Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google rocks!

Today I happened to login to my gmail through IE and was pleasantly surprised to see this option to call phones option in google mail.

Wondering, where is Google heading to?
It is a potential threat to any organization in the world.

You may see the Call phone option in the chat list. When you click that you get the pop up to make calls.

I could not find this option in firefox browser


  1. WEll the call option was there earlier too, on chat i think.. I have talked to my cousins in india and Oz from here..

    Reading this it might start to charge for calls...

  2. Hey Bikram,
    I'm ignorant of that cos I hardly use google talk. I used googlemail ever since it started. And this is the first time I noticed in googlemail.

  3. why does it not show in firefox? :((

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. thnx for leaving the comment on my blog...hope ur visits again

  5. @Sangeeta,
    Now the Call option is available in firefox also. :)
    Will keep visiting

    You are welcome. Your dreams blog is cool :)


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