Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Forgotten Radiation

From time immemorial we have seen so many scams in India..and I dont know the exact reason...either our memory is short-lived or there are too many of them..that we forget one scam the moment a new scam crops up...
But one such scam that has certainly shaken the whole of the nation.. doubting credibility of even the mighty Tatas, synonym to the
2G scam..
Nira Radia profile
And one personality who from nowhere became star overnight..
Niira Radia...

Who is Niira Radia?
"Nira Radia is the owner of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications Pvt. Ltd.The company works in corporate communication and liaison related things. Neera born in Kenya but moved to London in 1970.She did her schooling from elite Haberdashers’ Aske’sin northern London. She graduated from University of Warwick. She married with UK businessman of Gujrati origin Janak Radia. They divorced soon. Nira started her career in liaison with Sahara. Later she became India representative of Singapore Airlines, KLM, UK Air. She built her strong contacts among media,politics and corporate" [Source : Nira Radia]

Where was Radia placed during her heydays?
Radia Political Network
That shows her accessibility level with politicians, corporates and beauracrats.

The company Vaishnavi CCPL is as expected shelved now. Surprisingly their website shows that it is under construction.
Vaishnavi Communications VCCPL
The other company Neosis Strategic Consulting Services is also shelved out and their website is no more. You can read the team profile, our Radia has been an entrpreneur for 25 years
Radia Neosis Consulting

So what is she upto now?
Radia comes out of oblivion .. she's back with another firm..but certainly away from publicity..this one is in consultancy [one most abused term in the world :)]
Pegasus International Advisory
Radia Pegasus Team

Out of curiosity I digged into the website, to check out on how she has positioned herself in this new website.

Radia Pegasus ProfileFrom no angle it seemed to me a
geniune consulting firm..or may be they are still developing it as they have safely put on top left corner that this website is also under construction.

Worst of all there are no career options :O.. I wanted to see the careers section ;P

I dont know if this new business of hers rakes any moolah for her ..but it will definitely help her to use the loads of cash stashed in Swiss banks.. for the records she has the highest account balance..more than Rajiv Gandhi :O

Black Money India

Amidst this chaos of industry which never misses out any opportunity is the Bollywood..
there are movies inspired by Radia...and hotties [so called..] are elated to take her role..only Radia can tell if she also feels the same :O

Alert (Raveena Tandon yesteryear actor)

2G Radia-tion (for a second I thought Poonam Pandey)

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