Friday, August 06, 2010

I feel sick!

It's my 2nd weekend here, and is no different in terms of boredom when compared to the 1st but increased frustration levels thanks to my ill health. I am suffering from cold and fever and I've no mood to do anything in life. Today with great difficulty I had bread and maggi as breakfast n lunch.

I need some rest, not that I slogged the whole week. All I did was attending meetings.

I look worse than the image above...


  1. hehe, I dont know..all of a sudden this weekend I was totally bedridden. May be some camel flu. Now I am back..recovering :)

  2. Camel flu :P wah...dont come to india until u r fully ok...don't want more of flus now :)

    Hw r u nw? Tc...


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