Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank God it's Raksha Bandhan

Today early in the morning I got a call (ISD) from my sister. For a second I was scared if something was wrong and was praying GOD for it not to be.

Then I get the wishes.."Happy Raksha Bandhan" ..phew~ was my expression..

I didnt know that it was Raksha Bandhan..for GOD sake am in this gulf land....no idea on whats happening there in India. Forget festivals, I sometimes get confused on days too..it's friday-saturday weekend here.

Coming to Raksha Bandhan, earlier it was a festival celebrated mostly in northern India but now it is equally prevalent in southern India. I've seen rakhis sold in villages down south also.

This proves that festivals like these which signifies love & care among  people will always be embraced by every religion and region.

In the evening I called up my sis as I felt like talking to my nephew and twin nieces. I am attaching the audio of the short conversation here ->
My Nephew & Nieces
(It's in my mother tongue - telugu) I am sure they would be proud of their uncle when they grow up.
PS: Please bear with my loud voice, I was sitting in my hall and you get the echo.


  1. Kids voices are so adorable, papam u were bugging them with ur questionnaire, thinava HW ayinda, what a bore.. com'mon be a fun maama:) The last kid Trusha I think was so funny, oorike cheppa appam thinna ani...hehe

  2. I wish i knew Telugu. I could hardly understand what the conversation was all about but somehow i found it cute especially when one of them called u mama. It will be nice if you can write down the conversation as well. When someone remembers you on such occasions one feels loved and cared especially when one is far away from home.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

  3. @hasi..She is one notorious girl..

    @Shas..I will surely put the transcript. thanks for comment buddy..and will keep following you

  4. Hey Unknown ,

    saw your footprints on my blog !!!
    would love to see them again!!
    and you forgot raksha bandhan ..bad...

    :) :)

  5. @nikki
    sure will keep following ur blog..ya i know its bad..when she remembered but I dint...I explained the reason also:(

  6. True, human emotions are common to all. And after the closeness of parents, its love for one's siblings which is so precious. u wrote from ur heart!

  7. @Restless
    ...so true..thanks for dropping ur comments.

  8. well...now u know why I keep telling u that its time we deport u to pakistan!! we hv no place for u in hindustan!! Ramadan yaad hai! rakshabandhan nahi :(

  9. @gtalk.. in Rome romans..type it is.. so we celebrating Ramadan :).. I've pakistan fans also..dont offend them :D


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