Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ok Tata Bye Bye

One Indian brand which is globally renowned .....A brand synonymous to Quality and none other than...
It is one brand, even people abroad recognize and also respect a lot [ from my experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. And Ratan Tata is the man who can take all the credit for putting up TATAs on the global level..
Honestly it is by far the most ethical company to work for though the salaries are generally towards the lower side compared to Industry
Ratan Tata

Check out this list of most ethical companies listed on Forbes

Tata ethical company
TATA is the only company from India which featured in the list.
I can proudly say that I was once associated with the TATAs.
Ratan Tata stepped down from the Chairmanship position on 28-12-2012 and is succeeded by Cyrus Mistry..calling it off finally on the occasion of his 75th birthday..

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