins the show will be given a peaceful death of hanging.
..the list goes on.. It makes me feel nice by coming up with such brutal ideas on how to punish them..(More ideas are welcome in the comments section)
While this incident has shaken the whole of the nation..there have been many similar incidents happening which hit the news headlines..every see a new story.. Another incident which really disturbed me is this one. The baby girl is fighting for her life in hospital. Her father threw her out from a double storyed building, Her only mistake being born as a girl..I wish the girl survives...
I was sad and happy that Amanat passed away.. Sad that she couldnt see her attackers getting tortured and killed..happy that she is atleast safe and free from pain..somewhere out of the world..
My heart felt condolences to the brave girl..R.I.P


  1. Glad that my blog post could move you so much that you wrote a blog on it.

    I liked this part.
    "Public have no trust on police.. This is one of the major reasons for the on-goers not acting..apart from the reasons like cowardness etc

    Criminals have more trust on police.. that they can escape easily..."

    and the Sheila DikSHIT stunt.

    I dont agree to your same old "Dont get RapeD mentality though.Teach the wolves to behave.

    You said women should not trust you also. Then change yourself first.
    If you truly cried, you definitely are human.People like you should be the ones who would go by Dick Gregory.

    Nevertheless I know people are real bad and nobody walks with a bedsheet on Indian streets, trust me!!!

    I liked your punishment ideas. I could take some points from there too.
    I relate with the part where you said one feels good by putting in brutal ideas to punish them!!

    Also check out my solutions here.

  2. It's not my mentality... Do you think wolf will change in one day?? you think we can spot the wolves?do you think the law and order will change in one day?.. The worst part is the wolf will not be knowing that it is a wolf till it commits the crime...Till the wolves change we don't want you girls to get victimised.. In most of the rape cases the perpetrators are that view said never trust anyone..even me I said..

  3. good post... liked the FB part, yes we should not celebrate Republic Day.

  4. May she rest in peace. The delhi gang rape case is so brutal that it shocked the world and grieving over the girl. Those supects should be hanged for good. But I'm really surprised India has the highest rape case in the world I really don't know what's with the women there they're that even beautiful in my eyes. Maybe because of drug users and some other stuff. I just hope this will stop sooner than later. sexual abuse medford oregon

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