Friday, August 20, 2010

The marathon continues

This week was the shortest ever I felt, I still feel the last weekend was just day before yesterday and now am in my 4th weekend. Time just flies when you keep counting weekends and not weekdays.

As usual I've been watching movies till now. I've watched 3 tamil movies and 1 hindi movie.

Madrasapattinam (Tamil) Rating : 3.5/5
This is yet another movie which has some parts inspired by Lagaan like the love between the firang girl and our desi hero and wrestling match between hero and fiance of the girl(british officer). But overall the movie is ok. The music is very good. I loved the song thaana thaana

M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi (Tamil) Rating : 3/5
Totally mass oriented movie. A good time pass. The comedy portion is really good. Apart from that its a regular masala drama. It's a remake of the telugu movie "Amma Naana O tamil ammayi". So in telugu the heroine,Asin, plays a Tamil girl and in this one she plays a Malayalam girl.

I Hate Luv Storys (Hindi) Rating : 1/5
Got so bored with this, but I had nothing better to do so was watching it till the end. I liked Sonam in Delhi6 but in this one she dint look that great. The story is pathetic and the comedy really sucked.

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (Tamil) Rating : 4.5/5
This one is the best movie I've watched this weekend. It's again a love story. But the story is different. Jyotika and Surya acted really well. The music is also another highlight. It's only  after watching the movie, I discovered that it was by our Oscar winner. I loved this song "Munbe Va En Anbe", beautiful tune.


  1. Marathon Movie palying acto is Vardu movie Villan.

  2. sillu is good but towards the ending its really boring and jyothika overacts.
    but the music was excellent

  3. @wise donkey
    yea right, but may be I analysed it too much..I felt the overaction of jyotika was justified considering her initial mindset about love marriages. It was a scenario, where she couldnt digest her previous mindset in that situation, and she wld be at losing end based on that.

  4. the overacting was on jyothika's part rather than the character .i think initially the movie was good dignified stuff and in the end it became silly with all the mtv stuff. last 30 mins could have been diff.

  5. @WD many times while watching movies..i put myself at the sets location..and really wonder how naturally they act....agree it was lil over action..but I like Jyotika's acting :)


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